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Mother Gaia:
"We Are One Together!"
"Greetings, most Beloved Family of my Kingdom of the Humans!  I am Mother Gaia and I thank you for calling me forth to be here with you in this Grand Company.  And I bring you the representatives of all of my Kingdoms that you may feel the energy, the Oneness we are!
"And I tell you, my Beloved Ones, I am so thankful to you that you have come to this understanding, that your consciousness is such, that you are hearing my cries for help where they are needed, that you are compassionately mindful of what you can do - each one of you as individuals and all of Humanity, as a Collective One - to stop the attacks upon me and upon all members of my Kingdoms.  Yes, even you Humans are getting more and more into the high vibrations of Peace!
"And it is Peace and Harmony among all of my Kingdoms which you are now calling forth so beautifully from your loving Hearts, and with your actions which express the desire, the calling forth for Peace everywhere!  And while it is true that there are still those who seek to gain in some manner - whether for their own sport in the hunting of my animals or whether it is to enrich their bank accounts through the misuse of my treasures, my blood, as it were - they are falling into such a minority that they will soon find no place for them where you are.  They will be taken some place else where they can continue certain of their actions but I, Beloved Ones, remain with you!
"I am the Spirit of Planet Earth; I am the Mother of Planet Earth; and I and Father Sky are already well-placed to welcome you as you make your Ascensions, even as we, also, are here with you now.
"And we tell you this, Beloved Ones, you are coming into that which has been known as Paradise, and Heaven!  Think of those names, Beloved Ones, engrave those names, those destinations upon your Hearts.  You’re already there, in your Higher Selves, spirit bodies, bodies of Light!  And you are coming into the connection, the permanent connection!  We call that Communion with that part of you, and you are bringing your physicalities with you and all that that entails - in different form, of course.
"You are literally transmuting your bodies very much in harmony with Nature - not artificially, and not so that you can grow richer or more powerful or enslave anyone.  NO, NO, NO!!!  Those are NOT your purpose or Missions to accomplish!  You came here in order to soar - to fly if you will - to be free from all enslavements which have plagued Planet Earth throughout all of these eons of time!
"And so it is that we can actually travel with you.  We can remain with you, even as you have opened your Hearts to me, even as you are bringing yourselves into that Paradise or, if you will, that Garden of Eden, that Heavenly Paradise!  That’s your home, Beloved Ones!  You are coming home!!!
"And meanwhile, everything that you can do while you are still at least partly human will hasten, or shall we say, will increase the speed at which you fly along your paths of Ascension!
"And so, from my Heart, I thank you all for all that you have done, for all that you have yet to do to honor me and my Kingdoms - including yourselves, including the Human Kingdom, Beloved Ones!  It is not to leave yourselves out, but rather to see your connections and to feel your connections with all of my Kingdoms and me, because we are One, because we are together as we have not been for eons of time!!!
"And I overflow with Love for you, and with Gratitude that you have come as far as you have.  And together our journey shall continue on Higher and Higher paths of Love and Joy.  Let me be with you, Beloved Ones!!  Let me support you.  Let me share my loving energies with you, for I never run out.  I have infinite Love for you and I am here to assist you in your journey.
"Let us find your path of Joy together and let me remain with you to make your journey that much brighter, that much lighter, and that much more joyful!  I honor you, Beloved Ones, as you honor me.  And I tell you that we have only Love and Light ahead for all of us who are becoming the residents of the Higher Dimensions.
"I thank you for being here, for honoring me with your presence. And remember that I am with you, I am One with you, and that I love you infinitely, always and evermore!  And so it is. Namaste!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 22, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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