Ashtar: "Start Your True Missions within Yourselves!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - October 11, 2016

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are so delighted to be here!And as you have heard,* there is a lot going on - on every level of every dimension which is represented here!  And it is not just 3D.  There are many, many Beings from the Realms of Light, as you have heard,* who are here and becoming more and more known!

"You will recall when Pan came to this Gathering,** he spoke of the abilities to access these - what you would call the Higher levels - and the Beings who dwell there, the Nature Spirits and so on.  And this is becoming more and more true!  And it is that these beings are showing themselves more and more to those who are of Light Hearts!

"So it does not matter who you are in 3D, is what we are saying. You can be as rich as King Midas or you can be without a penny to your name.  There is no judgment of worthiness or unworthiness based on that ages old rule of sorting out and separating the people, and enslaving, and all of those things!  There is no judgment based upon your age or your gender or what you do to earn your dollars, because in 3D, unless you have, what is it – the silver spoon in your mouth – you are most likely engaged in some form of earning money.  Or you have money coming to you which you have earned as a result of your work - you call it being in retirement - and it is worthy indeed!

"And in some countries you have your governments providing income or benefits, and so on and so on.  And all of this is going to be evened out and everybody is going to be very wealthy by today's standards!   And even more so, a month or so after NESARA is announced - ten times more with whatever you happen to have.***

"But in the meanwhile, there was a grand suggestion made** and I choose to echo it here, and that is – get with yourselves and get with Nature!!!  There is much healing that you can do for yourselves, and it all extends.  If you do it for yourselves, it extends Worldwide and beyond!  And so, start within your own selves and then if you are of Heart to do so, extend it out, because you can do that consciously - even though it is unconsciously going out from you as you do it - and of course, you magnify it!  So there you are!

"And getting with Nature is a grand and glorious way to heal!  I shall not go into it anymore. Pan gave you a lot of information!**  I only will say that this is a bringing together of all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  There can be no separation of Hearts and, indeed, of communications - not in the Higher levels, not in the Golden Age and beyond.  And so it is to bring this connection - or if you will, as Sananda would say, this Communion - into all levels of dimensionality here on Planet Earth and beyond.And that includes 3D!

"So invite the Wookies into your garden space, or the Fairies, the Spirits, the Unicorns.  They're there anyway, just in a Higher Dimensional level!  Reach up into that level.  Bring yourselves there and enjoy the benefits!  You want that zero point bubble*? Call it forth and call upon yourselves to raise your consciousness sufficiently to be able to access it!

"What I'm talking about is doing your Mission. You know, we in the Ashtar Command frequently talk about our Missions. Well, we must communicate with each other and we are communicating with you.  We want you to understand that we are here to support you.  But you have Missions as well.We share Missions.We work together to bring about, first of all, NESARA's Announcement. That is the ONLY way into the Golden Age!!!

"Forget about all this 'RV' stuff and all this false 'Intel' and all of these things that are so distracting to the Lightworkers!  And I shall not go into that at this moment, but I do want to tell you that if you really, really, really want all of this to come about that much sooner, then get with the program or, I should say, THEPROGRAMwhich is the TRUE MISSION and work on it!  And start within yourselves!!!

"I will share a little bit of private information that was given to The Voice – very succinctly - because, you know, she has some challenges in her physical self.  And the advice was very brief.Listen up!  Don't miss it!  It was to "NURTURE, NOT TORTURE!"Now you can take that any way that you choose, but basically it's based in Love rather than any kind of recriminations about where you are.

"If you have a physical disharmony, then nurture yourself, love yourself, bring yourself up into the High vibrations and take care of it.  Heal it!  Release it!  Whatever you want to think of it as, or the process of it, do what your Hearts tell you to do and be done with it, because you're not going to take this stuff with you into the Higher Realms!

"And you don't have to.  That's what entering up into the Golden Age, and then going beyond into your Ascension is all about!  It's you, exactly as you choose to create yourselves, without all of the stresses and the baggage and the down in the dumpies stuff that you're experiencing right now!

"And why is it coming up right now?  So that you can be done with it, once and for all.  That's it 'in a nutshell,' as you like to say.And there’s nothing nutty about it!  It is Truth for you to digest and utilize.That's what we're here for.  We're here to help you to understand all of the various things that are happening in your World and to you, yourselves, as individuals!

"There are any number of symptoms that are being experienced right now.  Some of them are merely what you call a nuisance and some of them, hmm, let’s just say, are quite strong.The purpose of it is to show you Who You Really Are.You are Divine Masters!!!  And it is for you to claim your Divinities, raise yourselves up, and go beyond!

"Now, I am not making light in the sense of being frivolous or 'Oh, that's easy for you to say, Ashtar, but you're not me and you're not in this human body.'  No, I'm not.  I'm not in a human body, but I can assure you that you came from the same place as me, the same Light, and I can assure you that you have enough of that Light in yourselves to overcome whatever challenges there are - physical and beyond!!!

"And NOW is the time to do it!  And the support for you to do it from the entire Company of Light is so huge - I could not even begin to tell you how strong it is, how much energy there is, how much LoveLight the Universe has for you to do your Missions,because we've got a Path of Missions!  The hardest ones and the most challenging ones are now, Beloved Family!!!  So stay the course, stay with us!  Bring yourselves up into the LoveLight at your every opportunity.  Start and end your awake times with it.Meditate or just simply say, 'Ho'oponopono to me, I am free!!!' Or do it however you choose.

"There’s a wealth of information available to you. Chart a course and stay with it, because we have got what you would call 'the good times' ready to roll, and we are going to make sure that it comes about.Just exactly when it comes about is up to you, not to us!!!  And Archangel Michael will have more on that topic for you.****

"Now I wish to thank those of you who have sent in your desires to be on our Family Contact List.  We know it's not for everyone in this Family, but if you choose so to do it, there are plenty of guidelines and we are seeing this as another opportunity to come together.*****  Bring your LoveLights and share them with each other!  And so we shall continue to simply extend the invitation to you, if you choose so to do that.

"And, of course, we are very much supportive of you joining our email contact list****** because that's where you get the latest! And it is sometimes a bit easier, particularly for those who live across the World, to read the transcripts rather than to listen in to the recordings.  And you can call us in and call the energies in that we bring to these Gatherings as you read the transcripts!!!Check it out.Give it a try!  It works because you come with your Hearts open to receive the Love that we transmit, both here with this Voice that we use, and in the printed words as well.

"So make no mistake – however you join in – and you can do it all, if you choose - however you join in, we are One. WE ARE FAMILY!!!  And so it is. Salut!"
*       Tara and Rama Report: 
**      Pan's Message from 9-27-16:
***    NESARA provides for a 90% decrease in the cost of everything, one month after its Announcement; thus you will have 10 times the buying power after this takes place!
****    Archangel Michael's transcript will be published next week.  Here is the audio link - begin at 56:27 minutes:
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Given through Susan Leland, October 11, 2016.
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