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Andara Crystal Pendants Pre-Wrapped in Silver
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Andara Crystal Pendants Pre-Wrapped in Sterling Silver -
( The Pre-Wrapped Ane'la-Angel Crystal, Luminescent Blue, Cosmic Force are SOLD. Please order Ane'la, Cosmic Force and Luminescent Blue from the Wrap to Order page HERE.)
These Andara Pendants come with a silver snake chain. Choose in drop-down menu. From left to right in 1st image: 
1. Cosmic Force - (SOLD) Clear or strawberry red Andara. Burns through old energies and patterns for clear and balanced body, mind and spirit. AA Metatron, Lady Nada, Third, Ninth, Twelfth Chakras.
2. Luminescent Blue (SOLD)- Carries gifts of power, will, drive, confidence, strength connected to the Will of God. Master El Morya works through this Andara, and together with AA Michael, works through the throat chakra transforming all to the will to do good. Fifth, Twelfth, Fifteenth Chakras.
3. Merlin Blue - Holds qualities of Royalty, Magic and the Mystical, connecting with the Celestial Realms and great Alchemy, moving energy in a spiritually uplifting way. Fifth Chakra.
4. Ane'la-Angel Stone (SOLD)- Light Blue - A Stargate of Unlimited Consciousness; holds field of one's intention. Clearest expression of individual's Source Consciousness, allowing the possibility of receiving, ascending and integrating that consciousness. The High Heart frequency of Ane'la is exponentially increased through infusion of Angelic frequencies. Fourth, Fifth, Eighth Chakras.
5. Luminescent Yellow - Brings higher octave of Light, Wisdom, Truth and Inner-Standing. Works with Master Kuthumi and AA Jophiel teaching tact, foresight, consideration, friendliness, decisiveness, mental clarity, and power through detachment to the Third Chakra. Third, Twelfth, Thirteenth Chakras.
Once these 5 pre-wrapped stones are sold, additional stones in all colors available for wrapping HERE. Allow a week to 10 days for wrapping.
In addition to the 5 above, colors available for wrapping are: 
Amber, Black, Divine Fire, Lavender Blue, Luminescent Green, Luminescent White, Oracle Clear. Please select your other choice for wrapping HERE.