St Germain:
"Set Your Visions for
the New Year of One!!!" 
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
December 27, 2016
"Greetings!  I am St. Germain, and on behalf of all who are here in accompaniment to you, I first will say how honored we are that you have joined us.  For in Truth we are One.  And this, most Beloved Family, is your hour to let your Lights shine even more! And I say this because I do have a very clear Perspective on the coming year of One.  And as Ashtar has said, this is the beginning unlike any other in your history/herstory!!!*  There are no accidents - you're all here to particiLate.  And even though there might still be some chaos in the outer World. Let your Hearts be light. Let yourselves soar above!
"Focus upon the Light which is the Love You Are, and extend that Love to all. As Ashtar teaches Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, you can stand on those.  You can share with yourselves, your loved ones, and all the World!  We suggest to you - in fact we invite you - to do a ceremony or celebration honoring this New Year, even if you have never done so before. Even if you are planning on partying, we suggest that you take yourselves into some kind of an observance, a preparation, a welcoming of the New Year.  And if you do it with others, it will be that much more empowered!
"Now about this New Year - first we congratulate you upon your patience!  This is not the only lifetime when you have been aware of this transitional promise that you made to yourselves long ago.  You've always carried it in your Hearts, in that part of you that have always remained in the Light, even when you have occupied physical bodies on Planet Earth.  It's just that it may not have been clear to you in your consciousness, except for rare moments. Your connections with the Light - and with all in the Universe - have always been, and always shall be.  And in that sense, there is no such thing as death, save only of the body. And you've all set your intentional requirements for Ascension. So Be It - bring it on!
"But you're also here in service, and this means that you have allowed yourselves to focus upon your services, rather than instant Ascension at any particular point along the way. Even though there have been opportunities - doors open if you will - the big doors, the Golden Doors are just ahead!!!  Ashtar spoke of that bridge. You're already crossing that bridge into the new era, the new Earth, or what we are calling the Golden Age.  And there are certain components of this Golden Age. You all know them! There is NESARA, which will come into third dimensional reality. It already exists!  It already has been written into law and passed in 3-D, and so on.  It's Divine Law, and as such it has always been and always shall be!  The difference being of course that it hasn't been activated yet on what remains of the third dimension on Planet Earth.
"Now most of you - we shall say the majority of you - are spending time in a Higher Dimensional Reality!  But you are moving back and forth. And a certain amount of awareness of the third dimension is, of course, necessary.  But it does not mean that you need to read every news story published by those who are not telling the Truth!  It does not mean - it certainly does not mean that you should get into any kind of anxiousness, or stress, or worry about it!  I assure you the plan is well in hand and it is being followed!!!  And while it may seem to you as though there might be some delays, there are really no delays.  The dominoes are falling and they are very close to reaching the end of the line!
"Now for those of you who are wanting a word about politics - I shall simply say Divine Governance is ready for you, and for all who would act according to the Higher Laws, the Divine Laws, where is, of course, the greatest Truth. The greatest energy, the greatest empowerment, and the Greatest Law is that of Love, and the Oneness that, that High Dimensional, unconditional and eternal Love gives way to.  So, you've got nothing to worry about! You don't even need to wonder! Just place yourselves on that bridge.  Bring your intentional requirements forth for the New Year, the year of One, the brightest year ever for Planet Earth! And the return to Love!!!  It is first to have that Homecoming here, in order to be continuing in your service.  It is to anchor that Love - and all that it gives birth to - even more on Planet Earth.
"And you will find more and more awakening, and answering the call that you put forth to be that Love, to light up their own Lights, and to join in the Oneness, so that Planet Earth becomes One Community in the communion of Divine Love!  That, my most esteemed Partners, is what you are here to do.  And because of your services, and because of what is on your road ahead - which by the way, will get easier and easier as you move into the New Year - it is that you are thanked most profoundly, most divinely from all of the LoveLight in the Universe to yourselves!  Open your Hearts to receive this energy. Feel yourselves lighting up as you respond to it!  Feel our Oneness!  Feel all of the visions for the coming new age, the Golden Age - Peace on Earth, Divine Governance, Abundance for all, Freedom - High Freedom, Divine Freedom - coming together in the grand Oneness which this Golden Age has for all of you!!!
"Give no thought to what might be a lesser transition, or transformation.  Keep your Hearts and your minds focused upon the true reality, the true Destination because that, Beloved Ones, is where we are.  That is the bridge that we are crossing together with you.  And that is the moving into the Higher Levels of Dimensionality where the Golden Age awaits you! Join us in energizing and empowering this vision!!!  Let your Hearts know the Truth of it.  Fill yourselves with the LoveLight, and let it beckon to you, and invite you, and welcome you as we move together into what you know as the coming year of One!
"We thank you for joining us in these visions, and we tell you that already you have empowered them that much more. So let us hold hands, and join our Hearts, and soar together across that bridge!  Thank you, most Beloved and Divine Family.  And so it is. Namaste!"
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Transcription by Korrael.
Given through Susan Leland, December 27, 2016.
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