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27th Ashtar Legacy Family Call of the Golden Age!
2nd Tuesday, 
December 11, 2018
Mary Magdalene
Channeled by Eli
followed by
The Tara & Rama** Report
on the latest behind-the-scenes news!
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This beautiful Youtube dances to the spirit of the song
"Trip The Light" by Alicia Lemke.
It is now our theme song for the Ashtar Legacy Family Calls.
See below for links to Ashtar Legacy teleconference
audio recordings which will be posted as soon as available.

ALC27 Mary Magdalene, Tara& Rama 12-11-18
ALC26 Sekhmet, Tara&Rama-Compassion 11-27-18
ALC25 Isis by Pita, Tara&Rama 11-13-18 Compassion
ALC24 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara&Rama-Happening Now!
ALC23 TheCollective-CarolynRyan+Tara&Rama 10-9-18
ALC22 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara&Rama-Already Done! 9-25-18
ALC21 Isis/Pita,Tara&Rama 9-11-18 Change Is Now
ALC20 Sekhmet,Tara &Rama, Expediting Shift 8-28-18
ALC19 Mary Magdalene-Eli, Tara&Rama 8-14-18
ALC18 Sekhmet-Eli+Tara&Rama BloodMoon Eclipse 7-24
ALC17TheCollective-Caroline Ryan,Tara&Rama,7-10-18
ALC16 Isis by Pita,Tara& Rama-SuperNova Light 6-26
ALC15 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara&Rama 6-12-18 - Peace
ALC14 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara & Rama 5-22-18
ALC13 Tara& Rama,StGermain/Marilyn Redmond 5-08-18
ALC12 Sekhmet/Eli,Tara & Rama-NESARA 4-24-18
ALC11 Tara& Rama,Lei'ohu Ryder+Maydeen Iao 4-10-18
ALC10 The Collective-Caroline Oceana Ryan 3-27-18
ALC10 Tara & Rama Report 3-27-18
ALC9 Sekhmet-Eli, Tara&Rama 3-13-18 Ocean Clearing
ALC8 Sekhmet/Eli,Tara&Rama-Ancient Records 2-27-18
ALC7 Tara& Rama, Leslie Zerman 12D Meditation 2-13
ALC6 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara & Rama-Solar Flash 1-23-18
ALC5 Tara & Rama, Leiohu Ryder-Maydeen Iao 1-09-18
ALC4 Sekhmet/Eli, Tara & Rama Dec 26, 2017
ALC3 Sekhmet-NESARA-Tara&Rama+FirstContact12-12-17
ALC2 Tara&Rama,Leslie Zerman-Stargate 12D 11-28-17
ALC1 Tara&Rama+Eli-MalignantMatrix Removal11-14-17

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