Sekhmet & JFK - 11-22-11


Sekhmet: "...we have a guest speaker, who is most honored, most revered, and yes, in some part misunderstood, in some parts sensationalized for events, or parts, of his life that really were not the gifts that he came here to give. And so it is that we invite him to step forward, and to bless us, and greet us with the Light of the Age that is Golden, the Age of Christ Consciousness, the Age of Awakening, powered or empowered even more than in his previous visits by the energies which have been coming in and continue, and by the great shifts and the awakenings of the consciousness of Planet Earth.


"And make no mistake, his words shall be heard by all of us who are listening in this group, and they shall move out Worldwide and beyond, because as the words are spoken, they are carried on the waves - the waves of Love and the waves of Truth. And so I, Sekhmet, shall return for the Exercise, but I am most honored to move aside, so that the one that you know and honor, as President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, may come forward and share his message with all. I shall return!"


President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: "My fellow citizens of the World, and yes, of the Galaxy and beyond, because it is time for you to start reaching beyond the scope of Planet Earth, and to see what I see, which is Citizens of the Galaxy, and beyond. I know it is difficult with all that is happening upon Planet Earth right now. If you follow the mainstream news media, it seems as though there are war zones on practically every street corner of some kind or other.


"The World has become most violent, and this is a part of the shaking up which is going on. It isn't that these things have not gone on before - it is just that they are happening more. Some people are so out of balance that when these energies come, they respond in a war-like manner.


"Some people, beings who are not very Light, and who do not want to be beings of Light, are responding in panic, and they are trying to tighten their grip, even as their grip is literally being pried loose by the white hats, the White Knights, the various dedicated groups, whether their focus is environment, or clean energy, or healing, or simply just having enough food - and good food, uncontaminated, non-toxic food for the World.


"All, all of these are absolutely necessary to focus upon and more, because the clean-up job is immense, but it is in progress, and that is the good news, and we have so many helpers! I myself have been in residence in a higher dimension upon not just one, but more than one of the ships, and I came there because it was seen what was to happen on that day in 1963, of November twenty-second.


"There had been already a major sharing of technologies from the Grays and others, primarily with the governments and controlling ones, dark hats - military, secret governments as they are called - and this had been going on for years. And when President Eisenhower left his office we had an opportunity to converse, and he told me things that were most chilling.


"Here I was young, enthusiastic - I made quite a reputation for myself as a thinker, a doer, and a bringer of fresh ideas. 'Happy Days,' that's what I was bringing. And I and my family moved into the White House, and as I was preparing to move there and before my inauguration, I had an opportunity to find out something of what was going on behind the scenes, and I formulated some plans.


"But, I had to proceed slowly, just as President Obama does today - and make no mistake, he is of the Light, he always has been. There are those who are trying to instill fear in the hearts of the people about him, and they are lying. There are those who are spending a lot of money to get others to tell the lies. And this is being balanced out even as I speak, because injustice cannot prevail forever. It is against the higher laws of the Universe, and it certainly has to be balanced out before the Ascension of the Consciousness of this Planet takes place.


"So there is pandemonium, there is chaos, there is panic, there is fear. And there is great awakening, and great Love pouring forth, so much so, so much so, that it is lighting up even the darkest corners of this Planet!


"So as I was saying, I came into the Office of the President of the United States knowing more at the beginning of that presidency than I had known during my campaign days. And even though - yes, I was young, and somewhat adventurous, and somewhat of a personality, which let us just say I was very creative, and I was very operational in my creative centers in all respects of my lifestyle - I had deep abiding Love for this country, and for the World. And I saw, as did St. Germain, the opportunity for this country to be the leader in turning things around, because things were already spiraling out of balance rapidly. There was a war going on in Vietnam. There was greed on the part of the bankers and others who had been exercising control.


"And those who were actually putting themselves in seats of control over the governments of the countries, were wanting to do things, such as open up drug trade, which they did do in Southeast Asia, and then in South America, and in other countries Worldwide. They took what had been going on anyway, and made it blossom into a Worldwide, most destructive business.


"I knew about that, and I knew that the war in Vietnam needed to stop, and I knew that I was there to direct all of my efforts into Peace, and keeping the Peace, and I knew that in order to do I must dis-empower the ones who were controlling things. And of course, then as now, money was the major instrument by which they were able to exercise such control, and I promise you the control that they had then is nothing compared to what they have enjoyed since then, but nevertheless it was powerful.


"Now they thought that in me they had a playboy, born into wealth and privilege, with political savvy, the ability to write and publish. I would have been most likely a professor of history, and I would have written prolifically about historical figures, because that was what I was most interested in as far as my pastimes, passionate pastimes, were concerned, my fields of interest. But I came from a family which had the drive, the ambition, and the money, to have a son as president.


"That was my brother Joe, but when he passed, it fell to me, and so I was groomed for the Presidency of the United States, and I have to say that it was not entirely against my will. In fact, I had enthusiasm for it, and I had the support of my younger brothers and sisters - my sisters and their husbands. I had the support of family, and it all seemed like a fairy tale come true, until I got into the office, and I realized the enormity of what needed to be done. And yes, I made some mistakes, some errors in judgment. I believed I had a passion for Freedom, and I honestly believed that I was going to help Cuba to throw off a dictator, who had thrown off a dictator, but who was himself quite cruel to his own people in some respects.


"And I gave orders which resulted in people being killed, but I quickly saw that I needed to take a different track, a track of Peace, a track of strengthening Peace. And to do that, I signed an executive order to end the Federal Reserve Bank - and thus the control of the banking families - and to put the United States dollar back on the gold standard, which I felt would help not only the United States, but would lead the World into more stable economies, and when you have stable economy, you have not just happy people, but you have Freedom -Freedom for people to live as they choose, to get educations, to enjoy life. You have freedom for people to express their thoughts!


"And if you recall, there was the 'cold war' going on at the time, where the opposite of Freedom was epitomized by what was called communism. Well it turns out that there were hands behind the scenes, running the capitalist countries and the communist countries. I was not able to stay in the Presidency long enough to do all that I and my brothers and my sisters and their families were committed to. Yes, there are still Kennedys visible today.


"When my son, John Jr. - who had risen to some prominence as his own identity when he was a publisher of a magazine which had influence - was going to run for the United States Senate from the State of New York, his plane was shot down by those who did not want to see him rise to any prominence, or position of empowerment within the government, because he would have been a candidate for President.


"When my brother, Robert - who knew and had to work with the ones who were behind my assassination attempt, and others in the government and beyond - who knew everything that I knew, looked as though he might have an opportunity to win the Presidency, well you know what happened to him.


"But on that day of November twenty-second, as I mentioned earlier, the technology from the, shall we say more scientifically advanced civilizations, had been shared with enough on Planet Earth, enough of the residents of Planet Earth, and among this technology was the science, or art of cloning, and a clone was put in my place. But, of course, I had to disappear.


"So I am coming through now to tell you that I have been in observation. I have been in meetings, secret meetings with some, including Obama. l have been educating myself, and looking forward with a knowing - a certainness, a belief if you will - that all of you would become such bright Lights, would amplify your Lights so much, that you would be as those candles in the darkness, and that eventually you would be so bright that all of these situations and events, and all of this greed that has driven these ones, these dark ones, to such lengths to commit such atrocities, would end!


"I know as I have known always, that it is within the humans of Planet Earth - well, human Star Seeds - to rise above, to light your Lights, and to bring about a raise in the consciousness which would literally propel you into the homecoming that is so deserved, and has been so long awaited! I honor you, Beloved Fellow Citizens, and I salute you for your Courage, your Persistence, and your Perseverance in carrying on, and in bringing forth even more than I dared to dream. With the Love of the Divine Ones We All Are, we shall move even farther into the Light, which is Love, and we shall be united, not just in a moment here or there, but for all time as One - One Great Heart, One Great Mind, One Great Love!!!


"So, I say to you, thank you, thank you infinitely and beyond mere words, for coming together on this great day. Let your Hearts express the Courage that is there. Let your Hearts be open to share the Oneness, and the Love that We All Are. And remember that I am with you in my Heart, in my Mind, and in all that I Am, still in service, walking with you along this great path. And so it is for all time. Thank you!"


Sekhmet: "Well! Did you feel the connection? And what was not said was that those who conspired to do this deed are now finding - whether they are still in body or not - they are finding that the lid has come off. There is more Truth to be told. And yes, there will names to be named, because some of them are still in body, but that matters not! Forgive all!


"Thank this man of Courage, and thank all who were involved in any way in his lifetime. And the Truth that we have to share is the Truth of Oneness. There are sometimes events in the World which are so horrific, that even though there is tragedy, cruelty, and evidence, very, very, compelling that somebody is wanting to harm, to intimidate, to control, and to create fear - here is evidence which has been mentioned before that when these events occur, what happens to the consciousness of Planet Earth is that it is raised. It is raised into a high vibration of Oneness. It is on the same wavelength so to speak. Great despair and grief can do that for an entire Planet, so much so that the overwhelming majority of beings upon the Planet come together in that Oneness. And from there they co-create a higher vibration for the entire Planet, and all of the Kingdoms!


"Fortunately these events of such proportion, of such empowerment as this, do not come often, but when they do, there is a result which is truly the opposite of those who have created these events -the opposite of what they have wanted to create. And you can view these events such as November twenty-second,1963, such as nine-eleven, 2011, and others such as the weather catastrophes and disasters - where many, many, lives have been lost - and you can take this as the sun shining through the clouds, if you wish, as the candles being lit in the dark.


"It is no accident that upon the grave of the one known as President JFK that there is a flame that was lit that burns today, because that, Beloved Ones, was divinely inspired as a message to the World. You cannot put out that kind of Love - you can dim it at times when there is so much disaster and despair in the World - you cannot put it out, because the Light of Love is eternal!!! And so it is!"



Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
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