Ashtar: "In this Holy Days Season, It's Time to Restore Love!!!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - November 22, 2016

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  And a most happy and carefree Holy Days Season to all!   Now, we shall say this: As always, no particular dates, although of course, you have dates upon your calendars that are most meaningful to you – the days in particular, with events and gatherings that you have planned with friends and family, and some to enjoy even by yourselves. We invite you to come every day!  Every day is a Holy Day, and it can be even more so with your participation in the Communions that we enjoy in our Oneness in the Light of Love We Are!!!

"And so, I begin with this because this is critical!  Never has it been more critical upon Planet Earth in this time of moving up into the Higher Dimensionality which is your Destination, which is what you promised yourselves - long, long ago as you measure time, as you measure years and millennia - that you would return to Heaven on Earth!

"And this, Beloved Ones, is what we are engaged in together. This is what our Mission is.This is our partnership!  And yet you know that 3D still exists to some extent.  And the Mission that we ask you to join together in, is simply to uplift the vibrations, beginning within yourselves and then engaging with all the World.

"And it matters not if there is an individual standing in front of you, or sitting next to you who says, 'Well, I don't believe that we can change this.'  Smile!  Share your LoveLight with that person.It is no different than when Yeshua or any of the great teachers stood before an audience of one or more and beamed that Love.It is what you call a miracle of science and spirit.You can't separate them.  Oh, we know, 3D has been the grand location - all of its levels really - for SEPARATION.

"And yet as you have climbed higher and higher through the levels that are making up 3D - and all dimensions, really - you know!  You know that you CAN create miracles, that you CAN call forth at least the feelings of Empowerment, the feelings of Freedom, of Joy, along with that wondrous 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding!'  And that is because it is your Birthright.  It is what you came here to restore!!!

"And so, just as you can restore a piece of furniture or an old book or whatever it is that you want to honor from a past time in your history/herstory, we're telling you that it's time to restore Love!!!  It's time to bring Planet Earth into Higher Levels, where you can truly be yourselves.  How about that?  No more putting on the suit and tie and climbing the corporate ladder!  No more being down in the dumpies and worrying about whether you're going to have food to feed your children!  And certainly, NO MORE WARS and genocidal actions appearing in front of you on your televisions sets, or your internet screens, and in your news media, because, of course, they're dragging out everything that they can possibly find to bring you down!  But that's not your Mission!  And so we're here to remind you.  What is the greatest gift of all?  You already know that!  It’s LOVE!!!

"And so as we join together to celebrate this Holy Days Season, we suggest that you make that your focus.  Whatever else you may want to give someone - a bauble, a trinket, a subscription, food, whatever it is - that is meaningful, provided that you bless it with your Love!  And what is meaningful is Love, simply the Blessing of Love.  You need do nothing else.  We know there are those of you who simply don't have a penny to buy a physical item or object, but you are rich with Love, each and every one of you!!!

"By all means share whatever treasures of the third dimensional variety you have with each other, because even though NESARA's Announcement will end lack of a financial kind, lack of Freedom, and lack of the ability to engage in whatever you have passion for of the High Vibe varieties; nevertheless, there is still a little way to go before it can be publicly announced.

"And so we invite you to come together in Community to celebrate the Holy Days Season and its true meaning, and we assure you we are with you.  Feel the Love we have for you.Feel the Love, the Respect, the Honor and, yes, the Gratitude!  This is an absolutely perfect moment in your time for you to feel the Gratitude we bring to you, and to pay it forward to everyone else in this Grand Company - this Family of Ashtar On The Road - to all Lightworkers, and yes, to all the dark hats and to everyone, every shade in between, because the grand drama is unfolding and Truth is coming forth!!!

"Now we know that some people are a bit shocked particularly when you tell them facts, like the proclivities of the Clintons and the Trumps and so on and so on.Well?  These things must come out in order for the changes to come about, and so if you find yourselves informing anyone - do it with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for the Truth coming out, for the Light shining forth - and encourage anyone you share with to do the same.  Teach them Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, as I have been stating it through this Voice, this Source, ever since I began with Ashtar On The Road - because that is how it is to be received, this Truth!  And it automatically uplifts all the vibrations: it takes care of the clearings that you yourselves can accomplish!

"You are not in charge of the great roundup.  You are not in charge of arrests and trials and all of those kinds of things.You are the Light, the bringers of the Light and the sharers, if you like, or as I like to call you, the 'Beamers!'  So shine forth your Love Beams and know that we have it all in hand and that there is no plan anywhere that these ones can come up with that will keep you from your chosen Destination!!!

"So open your Hearts wide and let all the Love shine in, and then beam it forth. That is your job.  That is your Mission. That is why you came!!!  And we stand with you, hand in hand, Heart to Heart, all of us Beings of LoveLight together leading the way into the long-awaited and much deserved Golden Age.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, and a most Joy-full Holy Days Season to you!  And we offer you our Gratitude, even as you express yours.  No matter where you are in the World, let Thanksgiving Day be a day of giving your thanks to yourselves, to each other and to all in this Ashtar On The Road Family - and to everyone else in the Universe beyond!  And so it is.  Salut!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 22, 2016.
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