Let Go of Old Programs
and Unite in Love!"


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - March 8, 2016

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  And, yes, we have moved into a new age where there are opportunities unlimited, providing that you are not keeping yourself in the old energies, or the programs that have been crafted so carefully to divide you and, yes, to conquer you, to control you, to enslave you, to all of the – let us just say, the carrots that have been dangled in front of you - and dinars and dongs are part of that.  So I stand before you now with great Love in my Heart and a welcome to all of you to this Gathering, but I must ask you – those of you here on the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem, with me and all of the ones, the Ones from the Light, the Realms of Light gathered here to be in Loving Oneness with you - who among you are still clinging to these old concepts, these old stories, these old perceptions and, let's face it, some values, too???

"Now, is there anything wrong - and I say that from the usage of the word as it is used, and has been used for eons of time in the third dimension - is there anything wrong with wanting abundance for oneself, with wanting comfort and a lifestyle that provides these things which, at this moment, would come from having abundant supplies of money?  No, absolutely not!  But what are the sources?  Where are you getting it from?  And how much do you really need to enjoy your lifestyle?

"We come back to that which my brother, Sananda has said so many timesyes, you are your brothers' and your sisters' keepers!!!  And I know that many of you feel that, well, when you get this RV which they keep saying is coming - and it never has, has it, because it won’t come, not in the way that you are expecting it to come.  Yes, there is an even-ing of all currencies Worldwide when NESARA is announced - not before!  But those of you who have been expecting gigantic bundles, wheelbarrow loads, rooms full of wealth - because you have these currencies invested in that were sold to you by the dark hats and their minions - that's not going to happen!

"But what is happening is that, by hanging on to these and continuing with these false ideas - these programs that you're going to get your abundance from this source, you are actually holding back NESARA and all the good that comes from NESARA - good again in your terms - the abundance, the Freedom, and the Joy, the ability to live your life, to follow your passions rather than to work, you know, 24/7 or whatever, as someone else’s slave - those things will only come when NESARA is announced!   And the longer you hold on and listen to and receive these emails and so on and so on, about these other programs that were designed to keep you enslaved, the longer it’s going to take NESARA to get announced!!!

"Now, we have told you there is a point at which everything is going to switch over anyway.  But it will be that much easier for all of you, that much more Joy-full if you do your clearing along the way.  And while you're at it, clear out these old programs that are based in lies and illusions and fear. People who have invested in these kinds of programs have lost their homes and all manner of physical comforts because they have put their trust in those who are not trustworthy.  Now, no one is being blamed or judged for so doing, but all we are saying is wake up!!!  Please wake up and join with the True Workers of the Light.  Help to get NESARA announced and then enjoy the true rewards that it brings, including plenty of money, dollars, abundance for all!

"But that, you see, is such a small part of it. Freedom is what that money is buying if you want to put it in terms of what you get for the money.  Freedom!  Freedom from many, many chains that have bound you in the past - Freedom to know the Truth! FINALLY, the Truth is already coming out in many, many ways, from many, many sources.  It cannot be held back any longer. You have whistleblowers everywhere, telling you everything from about the contaminated foods that you're eating, the drugs that you're using - legal and otherwise, the banking systems of the World, the medical systems of the World, and so on and so on.

"It is all coming out, and at the same time you are receiving information about the High Vibrational, High Dimensional alternatives – organically grown food that is not toxic and not GMO!  Alternative therapies and medical techniques, High Vibe sound, color, light, so on and so on, along with ancient remedies that are now being recognized as being true! And nobody is going to get rich selling them to you, or I should say, richer.  And nobody can withhold them from you, if you are willing to look for them and find sources, because they're there.  And all of the other obstructions to your Freedoms to enjoy life will be gone, because NESARA is more than about money!!!  It is about Freedom, it is about restoring a lifestyle that is Divinely based, rather than about the idea of a few, to make your lives miserable so that theycan have it all.

"So I ask you, Beloved Ones, to consider this carefully.  Go within; consult your own guidance and see what your guidance, including your Higher Dimensional Selves, recommends.  And remember this great Truth – it is not to judge; it is not to blame; it is not to get even - Reformation is not about getting even!!!  It is about even-ing up in all areas for all people.  That does not mean revenge, vengeance or an eye-for-an-eye or any of these other concepts that have been so prevalent throughout your history/herstory.

"It is about awakening to your own DivineSelves!  It is about living the Divine Lifestyle.  It’s about being the Gods and Goddesses, the Light Ones that You Are.  That's how you were made!  And it is about returning to the Light, but on the way enjoying the Golden Age of Planet Earth – a pristine, clean Garden of Eden everywhere – a Paradise where you can relax and enjoy and learn and love each other and be in Peace!  And in this World, Beloved Ones, you're not going to need money very much longer anyway!

"So take it down off of the pedestal, or the altar, if you have enshrined it there.  And recognize it as a tool that you can utilize to benefit yourself and the World, from that High Dimensional place of Love, caring for and nurturing yourselves, your families, your loved ones - and then reaching out farther!  Make way for more abundance to come to you - abundance in all things, abundance of Love, abundance of wondrous times; events to enjoy, enjoyment of our Golden Age Path which leads you directly to Ascension, in a relaxed and calm and sure way, rather than with stress and worry about whether you're going to get there or not!

"You'll all get there!  It’s your choice.  Choose the Golden Age Lifestyle!  Choose Love!  And while you're at it, choose to be free of anything that holds you and the World back.  Listen to your own Hearts.  Listen to the Voices of Love - and be that Love yourselves!!!  I assure you, this is the Way.  It is the Truth and it is the Lifestyle that you came here to live, each and every one of you.  And something else – I see you now and I see you turning up your Lights, shining bright, radiant Beacons of Love!!!  You are not known by the dollars in your bank account; you are known rather by that great Love shining forth from you!  Be in the knowing that you are indeed a worker on the Light Path and that you honor Love above all else.

"And so it shall be that you shall have abundance in all, not just in dollars, but in Joy, and in Love and in that Peace 'That Passeth All Understanding,' because that, Beloved Ones, is where Planet Earth is heading! So join onto that Path, and let yourselves be free of whatever remains of the darkness.  And while you're at it, invite anybody you know who is wearing a dark hat, or clinging to a dark program, to join you, to come up onto that Path, to be free from those old programs and enslavements - not with judgment, not with blame, and certainly not with guilt – yourself or them -but simply with High Dimensional, High Vibrational Love -Compassionate, free from all judgment which is, of course, Forgiving - and with Gratitude!

"Thank yourselves!  Stand up and thank yourselves for being here at this time to learn for yourselves the Truth in all things - how it has been, and how it is about to be.  Be Compassionate – yes, not condemning!  Work within yourselves and join with all other beings of LoveLight in the World, and let the Truth shine forth with Joy and with that Loving Spirit, free from all fear and free from all that has held Planet Earth in this slavery all these eons of time!!!

"And so I, Ashtar, and all those here gathered thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here on the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem!  I see Hearts opening and expanding even in this moment and in all to come, as you measure time!  So be it. And so it is. Salut!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, March 8, 2016.
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