Living Flame Nov 22


"..The Flame that was lit for me is for all of us.."

              The Living Flame at JFK gravesite, Arlington National Cemetary


Guest Speaker at the November 14th Ashtar Teleconference:


"My fellow Americans, I am the one that you knew as a president.  Some of you have come upon the planet in your current bodies after I left.  I am the one you so affectionately have called 'JFK.'  And I too am feeling the emotions of my being here.  Nevertheless, the time is now.


"You may have heard that some of us who have served in this country of the United States, as well as other countries around the world in high offices of government, are back to assist and facilitate in these changes, that are a part of that which you call the Ascension Process. 


"I shall begin with a clarification, or perhaps a validation, of that information which you already know.  There were groups involved in what you call my assassination upon the planet.  The truth was covered.


"Indeed it was one of many cover-ups which occurred, and which had been quite prevalent in the Americas, because it has been happening in the United States, and in Canada, and in Mexico, and in other countries where the United States has intervened in order to follow an agenda that was contrary to the will of the people.


"Now the reasons for my leaving were somewhat complex, and I will assure you that I was in contract, as is every human, everyone who comes in to occupy a human body.  And I will also tell you that it was not the first lifetime that I had been here.  I had other lifetimes, which are not necessary for this conversation. 


"And this is a two-way conversation.  I am feeling the love and the honoring coming from you.  And I can only tell you that I have infinite love and honoring for all of you.  And so I shall continue.  There were reasons for my leaving. 


"The country as a whole was not quite ready for the messages that were coming out at that time.  You recall the flower children with their messages of Love and Peace.  The country as a whole needed to come together in recognition that change was needed.


"And while I shall not compare myself to the grand teacher you call Jesus the Christ, Beloved Sananda, I will say that my leaving was a wakeup call, was it not?   Oh I know that some of you went back to sleep after those years, but you are wide awake now.  And what is very, very wonderful is that the world is wide awake now.


"Finally, and in not so many years as time goes, the world is awake.  Now I was prepared to bring forth some new ways of doing things, which would have dis-empowered those, who did not want to give up their power, and we shall leave it at that. Truth, and more of it, shall be coming forth.


"My reason for accepting your invitation to be here, is that I have an anniversary coming up, and I would ask you to treat this anniversary as a celebration of the awakening, not only of this country, of the United States of America, which I love, as you do, but an awakening for the entire world.


"And so if you shed tears on that day, let them be tears of joy, not of grief.   The flame that was lit for me is for all of us.  That flame burns even now, but an even brighter flame is burning in all of your hearts.  It’s always been there.  And it is the flame that you can light for yourselves, and then you can assist others in that lighting.


"Come together, Beloved Ones, and join hands, as we join hearts, as we enter together, even more into the bright, and beautiful world, that has come out of the darkness, and fully into the light.  It is the time.  There were others you remember, at this time of the year, simply because you remember me.


"They’re all here; my brothers, my sisters, beloved Dr. King, all of those who went to areas where freedom was not burning brightly, and helped to create great change; Rosa Parks, your forefathers, who came and helped to create this country, and it was the ideals upon which this country was founded.


"It is the Constitution; it is the Declaration of Independence, which live on.  It is the flame in Lady Liberty’s torch, which is burning brighter, and brighter, as you continue to create this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world.


"And even as once I said, and was joined by all of you my fellow Americans. 'Ich bin ein Berliner!'  I now join you in saying, 'We are citizens of this beautiful, beautiful Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius upon planet Earth.'  The United States stands forth ready.   The United States joins hands with all neighbors around the world, and together we move forward into this grand, grand time. 


"And so we are here in company with you, in oneness with you, and in absolute awe of who you are, and of what we are accomplishing together.  Never doubt that you have the power to do so, and never doubt that everything you do is of critical importance in this effort.


"Let us go forth together, and answer that question.  We shall answer the question, and indeed already are, of what we can do for the world.  I thank you very much for inviting me to be with you.  We join in Love, we join in Peace, and we join in Truth.


"Bless us all, as we bless each other.  And so it is.  Truth shines, and we are indeed that Truth, and we are indeed that Light shining.  And we shall continue from here.  There shall be no set-backs upon our path.  Liberty and Freedom for all are a fact.  We live it, we support it, we extend it, and we enjoy it.  Thank you, thank you all, Beloved Family, Beloved Commanders in the Ashtar Command, and Beloved Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth."


Excerpt from Ashtar Teleconference November 14, 2006


© Susan Leland 2006.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.