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 Notices and audio links for the
Ashtar Legacy Family Calls
beginning on November 14, 2017, 
after the 10-24-17 passing of Susan Leland
are posted here: 
On November 14th, 2017 Eli Galla conducted
live Malignant Matrix Removal for everyone on the call!
Please listen to the audio to be a part of this
powerful clearing of artificial intelligence (AI) programs 
for yourself or anyone you wish to help!
DIAL-IN NUMBER 712-770-4160
ACCESS CODE = 980339#      
You can dial-in starting at 
*5:35 pm* Pacific Standard Time
(8:35  pm Eastern Standard Time)
We sign on starting at 5:35 pm PT and invite you to
share greetings with our Ashtar Family of listeners.
We begin our program at 6:00 pm PT with
the Tara & Rama Report,
followed by other speakers and updates.
Toll-Free VOIP link:
Note: Country Toll-free numbers** to dial before calling in from:
Canada (605) 562-3162, Australia +61(0) 3 8672 0105,
Netherlands +31(0) 6 3520 5032, Spain +34 911 338480,
Mexico +52 (01) 899 274 9983, UK +44 (0) 330 606 0515
** For additional countries, email Fran ashtarwebmaster@msn.com 
*short-term phone playback nr 712-770-4169*
URGENT!  I would be grateful for any donations you feel in your heart to make so I can maintain myself through this transition and carry on Ashtar's Legacy with all of you,
our Ashtar Family. 
If you wish to send a donation via paypal,
please send to peopleatpeace@msn.com
Love and Gratitude for The Mentors and the Ashtar Family,
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See bottom of page for links to teleconference
audio recordings which will be posted as soon as available.
Check out Jim Gow's web site at
for the latest information on the free flash phone (voip-voice over internet) which replaces Skype on this number.

Please note: if you live outside of the USA, Canada or Mexico, here is a link to the world clock time converter: www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

See below for links to the teleconference audio recordings.

Ashtar Family Call-Memorial for Susan 10-24-17
10-10-17 Tara&Rama Report,Meditation for Susan

There is no audio link for this call. 

Ashtar,Mother Mary, Sekhmet 9-26-17
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 9-12-17
Ashtar, Mother Mary,Sekhmet 8-22-17 1st Page of 5D
Ashtar,Sananda,Sekhmet 8-8-8 Lion's Gate
Ashtar,Arcturians,Sekhmet 7-11-17
Ashtar,Gaia,Sekhmet 6-27-17 Earth Communion
Ashtar, MotherMary,Sekhmet 6-13-17 Balance&Harmony
AshtarStGermainSekhmet 5-23-17Golden Age Lifestyle
Ashtar, Sananda, Sekhmet 4-11-17 Resurrection
Ashtar,AA Michael,Sekhmet 3-28-17 Your Divinity
Ashtar,StGermainSekhmet 3-14-17 VioletFlameAlchemy
Ashtar, Merlin, Sekhmet- Feb 28, 2017
Special Tara & Rama Report 2-07-2017
Ashtar, St.Germian, Sekhmet 1-24-17
Ashtar, JFK, Sekhmet 11-22-16 Peace,Love,Joy
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet-GoldenAge Finance 8-09-16
Ashtar,StGermain,Sekhmet 5-24-16 NESARA=Freedom
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet 4-26-16 Divine Politics
Special Report Tara & Rama 4-05-16, 4th Dimension
Ashtar,JFK,Sr,Sekhmet - November 24, 2015
Ashtar, StGermain, Sekhmet - NESARA - 2-24-15
Ashtar, JFK, Sekhmet 11-11-14

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