Ashtar: "And I wish to mention along these lines, this Program* which obviously we have asked for, because of our Family members who have been inspired to make the request to connect with others in this Grand Family of Ashtar On The Road. And we have asked that it be without any limitations whatsoever, that it be a High Vibrational Program, and from there that it be enacted upon, or defined, or interpreted however each individual member chooses so to do. So you have free will once more. You can join or not!*


"If you join, you can choose whom to contact upon that list. Some of you might want to look for Family members who are like-minded, LightWorkers like yourselves, in neighboring communities. This is fabulous to do! Some of you might want to get into an acquaintanceship. Perhaps you have some ancestors who came from a country that is across the World from you. And so you might want to connect, 'Oh, I see somebody from that country on this list. I'm going to contact them!'


"And you don’t have to finalize anything. In other words, you don't have to say, 'Okay, I'm going to pick three and that's all I'm going to do.' You can do or not do as you choose, anytime you choose, so long as you have this list available to you. It is a living list in that sense. We cannot say who among you will choose to join the list. That's up to you. You have free will to make your choices. We will only say, this is a way of furthering and empowering the Missions that this Ashtar On The Road Family has!


"And these are multiple Missions, and I shall give examples here. Of course, it is the supporting of the Announcement of NESARA. You know why! Of course, it is the waking up, even if it is one person, that by connecting with someone else, you can have a different perspective perhaps than your own. You can expand your perspective to help you, if you wish to awaken one or more in your family or your community. It's not required! It's just an example. It might be a way of knowing that there are ones all over the World who are LightWorkers such as yourself, when you are feeling that you are all alone in your community.


"And how many of you have your own personal family members all around you who don't want to hear about what you know? And that is a rather lonely situation, is it not? The Voice can tell you all about that if you want to know what that's like. And we know that many of you do know.


"So for all of these reasons I have asked that you come together - those of you who are inspired so to do - and reach out to others in this Family. And you've already heard the guidelines and they will be repeated.** The privacy of this shall be maintained, and is to be maintained by everyone on the list!***


"And here's something else. If two or more of you decide - and this is up to you - to enter into a meditation together, whether you are actually physically together or not, you can do so, of course, telepathically from any location. And what happens is that when two or more of you are doing this High Energy Mission Work together, its power is exponentially multiplied and thus you are making even more of a contribution to the upliftment, the awakening and the moving into the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius - however you choose to call it - by doing this together!!!


"And, of course, it will heighten not only your physical or verbal connections with your voices or your writing fingers or whatever, but it will also enhance or open even further your telepathic capabilities. YOU will be even more in connection with the LoveLight of the Universe, with the LoveLight YOU Are and, of course, with your Higher Dimensional bodies, you know, your Higher Dimensional DNA, your Higher Dimensional chakras, and all your levels of Higher Dimensional being!

"So that's pretty cool, is it not? Oh, I love the lingo!"
Given through Susan Leland, September 27, 2016.
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