116th Ashtar Family Call 
of the Golden Age!
4th Tuesday, October 24, 2017
With the Tara and Rama Report
and other updates. Please join us!
Susan is at a critical point and
needs your prayers and meditations
more than ever! 
All of us together can assist her turn-around!
ACCESS CODE = 980339#      
You can dial-in starting at 
*5:35 pm* Pacific Daylight Time
(8:35  pm Eastern Daylight Time)
We sign on starting at 5:35 pm PT and invite you to
share greetings with our Ashtar Family of listeners.
We begin our program at 6:00 pm PT with the Tara & Rama Report, followed by Ashtar, a Guest Speaker and Sekhmet.
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See bottom of page for links to teleconference
audio recordings which will be posted as soon as available.
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The telephone replay nr is 1-605-562-3149,
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We will be emailing and posting written excerpts from the calls, but we will not be publishing the entire transcripts. 

See below for links to the teleconference audio recordings which will be posted as soon as available:

10-10-17 Tara&Rama Report,Meditation for Susan

There is no audio link for this call. Please see the Meditation for Susan at the top of this page.

Ashtar,Mother Mary, Sekhmet 9-26-17
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 9-12-17
Ashtar, Mother Mary,Sekhmet 8-22-17 1st Page of 5D
Ashtar,Sananda,Sekhmet 8-8-8 Lion's Gate
Ashtar,Arcturians,Sekhmet 7-11-17
Ashtar,Gaia,Sekhmet 6-27-17 Earth Communion
Ashtar, MotherMary,Sekhmet 6-13-17 Balance&Harmony
AshtarStGermainSekhmet 5-23-17Golden Age Lifestyle
Ashtar, Buddha,Sekhmet 5-09-17 Wesak Valley Energy
Ashtar,Merlin,Sekhmet 4-25-17 Transformations
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet 4-11-17 Resurrection
Ashtar,AA Michael,Sekhmet 3-28-17 Your Divinity
Ashtar,StGermainSekhmet 3-14-17 VioletFlameAlchemy
Ashtar, Merlin, Sekhmet- Feb 28, 2017
Ashtar,One Voice-M.Mary,Lady Venus,KuanYin 2-14-17
Special Tara & Rama Report 2-07-2017
Ashtar, St.Germian, Sekhmet 1-24-17
Ashtar, KuanYin, Sekhmet 1-10-2017 Peace
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet 12-27-16
Ashtar, Sananda,Sekhmet 12-13-16 Highest Holy Days
Ashtar, JFK, Sekhmet 11-22-16 Peace,Love,Joy
Ashtar, StGermain,Sekhmet 11-8-16 Zero Point =11-9
Ashtar,Mother Mary,Sekhmet 10-25-16 Forgivenes
Ashtar,AA Michael, Sekhmet 10-11-16 Vision NESARA
Ashtar,Pan,Sekhmet 9-27-16
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 9-13-16
Ashtar, Mother Mary, Sekhmet 8-23-16
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet-GoldenAge Finance 8-09-16
Ashtar, St.Germain,Sekhmet 7-26-16
Ashtar,Archangel Michael,Sekhmet 7-12-16
Ashtar, KuanYin, Sekhmet 6-28-16 Calm Amidst Chaos
Ashtar,Archangel Michael,Sekhmet 6-14-16
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet 5-24-16 NESARA=Freedom
Ashtar, MotherMary,Sekhmet 5-10-16 A Mother's Love
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 4-26-16 Divine Politics
Ashtar, Archangel Michael, Sekhmet 4-12-16 Truth
Special Report Tara & Rama 4-05-16, 4th Dimension
Ashtar,Sananda,Sekhmet Mar 22, 2016
Ashtar, Mother Mary,Sekhmet Mar 8, 2016
Ashtar & Sananda Feb 23, 2016
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet 2-23-16

Only 31 minutes of this call recorded by the conference call company. mp3s of Ashtar, Sananda will be posted here later.

Ashtar,KuanYin,Sekhmet Love,Forgiveness 2-09-16
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet 1-26-16 Golden Age Vision
Ashtar,Sekhmet-after State of the Union 1-12-2016
Ashtar,Sananda,Sekhmet 12-22-15 Peace to the World
Ashtar,Merlin,Sekhmet Creating Your Passion12-8-15
Ashtar,JFK,Sr,Sekhmet - November 24, 2015
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet 11-10-15 EmpoweringNESARA
Ashtar, KuanYin, Sekhmet Oct 27, 2015
Ashtar,AA Michael,Sekhmet 10-13,DrKeshe 10-16Peace
Ashtar,KuanYin,Sekhmet 9-22-15 Equinox Enhanced
Ashtar,MotherMary,Sekhmet 9-11 Healing 9-08-15
Ashtar, StGermain,Sekhmet 8-25-15 Freedom of Truth
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet 8-11-15 LoveLight
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet July 28, 2015
Ashtar, Mother Gaia, Sekhmet 7-14-15
Ashtar, Merlin, Sekhmet - Transmutation 6-23-15
Ashtar, Mother Mary, Sekhmet June 9, 2015
Ashtar, Archangel Michael, Sekhmet-Truth 5-26-15
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 5-12-15 On The Brink
Ashtar, Buddha, Sekhmet - Peacefulness - 4-28-15
Ashtar, MotherMary, Sekhmet-Bless theChildren 4-14
Ashtar, KuanYin, Sekhmet 3-24-15 Peace On Earth
Ashtar, Merlin, Sekhmet - Transformation 3-10-15
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet - NESARA - 2-24-15
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet February 10, 2015
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet - Oneness -Jan 27, 2015
Ashtar,Mother Gaia,Sekhmet-Your Temple 1-13-15
Ashtar, Sananda's Christmas Blessing,Sekhmet 12-23
Ashtar, Merlin, Sekhmet Dec 9, 2014
Ashtar, Sananda &His Marys, Sekhmet - 11-25-14
Ashtar, JFK, Sekhmet 11-11-14
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet - Forgiveness 10-28-14
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet - Fear & Ebola 10-14-14
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet Sep 30, 2014
Ashtar, Mother Mary, Sekhmet-Forgiveness-9-09-14
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet Aug 26, 2014
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet-Good News-8-12-14
Tara & Rama Special Report, August 3, 2014
Ashtar, Neptune, Sekhmet Cleansing the Waters 7-22
Ashtar,KuanYin,Sekhmet-EmpowerDivine Feminine 7-08
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet-Financial Prosperity 6-24

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