Sananda addressing the October 5, 2010 teleconference:


"Greetings Beloved Family!  It is I Sananda, and I come to be with you, and I assure you that we are all here with you in this moment, in this moment of coming together for single purpose, which is to empower Joy and Love and safety upon the Planet, and most particularly upon the Humans, who are not feeling those high feelings that we share.  And so it is for us to share with them, and for us to send the Light of Love, indeed the Light of the Divinity We Are, coming together in Beauty, in Service, and in the Love, and the connections of the Heart that we share with each other.


"And so Ashtar has given you the picture, the overview, and all of the helps that you, together, as one and as individuals, and as the One We All are can give to these ones who either don't know of their own Divinity, or who have some fears, and some fear-based programs going on within them.  And so we ask that you take a breath or two.  Just relax.  And come together.  Join hands in a circle.  And we are all here.  And there is such a Light coming up that it becomes impossible to say who's who in this circle.  You are truly in your Light Bodies now, joining with us as one great Light.


"And we are above the Earth in one of the ships, the silver birds.  And know that there is a grand window in the floor, and as we soar above Planet Earth, and indeed go around and around, so that we can see all of the Planet, the Light we are shining, shines down and is magnified through this window as a lens, a crystalline lens of magnification.  And so our Hearts are willing, and we give intent together to lift up everyone who are experiencing the vibrations which are low, of depression, and upset, and anger, and fear.


"And let this Love Light shine down upon the entire Planet, and all upon the Planet.  And let it be a signal, a beacon to the Light Workers who are there, that they may turn up their own Lights, that they may hold out their hands and join us in this grand circle of Love, and that we may together totally Light up anywhere that is dark.


"Anywhere there is despair, anywhere that does not seem loving or safe - let the people in the countries which are at war feel the Peace of this Love in their Hearts and in their minds, and let them be reprogrammed with Peace - evermore.  And let those leaders who have worn the dark hats see and feel the warmth and the Joy of this Love, this Light.  And invite them to take off those hats, and be One with the people, and to stop leading them into senseless wars.


"And let the churches join together in acknowledgment of the Divinity of all, all life.  And let them stop saying that only they are the true believers.  And let them all join together and rejoice at finding their own Divinity.  And let those who have been blocking the abundance flowing forth from the Bank of St.Germain, let them stand down.  Let them join the Light, and let them join the Love, and put a new message out, a program, the Light is invincible!  The Light of Love shines over and within all!  Nothing can stop it!  And the Light brings a new way, a new lifestyle to Planet Earth. It is the way of the ancients. It is the way of Lemuria.  It is the way of Peace and Love, Compassion and Kindness; the hands reaching out to help others to lift up in Joy; the giving without thought of receiving, just the giving, and the Joy that it brings.


"And the lifestyle of the higher dimensions comes into more of the consciousness of Planet Earth with this Light, with this Love.  And those who have been experiencing such deep unhappiness, let them open their Hearts, and open their Crowns, and open their entire fields of energy to receive this Light, and let them lift up with it, because we are calling it forth.


"We give full permission from our Divine selves; we call it forth; we co-create it so.  So now we are joined with all of the Planet, with all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, with all of the realms of the Angels, and the Elementals, and the Masters, and the Ascended Ones who have gone before, and the Beings of Light.  And we come together in this grand gathering.


"And we welcome each other, and we know in our sacred Hearts, in the depths and heights of our being without a doubt, there is no, no more of these programs that will influence those who allow the Light to shine throughout, that there is Joy to experience, and that we have opened the path for those would come up onto the road of Ascension.  They have free will, of course.  Everyone whom we are addressing in this gathering has free will, but we have sent the Love Light everywhere.  We have shown them, and asked them to open to feel and receive the blessings of their own Divinity.


"And so as we stand in circle joined, observing the Earth, see how much brighter it is.  See how well lit it is.  See that there is no dark place anywhere.  And feel the Love and the Light within yourselves, Beloved Family.  For we have come together, and we have created together this great shining, this great outpouring, this great sending of the Light.  And now like so many candles, the Lights burn all over Beloved Planet Earth, and many more have already come onto the high road of Ascension.  And many more will come as this Light continues to shine.


"Thank you, Beloved Ones!  My Mother stands with me, and we offer you the Roses of Kumara to take once more into your hearts.  Notice that these are a special color, notice that these are of Light, and how brightly they shine for all, all of us, Beloved Ones.  And you who have come to participate in this mission, and those who will come and join, take your Roses, smell them, feel their velvety softness, and take them into your heart, and let the entire Universe know that you were here, and that you have risen to this occasion as you have been asked to do.  You are so wondrous!  You are so loved!  And we all thank each other.  Feel the Love, feel the hugs, and continue to shine bright.  And so it is!  Namaste!"



"Well, I'm still feeling the Love, and the Lights of all of you.  It is I, Sekhmet, lower in volume than usual, but nevertheless high, so let's just take a moment or two to breathe in all of this Love, all of this Light.  We're going to end on a real joyful note.*  So you might want to get your dancing shoes on, because we're going to be there in a moment.  Thank you, arrrh,  Beloved Ones for the empowerment that you brought to this mission!  Thank you for those yet to come and let us thank each other with lots of hugs.  And let us return to this circle whenever we so desire.  The circle is perpetual.  The circle is Light, and Love, and Divine. 


"Well, let's start feeling the Joy, shall we?  I've got my dancing shoes on, and I've got my favorite partner with me, you know the Froggie.*  So we're just going to turn it over.  And thank you all for being with us in this grand outpouring of Heart and Mind and Divine Love.  And so it is!  We Are!  Namaste!"


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, October 5, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.


* The song Joy To The World by Three Dog Night: 

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