WHAT THIS IS:  I am now offering personal discussions with Ashtar, somewhat like the readings with him which I used to do.  This is an opportunity for you to bring your problems, challenges and "roadblocks" to talk about with him.  Ashtar offers ideas and inspirations which are divinely practical and doable, and they are also supportive of your taking charge of your lifestyle.  He is here to partner with us, and he can uplift your spirits so that you feel your own empowerment!
WHAT THIS IS NOT:  It's not about "fortunetelling," and neither is it to "fix" you.  It is rather to support you in identifying where you are NOW and to assist you in clearing your path to where you have passion to go!  It will not be a meditation - but it will be High Vibe!
DETAILS:  These discussions will last approximately one hour, and the payment will be $150.00.  They will begin at 2:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time.  We will use our conference call line, which you can connect with by cell phone, landline, skype or VOIP (a computer access skype-like program offered by the conference call company).  This will enable the recording of your session, and afterward we will send you the link to access this audio and download to your computer.
"I had a very lovely, fascinating, and loving conversation with Ashtar today, and have no doubt that I will want to hear (the recording) many, many times."  1/27/17, M.P., CA  
"I am grateful to have been guided to connect more deeply with Lord Ashtar it was truly necessary and has given me a new focus and purpose. Thank you!"  L.Z., Illinois, USA
"My experience with Beloved Ashtar was one of the greatest joyful and uplifting times of my life. His energy was pure love and light. All positive! He told me how to approach people to help waken and tell then you see only "Good and Love" in them & etc. I recommend everyone to have this loving experience with Ashtar. Thank you Beloved Ashtar"  R.G. Utah
"The time I had with Ashtar was wonderful to put it mildly. It is hard to put a word to how I feel. I am so grateful for the opportunity and for everything you do to bring him to us...he gave me the most beautiful gift that anyone could ever give me and that is the gift of love."  D.W., California, USA
"My call with Ashtar was very uplifting and he answered my questions thoroughly and gave much information to guide me. I do want to share something specific he said as it applies to all of us. 'We do not require a level of perfection in all of your expressions... Humans do imperfect things and it is to love yourself as a perfect child of your Creator, who might do something imperfect in the physical world you inhabit.' Oh, what a relief that is!"  V.T., Arizona, USA
PLEASE NOTE: At this moment, I do not see these sessions continuing much longer, and I will schedule them on a "first come, first served" basis.  All registrations will be honored! When you register, you can indicate whether you prefer a Thursday or Friday for your session, and I will email you to schedule your appointment.
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