Saint Germain: 
"Unlimited Abundance is Yours
in the Golden Age!"


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

July 26, 2016

"Greetings to all in this audience - I greet you as a fellow Being of Light, of Love!  And I, Saint Germain, come to you to expand further upon what I spoke of in our last Gathering.*  And as I have said, most specifically to discuss a topic which is very close to all of you which is in your minds a great deal, and that is the topic of money, finance and, of course, Abundance.

"Now I shall begin by reviewing that which I have already told you, that, as we enter into the Golden Age - heralded by the Disclosure Announcements and most specifically in this particular context, by the Announcement of NESARA - every human upon Planet Earth shall be receiving funding in dollars, or whatever currency is the currency of where you live in the World!

"This is not just for the United States of America, even though NESARA was written into law in that country quite specifically. Because, when I inspired the founding of that country, it was based upon principles of Freedom for all - with what you might call High Dimensional Principles of Courage and Integrity and living a Lifestyle of Abundance, unfettered by those who would take some or all of that from you.

"It was to be a new beginning for the World and, of course it was -in principle!  Even today the principles shine forth, though, of course, they have been co-opted and usurped.  And the so-called 'Freedom' of the United States of America exists in your Hearts, but has not been the third dimensional reality in which you have lived, those of you who are citizens of that country.  And it has certainly not been the overall lifestyle where any of you have lived, anywhere on Planet Earth.

"But that's over, because that very Freedom, that Integrity, that High Dimensional lifestyle, that Courage to be able to express oneself truly and not have to hide from the police or the military or any organization - THAT IS OVER!!!  Oh, there are still remnants, but we are looking at the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, yes, as the music** so well expresses it – Harmony, Understanding and LOVE – the Age of Peace for all to enjoy!  And of course, as I have stated, the age of financial Abundance so you do not have to slave away at some job or other that you do not have passion for, that you do not enjoy, or that you might enjoy if you were working half the number of hours, and so on and so on.

"And there are many answers that are coming, but we do understand that having Abundance of financial wealth seems to be the pathway to this Lifestyle in the minds of all of you.  And why not?  This has been such a part of your lifestyles through all of these eons of time - wealth.  And so I have obliged by amassing so much wealth that it shall indeed be the physical foundation!

"But there is a great deal more to come.  However, I wish to make the point also that this wealth is resting upon a strong foundation of gold and other what you call 'treasures' which are untainted.  They are cleared.  They are freed to be High Dimensional so that as the wealth comes to you, it will be symbolized by paper currency - that is much easier than carrying a load of gold around in your pockets, is it not?

"You will know the difference between what you are using now, which is not backed for the most part.  There are some places in the World where it is, but in the United States of America and Canada and some other countries in the World - most other countries - it is backed by, hmm, well, let’s say, for example, the 'full faith and credit of the United States government,'Well, that's a good oxymoron, is it not?!  

"No, no, no, no!  We are talking about Higher Vibrations of money so that it can come into the Golden Age, because nothing that is of low, low, low vibrations is going to come in.  That's why you're hearing so much about the imminence of - and, in Truth, some of them have already occurred - a great number of the arrests.

"It is a way of saying that those who would spoil in any way the Path you have ordained for yourselves, your destiny, your Divine ability to truly live the Golden Age Lifestyle - they are being deterred from doing so.  We have that program well in hand as well.  It is for you to know and to energize with Love because it is to be in Forgiveness of all!

"Now, one other point I wish to make: In the Golden Age, regarding money, there will be no speculation.  Because when you invest or gamble, I shall say, on the ability of putting some money into some kind of a pot where it is going to make more money, you can either make more money or make less.

"Let us look at what you call your stock markets of the world. Some people invest and they count on the value of their stocks going up.  But they often lose to the real winners, the traders behind the scenes - the dark hats if you will, who bet on the value of the stocks going down.  This has happened in your famous Wall Street crash of 1929 and it brought about a world-wide depression, helping to set the stage for Hitler to rise to power, and Mussolini, and World War II.

"This is happening in countries all over the World.  It even happened on 9-11, I shall add, because there were a few - the creators of 9-11, the perpetrators - who bet against the airlines and the others who were directly affected by the events.  They made lots of money.

"What happened to the majority of the people, for instance who held stock in the airline companies, or who had invested their savings in Wall Street when the crash of 1929 came, and so on and so on all over the World - most of the investors lost. Is that not true?  Because when you have winners - this is in 3D -when you have winners you have losers.

"When one country goes to war against another and obtains some kind of a victory, well you have losers on both sides, but it is deemed that the country that emerges 'victorious' is the winner and the country that loses the war is deemed to be the loser. And the winner often punishes the losers with horrendous taxes to pay, dollars to pay, enslavements of other kinds.  And this is what has happened time and again in your World - this isn't going to happen anymore - and meanwhile, of course, the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings have made a lot of money, and you have millions of losers in your wars.

"What about your food industry?  Hmm, your corporations are making big, big dollars.  People are literally dying – it’s a genocidal effort on the part of big pharma and con agra.  And this is all over the World.  Look at Africa.  They have often been what you would term the 'guinea pigs' – whole entire villages and communities and areas of countries where these companies have gone in and tested their products.  Many thousands, many millions have died!

"So you see, the third dimension is not a very pretty picture overall as to what's been happening in the World.  And almost everyone in this audience has reason and purpose to feel as though they would like to have more Abundance coming to them.Well, let me tell you about Abundance in the Golden Age.  I have mentioned that these currencies will be backed by clean, clear funding.  And this is very important - it is to go in to the Golden Age without any of the low vibrations attached!!!

"And speaking of low vibrations, I have said this time and again. So has Ashtar, so have the Masters*** who bring you the A&A Reports and so on and so on.  You've heard it from many sources.If you have invested - in other words, gambled - on the various currencies to go up in value when NESARA is announced, understand that the energies of those currencies are very low vibrations.   They have been literally stolen from countries that have been invaded – dinars, dongs, zimbabwes, and this kind of activity has been going on for ages.  These currencies are stolen!

"And furthermore, their rightful owners, the people of the countries, have been mercilessly slaughtered by the millions.  So if you are hanging on to these kinds of 'investments' my best advice to you is divest yourselves of these low vibrational energies or as I will call it - I, Saint Germain, call them 'BLOOD MONEY!' 

"If you are comfortable with this, Beloved Ones, I have no judgment.  There is no judgment in the Universe on the part of the Beings of LoveLight.  We have only Love for you and we honor you on your Paths, but it is for you to decide.  And if you decide to divest yourselves of these, you will be bringing in that much more LoveLight into your energy fields!  And you have my assurance that you are going to receive an Abundance of funds from my bank – clean, High energy funds!  So please, give your Highest considerations to this and do as your Hearts tell you to do.

"Now, on into the Golden Age - how wonderful!  It's no accident we're calling it the Golden Age.  It is energized by the Golden White Light of Love or what we call the LoveLight.  It has absolutely unlimited opportunities for you to live your passions, to express yourselves as youtruly want to express yourselves, which is from your Hearts!  By the way, your Hearts are not only the Headquarters for your Love, but they are the Headquarters for your Courage!

"So dream your dreams and create your visions and live with them!!!  Bring them to mind, as Ashtar has said, whenever you get down - feeling a bit low, or even as he says, 'in the dumpies' -bring one of your visions up right in front of you.  You will have no limitations!  You can travel anywhere you choose to go, on Planet Earth or beyond.  You will be in a Paradise where you can have whatever kind of house or vehicles you choose, even unto vehicles that will take you from one place on Planet Earth to another almost instantaneously, and where you can go beyond if you choose to get out into space.  You might want to join us, or I shall say, rejoin -  those of you who are called to do so - the Ashtar Command!

"There will be plenty to do, no matter where you are, but the number one person, or citizen of Planet Earth for you to pay attention to, to nurture, to Love and to follow the Path of is, of course, you yourselves, each and every one of you!!!  And you will have absolute Freedom to do so.The kind of High Dimensional Freedom that is exciting, exhilarating, and at the same time peaceful - because you know that no one is going to come along and say, 'You can't go there,' or 'You can't get on this plane because you don't have your proper papers,' or whatever!  And everyone will be wealthy!  No one will need to steal.The vibrations will be too high for anyone to even think of doing that - Security - feel secure and so you shall be!

"And, yes, you will have sufficient money - currency backed by precious treasures, clean and clear, High Dimensional, High vibrational - so that you can purchase whatever you might want to purchase!  But here's the thing – as you clear yourselves and come up and live in the High Dimensional Golden Age Lifestyle, you will find that you'll be having so much fun living your Lifestyle, and doing what you have passion to do, and just knowing that you have plenty, you're not going to be counting your dollars!  You're not going to be sitting at your computers, checking your bank accounts every day.  You're not going to be feeling stressed that somebody might get your credit card number or your identity.  You know that you're way more than numbers and numbers on credit cards, and so on and so on.You are a real Divine god or goddess, walking in human body on Planet Earth!  So see yourselves in that Light because that's Who You Really Are!!!

"You will no longer be defined by how luxurious a vehicle you drive or how big your house is.  Indeed, you might decide that a tiny house works better for you if you're not going to be there very much, if you’re going to be traveling wherever you choose to travel!  You might decide that you might want to have a bigger garden than you have house.  You might want to have a sanctuary for animals that you can commune with - perhaps even the unicorns and the Higher Dimensional beings will find their way to you - this is something, Beloved Ones, that you don't need lots of money for now, and you won't need lots of money!  By the way, these connections/Communions, they're part of your Golden Age and Higher Dimensional Lifestyles!

"So my purpose in coming to you and telling you about how wealthy you already are in terms of your Love, your Light, your passions, your energies, and what you have to look forward to in the Golden Age, is much grander than if you had a pile of gold bricks sitting in the middle of your living rooms.  The financial wealth is merely a way for you to go from where you are, in terms of whatever is a part of your lifestyle of 3D and again, there is no judgment!!!   For example, if you value a large house, then get yourself a large house! Just be open to the fact that at some point down the line you might decide to invite others to come and live there with you.  Or you might decide to set up some kind of a community center or whatever.

"Be open to change.  That’s HUGE!  How are you going to get up into the Golden Age if you don't change and allow change to come to you?  Above all else, do it with the LoveLight energy.  Welcome it in and know that by participating in being a Lightworker, by utilizing these energies, you are opening the door to the Golden Age itself.  Support NESARA in every way you possibly can, and know that when it is announced, the changes that you have ordained - that you have waited for through all of your lifetimes, here and elsewhere - are finally happening because you have called them forth and made them so!

"We are together in this.  And remember that, it is you who are making it all possible!!!   And so we thank you beyond all expression.  We love you more than words can say and we say unto you, Namaste!"

**    The Age of Aquarius:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 9, 2016.
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