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In 2004, when Ashtar asked that we begin doing public presentations of his messages, we both had other incomes. So all that Ashtar On The Road had to do was take care of its own expenses.  But that has all changed over the years.  Now, in addition to its own expenses, it has to pay ALL of our living costs - including rent, food, utilities, car payments and maintenance, etc.  And with expenses continually increasing, that's why we really need more support than ever!


A lot of you are supporting us with your monthly donations, or by donating when you can, and we thank you so much for that! We could not be here if it weren't for those of you who are helping us.  But please understand that our being here, doing what we do, depends on all of you!  It's your energy units, as they are sometimes called, coming to us, so that we can continue to share our loving energies with everyone we reach.  We are passionate about continuing Ashtar On The Road "full-time plus," and we are looking forward to fabulously uplifting changes during our 13th year!

To those of you who are already helping by sharing with us, as well as to those who are about to do so, Mahalo Nui Loa!*
*Thanks from Our Hearts to Yours, Susan and Fran
"Bernie Sanders told Rama that, without what Susan and Fran and Tara and Rama are doing, he would never have been able to do what he did by going out there and reaching the people, because the consciousness was raised so high by the work that these four have been doing to bring all of us together...and we must continue on and it’s not okay if we don't have enough every month."  From Tara and Rama's Report, 7-12-16.
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