St Germain:

"Golden Age Information
and Preparation!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

September 13, 2016

"Greetings!  I am St Germain.  And I stand before you now to shed some Light, as it were, upon some Truths - and some untruths.  I know that you are all so anxious, so willing to be citizens in the Golden Age on Planet Earth and beyond.  And I assure you, that's all real.  There is nothing untrue about what we have told you lies within the Golden Age, waiting for Humanity of Planet Earth to claim it.  For the Reality is that it has already started!  

"It is already real or, I shall say, a part of Reality.  It is simply that there is a bit more to travel to be fully into it.  And when I say 'travel,' I am speaking of along the Path into the Golden Age - a bit more activity to take place, and accomplishments or progress, but they are well along the way.  And as Ashtar has just said, the dominoes are falling so rapidly they are somewhat like unto a blur!*

"So I shall begin by reaffirming, of course, the Reality of NESARA. Its purpose is to bring Divine Governance.  And we are speaking of everything from Self-Governance - operating fully within each and every human who chooses to be a part of the Golden Age and all that that brings forth, and extending out unto all of Planet Earth itself.  And by the example of Planet Earth, it shall go out through the Solar System and beyond!!!

"There are many starseed societies which are to follow, but the Divine Governance of NESARA originates here, and more specifically in the United States of America.  Now the benefits of NESARA are not just for this particular country, but are to go out Worldwide.  But the Law of NESARA was initiated - and actually written and made Law - in this particular country which I inspired the founding of!

"I knew the World was still in turmoil back then, in what you call the 1700's.  And I knew that there would be many struggles and yes, wars, to get to the place of this Now moment, as you measure time.   However, we are here, most Beloved and Honored Ones!  We are here, for you have stood fast - and so we stand here together!!!

"And, yes, there is a way more to go before the Golden Age becomes officially announced.  It will be upon the Announcement of NESARA because, you see, the Golden Age Lifestyle will be activated by NESARA's Announcement!  And while it will take some time - not a lot, and everyone will start feeling the benefits of NESARA immediately - as Hearts open and the true nature of the NESARA Law is realized and felt, in every Heart and throughout every being - yes, there will be some time.

"Now, I wish to pause for a moment and tell you that originally it was foreseen that these so-called humanitarian programs would be founded – and there are seventy-some of them under my auspices - wherein funds would be distributed to those who volunteered to initiate programs that would take care of all aspects of life on Planet Earth.  And when I say 'take care of,' I'm talking about from start to finish - Love-based or Heart-based programs so that everyone could enjoy the Golden Age Lifestyle; so that everyone could enjoy clean air and earth and water; so that everyone would have shelter, food and the ability to be free to live the Lifestyles that they have Passion for.  Whether it is to travel or to stay in one place makes no difference; it is living in Passion, because that in itself is uplifting, and a very important part in making progress upon the Ascension Path!!!  And those kinds of opportunities will become available to everyone, very soon after NESARA's Announcement!

"Now, those original humanitarian programs which people volunteered for, mostly in the 1990's somewhere along the way -they are very much alive!  And there will be funds distributed to those who have been holding the vision for doing humanitarian works.  Everyone else - whether they receive humanitarian funds or not - is scheduled to receive ample distributions from my bank, and I'm going to do some talking about numbers momentarily.

"But I also want to say this.  People wearing dark hats, or who have no thought of receiving the humanitarian project funds for themselves to use on behalf of the World or their communities - in other words in order to initiate humanitarian projects - may not necessarily get what the other recipients will get.  But this does not mean that they will be left destitute, not at all! Depending upon their individual intentional consciousness, exactly what will happen is going to be up to them.

"However, there are going to be universally applied benefits, including monetary benefits!!!  So everyone will have opportunities - for instance, free college education, free medical care, and it's not going to be by paying taxes - not by paying taxes upon your income and those kinds of taxes.There will be a flat rate which will be applied to new non-essential items.  So everybody can go to the grocery store and not pay tax on their food that they need, for instance.

"Those who wear the dark hats, well, they may find themselves moving into some other area.  Perhaps they may have some accountability to work through.  Perhaps they will go to another planet where they can continue to live in their 3D world of deception, and as our Beloved Masters,** our news reporters, have said, they can play with the dinosaurs, for instance.

"There are many options open!   Now, you have heard recently about filling in papers and answering questions and so on and so on, and turning your names in to apply to receive funds, and that is not necessary.  You are all known and you will receive humanitarian projects funds if you have a humanitarian project to do - even if you did not get into the programs in the 1990's!!!  It may not be right away upon NESARA's Announcement, but you will receive.  And everyone, except the darkest of dark hats, will receive post-NESARA distributions and benefits!

"But this very recent one or more programs that have come into the – well, I won't say the news media, but they have been circulating around in most recent times - have been initiated by the dark hats in order to collect names, because they still live in the unreality that they can steal funds from those who receive. It’s not going to happen!!!  That illusionary dream of theirs has been canceled, but still it is to be cautious and to be discretionary.

"And believe me, when you get a packet notifying you of your humanitarian project funds, you will be receiving instructions about being very quiet, and non-disclosure, and so on and so on.And it is for your protection and it is to keep the funds flowing in the direction that they're intended to flow in, without any disruptions or undue disturbances to you who are - after all, what you might call the CEO's of your projects.  And CFO's, if you like those abbreviated or acronym kinds of descriptions of what you call job descriptions.That's right!

"So relax!  Envision your projects, or just envision yourselves living the Lifestyle.  Perhaps you have worked so hard you want to rest, you want to relax, you might want to go to what you call these spas and en-Joyyour post-NESARA distribution funds, and you will have them to do that with.  Not everybody has to initiate a humanitarian project.  But for those of you who have come to do that, most of you are already aware that you're here for that purpose!

"And be assured that I and the Company of Light are with you, and that success is yours to be enjoyed on the very Highest Levels of your beings!!! And it is to be happy, and to be excited, and to know that if an obstacle pops up, it is only to give you the experience and the upliftment of moving right on through it like it doesn't even exist - as an example of a way to deal with obstacles - because that is the High Dimensional Golden Age way of life!

"Now, I'm going to crunch some numbers and I have a reason and purpose in this.  And I use that term purposefully because 'crunch, crunch, crunch,' here they go!  You may have heard some numbers about the post-NESARA distributions.  I can neither confirm nor deny that this is exactly what each individual human will be receiving when the moment comes, because numbers change.  However, the number that is most generally known, based upon the distribution of the one with 40 zeros after it - which is called onequattuordecilliondollars - that’s 10 million dollars per individual.  That’s a lot of money!

"But wait just a minute!  NESARA calls for a 90% reduction in costs within 30 days or so of its Announcement.  So what that means is that after 30 days, that $10 million will buy what is the equivalent of another zero - one hundred million dollars!  Can you imagine spending - as in this example - that much money?  Well, you'll have lots to spend.  And so those of you who don't have any humanitarian projects in mind now, and if you don't by the time NESARA is announced, that's perfectly fine!  You're going to get wealth and abundance, and the benefits of NESARA will start rolling out immediately as I have stated, and it will take some time for everyone to get their millions, but it will happen.

"So it may be that, as you proceed to enjoy the Lifestyle after NESARA's Announcement, you might decide to engage in some kind of a humanitarian project, perhaps form a group within your community or reach across what remains of borders to get together with people from other parts of the World - or beyond. You see?  So don't limit yourselves, and don't put yourselves into a category of, 'Oh, boohoo!  I'm not going to get any humanitarian project funds because I didn't put in for it in the 1990's.' Because I'm telling you, they're available to anyone who has a humanitarian project to do.  Just when you'll get them?  No dates!Just how much you'll get?  Those numbers are in flux so I cannot 'crunch' them for you.  I can only tell you that this isthe Reality after NESARA's Announcement!

"One other point, since we're crunching numbers.  It is very likely that those of you who have engaged in these currency programs - despite what I and Ashtar and others of The Mentors have told you - who are hanging on to the dinars and the dongs and so on and so on, you might be jeopardizing your post-NESARA funds.  There will be a total revaluation of all currencies, backed by gold and other precious metals, which will have the same value Worldwide.

"This means the currencies will have the same value Worldwide. Do you really want to take a chance on risking your post-NESARA distributions as I have just described they might be for, let us say, 10,000 or even 100,000 dinars, which will be worth 10,000 or 100,000 dollars?I'll leave that up to you.  It's your choice.  I am only telling you some potentials.  These numbers are not engraved in stone.  These are potentials and I will emphasize that.Do not start sending a billion emails out about numbers.I only ask that you consider what they could be.

"Oh, I know, some of you are going to send out emails anyway. Well, I am telling you right now, nothing is engraved in stone, except that these currencies that you have invested in - because somebody listened to somebody and somebody sent out some emails and somebody is still sending emails about this so-called 'RV Intel,' - and I can tell you right now if you get an email that talks about 'RV Intel,' it would be wise to remove yourselves from those lists, but that's up to you.

"But if you're hanging on to them, the one thing that is 'engraved in stone' as I have just said, is that they are blood.  They are blood money and the energy of blood money, the energies of war and oppression, attacks, genocide - those are very low vibrations.So if you're hanging on to these things, you might want to consider getting rid of them, so as not to have that energy anywhere in your space, in your energy fields, in your homes, your little bank boxes or whatever.  Come up to the High Vibrations!  We have been telling you for some time to clear out whatever are low vibrations and that includes blood money, Beloved Ones.  You are not condemned, you are not judged to be any less perfect than anyone else.  I will say that you are all the Perfect Children of our Creator as am I, as is every Being in our Universe!!!  But what you do with your ability to live your individuality and to express it - that is very much your own responsibility!

"And no matter where you live, and no matter what laws may be oppressive that you are living under, you all have that Freedom to express yourselves and to determine your own Paths.  I only remind you of this because I love you so very much, and because I see where Humanity is rising.  And you, Beloved Ones, are rising with it!

"So, give yourselves every, everyopportunity to continue on the High Path to enjoy the Golden Age and all that it holds for you, because it is a Divine Destination.  It is a major, major part of your Homecoming!  So enter into it free of whatever dark programs you might be carrying, or attachments, or belief systems that you're somehow less worthy than anyone else.  You deserve all of the abundance in all areas - and not just money - that the Universe has for you!!!

"So accept that as your Reality.  Shine your Lights even brighter and be True Lightworkers, which means that you delete or clear yourselves of whatever low vibrations might be remaining within yourselves.  And remember, you are loved for all that you are! No matter where you are on your individual Paths, you are still One in your Higher Selves, your Higher Beings, in the LoveLight We All Are!

"So take this opportunity to take stock and see yourselves as we do, those of us who come to you from the Realms of Light.  And know how loved you are and how many gifts you have yet to claim, as you move Higher and Higher and Higher upon your own Paths and upon the Path we share together!  And so it is. Namaste!"

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Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 13, 2016.
Edited for clarity by Susan and St Germain
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