Archangel Michael: "Discern and Disseminate Only Truth"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference  April 12, 2016

"Greetings!  I am Archangel Michael.  That song that you just heard,* that music represents a movement which began Worldwide in what you call your 1960's.Truthfully, there were those who were early hippies, but it blossomed in the 1960's.And those Beloved Ones were called the 'flower children,' and there are many in this audience who were members of this movement, who spoke Truth, often in the face of violence and condemnation.  As the matter of fact, they so frightened one of your presidents at the time, whose name was Nixon, that he moved to put a halt to the Truth that they were telling about Peace and Joy, and that Love is the Way.

"There was another group that seemed to wake up during this tumultuous time.  And that was those you call the 'black' ones, because they started speaking, and they were joined by many called the 'civil rights workers,' to speak for equal rights for all.And their voices are stronger than ever - even though it may seem as though the oppression has become more blatant, but that is so that the World can see!

"And the oppression is not just upon those whose skin color is black – it is brown, yellow, red and yes, white in some areas of the World.  It is a part of the master plan that was conceived by the programmers long ago to divide and, thus, conquer all of the World.  For when Humanity is so divided, people become distracted - and you know this to be Truth.  And there is a lot to distract these days!  So this particular president created what is called 'the war on drugs' to discredit the hippies and to throw the civil rights workers and activists into jails.  That was his answer to maintain control.

"And there were those who martyred themselves, famous and not so famous along the way, in the interest of keeping the Truth alive.  But that Truth has never gone away, even though there have been acts throughout the history/herstory of Planet Earth which have been designed particularly, as this example I just gave to you, to snuff out that Truth, to bury it so deep that no one would ever find it.

"But you have had teachers, leaders, Masters, and other individuals who have lived their Truth, who have taught others their Truth, and thus have kept it alive!!!  And if not supremely healthy, at least it has survived right down to this very now moment in your time.  How is this possible when there have been such brutal campaigns - outwardly brutal, and some more subtle than others outwardly - but all designed to do the same thing, which is to keep the Truth from Humanity, the Truth of Humanity's Divinity, the Truth of Humanity’s empowerment to control their own lives, each and every member?

"Well, it has been a many-faceted campaign.  It was more simple in what you call your olden days when the king and the church ruled supreme.  And anyone who defied either one was soon made quite miserable in a most brutal way.  And more recently you have your incidences of brutality in every country – tribal wars, family against family, brother against brother, and so on - wars over things like boundaries, money, and all kinds of wealth. In some cases wars over food because there is not enough – the country has been so torn there is not enough food for everyone.

"And yes, there have been wars in what you call outer space. And these wars have been contrived and controlled by the very ones who have created such divisiveness upon Planet Earth.  Now, your greatest tool for discerning all of this, right down to who's telling the Truth in this moment, is your own discernment!If something resonates with you and does not fill you with fear, then it is your Truth.

"Now, Ashtar has taught many times about the different perspectives.  If you would envision a large elephant and see yourself sitting on the back of the elephant, you have quite a grand view, have you not?  Now picture yourself behind the left front foot of the elephant and you're probably watching, to be sure, that the left front foot does not come back or kick you and knock you down and trample you. Your vision becomes quite limited, does it not?

"So, in every dimension there are levels and there are perspectives of vision.  So the advice I have for you is, if you have a question and you're not really sure of whether you're getting Truth or not, go up and sit in council with your Higher Dimensional Self and your Guides.**  I, Archangel Michael, extend to you the Sword Excalibur!Wave it and let the Blue Wave of Truth come to you to show you what is your Truth from your own Heart, from your own Divine Being!  And, yes, you can join in with all the other beings of LoveLight and sit in council. 

"Why do this?  It is because Humanity has never been more able to be distracted by those who would continue to control you, enslave you to their programs, and keep you from seeing the Truth of Who You Really Are.  The propaganda is absolutely masterful in its own way.  Now you have heard these Master Reporters*** talk about various factions.  You can say, is this Truth from the perspective of Faction 3 or is there something of darkness in this report?  I will counsel you that it is far more productive for you to follow only that which you understand, know and 'inner-stand' to be absolute Truth for you, than to spend your moments in speculation!  Something that might have some Truth in it, but then doesn't, seems preposterous!  How about those stories about Paul Ryan, for instance?

"It is wise to turn away from stories such as that, so as not to empower the disinformation that is coming forth with what you might term to be factual information.  When in doubt, you can consult with Saint Germain!  Invite him to counsel with you and your Higher Dimensional Self, and ask some questions from your Heart about whether this is Truth or not, because there has been a huge, gigantic attention paid to the spinners of lies and half-Truths.

"A huge influx of propaganda experts came to the United States of America and other countries at the end of your World War II. They were masters at dissemination of untrue propaganda.  They were in charge of controlling the people - along with the chemical companies who added things like fluoride and rauwolfia to the waters of Germany and the other countries that were under the German boot - and they were masters of propaganda.  They were recruited and brought over along with the scientists at the end of the Second World War.  And they quietly have gone to work and there is a whole new generation of them at work - of course, trained by the experts.

"And so it is that you cannot find any aspect of your lifestyles, whether it is your economy, your agricultural practices - and labeling, or mislabeling, deceptively labeling your consumer products - your entertainment industry, your medicines, your medical profession - drugs and so on and so forth - energy and, of course, your news media and even into your education systems of your children.  They have crept, they have been patient, and they're everywhere.

"So, I say unto you, my most Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the Truth shall truly make you free!!!  And that is High Dimensional Truth.  Put Love on all of it, and ask yourselves in all Love to be in absolute High Dimensional Discernment!  And at the same time, charge yourselves with spreading the Light, waving Excalibur, and not allowing yourselves to be distracted into sending out information which you know is not your Truth.  Send out Love!  Send out inspirations of High Vibration!  Send out information about all of the wondrous advances in technology and science and healing, and so on and so on!

"Participate in your communities and share your Truths, your Basic Truths – Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Peace on Earth, and the Beauty of all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, including all members of Humanity!  Nurture yourselves and make it your mantra, if you will, to KNOW THE TRUTH and to BE THE TRUTH in everything, because together, we are on the Truthful Path!  And that is for you to always be in the knowing of The Path to Love.  The Path to Higher Dimensionality, the Path to your own Divine Mastery is that which is True!  Adhere to this, stay on the Path and, as Ashtar would say, 'stay tuned' for even more fabulously grand, miraculous news which is Truthful, because it comes from Love and it is all that Love creates!!!

"And so I am most grateful and honored for this opportunity to stand in front of you and I offer you again - and I encourage you to utilize - my Sword Excalibur, each and every one of you, to show you the way of your own Truth whenever you have any hesitation about which way to go!  Thank you for being here and for hearing the message I bring to you on behalf of all who dwell in the Realms of LoveLight, where only Love and its Truth shine forth.  And so it is.  Namaste!"

*    The Age of Aquarius:
**   Referring to what Sananda is currently teaching:
*** Tara and Rama
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 12, 2016.
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