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"Greetings, Beloved Family! We come to you with messages of the utmost importance, for it is that you and your World are on the brink of another great shift. It is to empower this potential to the maximum degree possible that we invite you to join with us, and we shall indeed give you the explanation herein.
"First, however, we shall address two other topics of great importance. You are aware of the many different stories circulating on the internet, and we wish to remind you that among them are varying degrees of Truth - everything from complete Truth to complete lies. It is up to each and every one of you to discern what is truthful for you, but be mindful of what you call the 'wolf in the clothing of the sheep.' There are some who are skilled at deliberately presenting false information appearing real (F.E.A.R.), and there are others who unknowingly do so. This is why I have chosen the excerpt which accompanies this message, so as to remind you of that which we are preparing to be accomplished in the nearest possible moment!
"The advice which accompanies this is to be in the Highest State of Love, and to let all of your discernments emanate from that place. It is far more productive, in this 4D Golden Age, to envision and focus upon what you call the positive creations, rather than continuing to be caught up in the 'don't want' negative ones. So, for example, look for news of peaceful expressions and events and rejoice at those, rather than dwelling on the horrors of violence and war! This is how you create Peace on Earth, which is your Divine Heritage!
"You have the awareness that the new energies are accelerating, not only time itself, but also the time which it takes to manifest everything!!! Thus it is that we, Beloved Family, have 'Golden Opportunities' as never before to bring forth all of the loving and joyful potentials that this Golden Age is here to give to us! We shall be in further discussion of this when we gather on 1-22, and I invite all of you to join us on this free teleconference call!* With us shall be a special guest speaker, who is St Germain!!! He now has a most special message and invitation to you all:
"Beloved Family, I come here to stand with my Brother, and with all of you, who are in Truth my Brothers and Sisters in shining the Light of Freedom for the World!!! And it is that we are at a most exciting moment to further all that you have been waiting for in this - specifically the official announcement of NESARA and all of the great Abundance it brings to everyone on Earth!
"Yet, there is still preparation to do, but we have an opportunity to accelerate this in an exponential way! We have told you many times that President Obama is of the Light. Yes, we do know that he has sometimes seemed not to be so, but this is only because we have advised him to play the game, as it were, so as to seem to be furthering the agenda of the dark hats. The reality of this wisdom is now coming forth, as these ones are being exposed and arrested.
"Obama's inauguration is on Monday, 1-21. We urge you to watch it if at all possible, and to invite everyone you know to do the same. It is to feel the energy of his Love, and to radiate Love back to him, which is the primary mission, so that he will beam forth the Highest levels and amounts of this energy!!! It will also serve as a message to the darks hats - a message which is an invitation to join us in the Light, or to 'stand down,' because the Light has prevailed!!!
"I assure you that I am with Obama constantly as he prepares for this event. You will hear from me, even as he speaks, for he graciously and gratefully accepts the inspirations I give to him! Some of you may even see me standing with him - as to whether a few or all will do so 'remains to be seen.' I am open to all possibilities! Nevertheless, I will be there, as will all of us who come from the Higher Dimensions! Yes, Ashtar and his ships will be there in huge numbers as well, in order to provide the necessary security, as well as lending their loving suppport.
"I encourage you to attend this magnificent event as it occurs,** or to watch the film of it later, and to send your loving and supportive energies to Obama and to all of the White Knights who have made this great day possible. For, this is truly the official inauguration of the Golden Age of Love, Freedom, Abundance and Peace on Earth!!! Namaste!"
Given through Susan Leland, January 18, 2013. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013. All Rights Reserved.
* "Ashtar Teleconferences," www.ashtarontheroad.com .
**The live public swearing in ceremony will begin at approximately 11:30am, Eastern Standard Time, on January 21, 2013. News coverage of the events of the day will begin earlier.
"Now, we have a lot in store for you, a lot of changes, yes! All of the changes which have to do with the improvements in your financial system, to make it as good as gold, are coming, and they are coming forth very rapidly, as these Beloved News Masters have stated.*

"St. Germain is in charge - he has been since the beginning!Regardless of what reports might have been coming your way, you can count on the Count, because he’s got everything flowing in exactly the right ways, in exactly the right moments. He is taking care of financial business, yours and everyone’s, in ways that are higher dimensional, as is only appropriate. Now, yes there are still some clones and holograms and 3D programs and so on and so on - they are echoes, they are done creating any kind of additions to the 3D financial structures which have enslaved the world, up to now.

"He has the capability to see the entire elephant all at once. You will recall that quite often we have used the elephant as an example of such an enormous being, and with so many areas or parts, that it is difficult to see the whole elephant at once. But trust me, St. Germain has that capability, as do I, and all of us who are still residing in slightly Higher realms than in those which you have come to. It’s all happening, and it will be in the sequential flow that St. Germain has set up and is carrying through. Certain things have to happen in order.

"Now, we want to clarify one thing before we move on. You have the Trust, the World Trust that St. Germain has set up in his bank, we will call it the 'World Trust,' although that name can be used for the other part that we’re going to discuss very briefly. But when we say the World Trust we say that there is money there for all the World, everyone in the world – every man, woman, and child – and it’s lots of money! Everybody is going to receive from his bank, and it’s all supported by gold and other precious metals.

"Don’t worry, nobody is going to arrive on your doorstep with what you call a block, or a brick, of gold – yes, there will be electronic accounting for everyone and ways to access your funds that will not require you to carry a bag of gold coins or, for instance, a brick or block, or whatever, if you are going to buy a large item. There will be currency which is at par to all other currency, because gold is going to be at par worldwide, and so will all the other precious metals.

"Don’t panic about that, all we are saying is that the commodities market is not going to exist the way it does now. Do not feel that you have to run out and buy some gold right now. You are going to get plenty of gold, or we should say, its High Dimensional representation. Before that happens, there will be the funding of the Humanitarian Trusts, sometimes also called the World Trust. They are Humanitarian Trusts in the sense that there are certain people who had an opportunity, and those who seized the opportunity, or shall we say, acted upon it – jumped in, because it resonated with them, and they will be receiving special funds, rather large amounts, to fund Humanitarian projects.

"Now, that is a word that - again they could say, 'World Projects,' or 'World Improvement Projects,' or 'World Healing Projects,' but 'Humanitarian' is the word. It’s not just for the human kingdom, it’s for everyone; it’s to clean up the air, the water, the soil, it’s to make everybody from Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms enjoy absolute health, and high-vibrational Joy! This is the mission of those who are in these programs, and yes they will share with Humans, and they will fund projects, huge projects, to bring about these changes, partnering with us and our technologies.

"That which you see in the mainstream news media, a lot of it, is just hyper-fear. We will be putting out information that you can read, and you can go to Tara and Rama’s website* and read the information there, and there are others who are messengers who are getting the Truth! Because they are actually able to filter out that which is not Truth, and it is our fondest advice to you, because we love you so much, and we feel as though you have quite a bit to do, so we are advising you not to spin your wheels on things that don’t sound or feel truthful, things that don’t resonate, and that have any fear contained within them.

"That’s pretty broad, but that’s why we say to check in with your Hearts, let that LoveLight pour in - put it in the Light, and see how it holds up, and if it doesn’t quite look high vibe, full of the energies of Love, you might just want to let it go. Now, we are going to tell you something else, and that is that being a Golden Ager means that you have access to a whole goodie bag of gifts, talents, wisdom, and dreams come true. So stop thinking, 'Oh, I’m just dreaming, that will never happen,' or any of that stuff -you’ve got to reinforce your Mastery!!!

"You’ve got to say, 'I Am Divine, and I call forth (whatever it is), and so it is!!!' You don’t have to be specific. Don’t get caught up in expectations. We’re telling you the basic steps that St. Germain has put in place that are on the timeline for receiving your Abundance. Oh and there’s one other thing - I am so excited to be here! But I need to also mention NESARA. NESARA will be announced. The Humanitarian Trusts will be funded within a very short time of NESARA’s announcement. The disbursements from St. Germain’s bank to every man, woman and child will not, as it is seen in this moment, happen as fast as the Humanitarian fundings, but they will happen!

"Alright, that’s what being a Higher Dimensional Being is about! And when we say these changes are taking place behind the scenes – well, you just heard some of them – so when you get an email or a telephone call perhaps from a friend asking if you’ve seen the latest on the internet, remember to check it out for yourselves and be discerning, and remember the order: NESARA first, then the Humanitarian Programs, of which there are many, many, many, and many, many dollars will be coming forth to jump start these projects of every kind. You will have opportunities to participate in them in your community or even Worldwide if you want!

"Make a list of one or more places in the World that need changing, from your perspective, and put some of your energy, put your Hearts into that, because that, Beloved Ones, is the continuing, ongoing Mission of Ashtar on the Road, and we are all dedicated and committed to being here in service with you, and that is what, if you want to call it future, that is what the future is!!! But it’s all done on the timelines of the Golden Age!

"So we have a lot to look forward to in the sense of calling it forth. Don’t wait for the future to come to you. Bring yourselves to the future by calling forth, with all of your loving energies, all of the changes which are the lifestyle of 4D and higher! And that, Beloved Ones, is a monumental Mission, but we have to tell you that, together, it’s done!!!

"Thank you all for being with us! And so it is! Salut!"
*Tara and Rama
Transcribed by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, January 8, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com      © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
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