Arnold's Page

Our friend Arnold, Ashtar On The Road traveler from the beginning, and dedicated transcriber for us until his illness, passed beyond the veil on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at age 73. 
Arnold first became involved with Ashtar through his NESARA activism in peace marches which included some of the founding members of Ashtar On The Road. He was tireless in traveling with us and participating in small gatherings in Washington, Oregon and as far as Vancouver BC. As a well-respected member of the First People tribes of the Northwest, Arnold introduced us to some of their leaders who welcomed Ashtar as a fellow Star Being.
We began by driving as a team up and down Interstate 5 to small private gatherings where Ashtar was invited to speak, and Arnold and his drum never missed a gathering. When we started regular teleconferences in November 2005, Arnold volunteered to transcribe these calls and continued to do so until 2014.
After service in Vietnam, Arnold earned a PhD in Indian Affairs at the University of Washington. He served briefly as principal of the elementary school on the Lummi Reservation. Arnold studied under Northwest Coast Si.Si.Wiss medicine teacher Johnny Moses in the Red Cedar Circle. In ceremony and marches he proudly wore his distinctive Northwest cape.
Arnold became an expert in identifying and evaluating the style, origin and value of old Northwest tribal basketry, and went to great effort to facilitate the return of heirloom baskets to their respective tribal museums.
It is with sadness and yet celebration of a long life dedicated to ancient star wisdoms that we say, "See you on the Bridge" to our good friend Arnold.


As Arnold always said:

"We are asked to be in mission as Light Houses beaming Mother Father Creator's Infinite Love Light, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to All Creation, Mother Earth and all Her Precious Kingdoms, Human and non-Human alike.   


"First Contact and Lady Nesara are here to cleanse, and to heal our Sacred Mother Gaia NOW!


"May Mother Father Creator's, Saghalie Tyee's, Infinite Blessings of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude be with you and your loved ones and all Mother Earth's Valued Kingdoms, below, on and above Her, both human and non-human alike.  We are all spiritually connected in Love and Light.  Adonai Vasu Baragus, Namaste and Salu!"



Ashtar Beam Team Family Ambassadors of Peace

Tsinook Nation