JFK: Celebrate 11-22!

JFK addressing the November 17, 2009 teleconference:


"My fellow citizens of the world, it is that time again on the calendar when you recognize and remember the date of 11-22-63.  I AM the one that you call JFK, and I come with great joy in my heart and great reverence for all of you.  While it is true that at the place where I was, or shall we say my representative, was buried in the body, there is a flame upon that grave which never goes out.  I AM Eternal, I AM that flame.  And each of you has a flame within your hearts and that flame has never gone out.  You are Eternal and so is your flame.  I am here standing one step away from the stage and while I may be regarded as a spirit, I am happily in existence, just in a slightly different dimensional place than where I left from. 


"It has always been my intention to return, and while it is a few earth years past the original date when I would return, nevertheless, I AM fully prepared.  It might be a bit shocking, particularly to those of you who were alive on that 11-22 day, a day which, by the way, was chosen by those you are calling the dark hats because of its significance, because there was another 11-22 wherein they created an institution to solidify their power, in Jekyll Island in the state of Georgia.  And so when they had a plan and I got elected President and it seemed to be about to unravel their plans and uncreate that institution, they made a plot – an assassination plot.  But because there were those from higher realms who could see what was in store, I was assisted and facilitated in being guided away from that scene. 


"There were already in existence more than one double, or clone, if you wish to call it that, that is a more accurate term, and there was a substitution made.  And so on that day I was already taken to a place of safety, a sanctuary, if you will.  I have been following world events ever since then.  I have been blessed to be in assistance, particularly to world leaders, who have been besieged, overcome and overwhelmed and in some cases removed from their offices, in order to benefit those who would take over the countries.  And so it is that I am happy to say that there is a resurgence coming when other leaders like myself who have been removed will be coming back for reunions, and this will all be quite joyful and quite wondrous indeed.  


"And so I invite you to celebrate on 11-22 and to continue the celebrations right on through the Thanksgiving holidays and to celebrate with the entire world that which is reality.  And so I send to you greetings from all of those of us who are in guidance, from all of those of us who are in counselorship, and from all of those of us who are waiting to take our place among the world leaders and counselors on Planet Earth as she makes her Ascendance into the higher realms of being.  Thank you, my fellow citizens, keep your candles burning bright and know that our time of togetherness is now.  Good evening."


Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcription.


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