"I Am Still with You,
and We're Moving into
The Golden Age!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
November 22, 2016


"I am the President that you know as JFK.  This music, this song which you have just heard* was indeed divinely inspired and, furthermore, it is the telling of the dream which I held in my Heart, in my vision, not just for the United States of America, but for the entire World.

"Now, that dream has been delayed in coming.  I grant you that.But the world was not quite ready.  There were still too many whose Hearts had not turned to Love, to Peace.  And so it has been necessary for further dramas to be enacted upon the World's stage, in order that more and more of Humanity would see and know the Truth, in order that more and more would come to the realization that the only answer is Peace!!!  War is an illusion.  It is an untruth.  It does not solve anything.  It only creates more war, more suffering, more innocents being grievously hurt or killed.

"And so I and my Brothers held that vision, that dream, and I was making those who were in opposition to it so nervous that they attempted – and I emphasize 'attempted' - to snuff out my candle, the Light that I brought to the World .  They did not understand that I had help from our Star Brothers and Sisters.And so I was taken up onto their ships while what you call a 'clone' was put in my place.

"And so I can say in ancient Lemurian terms, 'Ho'oponopono' to you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters for whatever suffering, whatever grieving you may have experienced on that day -November 22nd in your year 1963.  Since then, I have been in preparation.  I have been working with many, many who have come to be in council, to observe, to oversee and, yes, to assist in moving Planet Earth further into the Higher Realms of Light - to awaken more and more to that Light, to that destiny, that destination, the Homecoming - and to recreate, if you will, a Planet Earth as it was in the beginning days of Lemuria, a place of Peace, a place of Enlightenment, of Joy - all inspired and created from Love!

"And so, even though my legacy of bringing the World more toward Peace might seem to have been put out on the day - that day in Dallas, that day specifically chosen for its numerological meanings - it was really an empowerment day for the Light!  And if you doubt that, go back and look at the pictures of all the candles that were lit all over the World.  That Light was multiplied as never before and it continues to multiply in all of you!!!  And I, myself, rejoice in that LoveLight that was shared that day - and continues to increase in every moment that passes - and I assure you that when NESARA is announced - oh, yes, I helped with that, from behind the scenes, or you might say from above the scenes - I shall be there with each and every one of you on that grand day of that Announcement!!!  And then we shall enter together into the next phase of our work, which is building the World of Divine Governance!

"So for now, Beloved Star Sisters and Brothers, Earth Sisters and Brothers, and all beings of LoveLight and all of the other Kingdoms, below, on and above Planet Earth - for now let us join together in sharing the Light, creating the visions, and moving ahead together on the road into the Golden Age!!!  For that is the destiny which I contributed to bringing forth in my 'official' lifetime, and which I continue with all my Heart to assist in coming forth.  Join with me and let us bring it forth, and let us enter the Golden Age together in the Light of the Love We Are!!!

"And I thank you, Beloved Fellow Light Workers for lighting your candles and keeping them lit all this time, because the Light is continual!  It may not be put out and it is not to be distracted by all of the faults and illusionary stories of low vibration.  It is to keep focused on this Light, that we together are increasing, with our Love and our dedication!

"And so, my Fellow Citizens of the World, I thank you for your attention, and for your continuing commitment to that for which we have passion and dedication and, most of all, the Heartfelt Love providing the energies along our road to the Golden Age. And so it is, I say unto you, Namaste!  And I thank you, from my Heart to yours!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 22, 2016. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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