"We Are All Here to
Shine Our Lights
into the Darkness!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference March 22, 2016

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are indeed in celebration! And you heard it, just now.*  We have reached a point – there is no turning back.  There is only turning up more and more the Light that is pouring in. It's pouring in to the entirety of Planet Earth. And everyone is aware of it – all sentient beings in all Kingdoms -but it is being felt, let us say, most intensely among the humans, of course because it is the humans that have brought so much into these lifetimes - and have had so much to clear out!

"And so it's on the one hand a giant, let's just say, a giant reckoning with one's self and in coming to the Higher levels of understanding as, one after the other, the humans wake up and start understanding Who They Are and what they're really here to do.  But there are still remnants everywhere.  You cannot go on your internet or your television sets, or whatever, without seeing or hearing at least some of the latest of the distracting events that are being brought to you by those who don't want this progress to proceed.

"Well, that's being human, too, isn't it - although these ones are human and something else - but it is the natural way for them to be.  I don't mean of nature as in the consciousness of Planet Earth - I'm just saying it's in their nature - because they are who they are - to want to try to stop it all.

"So what do you do?  How do you stop them?  Well, you can be sure that there are millions of beings who are engaging on levels that we do not advocate going to.  Let’s just say KOS** and Company are taking care of those kinds of levels when they need to be addressed.  But the best thing for us to do is put the Light on it.  I say 'us' because that is a big part, you know, of the Ashtar Command Mission.  It is maintaining the focus!

"And, of course, that focus is Love and all that Love engenders. But it is to be in Oneness with you in welcoming in this grand surge of LoveLight and it is in being with constancy with that.  In other words, you might see a kind of a vision whereby we are here in our ships, and yet our energies are with you at this same time, and we are assisting in the inflow of these energies for you to utilize even more, because even more energies are coming in. It is continuing to increase!!!

"Now, an eclipse puts a shadow on things, does it not?  So here again is your opportunity.  What do you do?  You bring in the Light!  It's that simple, is it not?  You are, after all, Lightworkers! And as commanders and members of the Ashtar Command, this has always been a part of our purpose, you know.  From the Upper Dimensions everything is in the now - and we have seen this, and foreseen this, for what you might call, eons of your time.  So what is it?  It is that the moment is NOW!  You can say that time is NOW, if you wish. 

"We understand you are still functioning in remnants of 3D.  You might feel as though when you turn on your television or your internet, it is somewhat like a landmine and you want to be careful where you step, because you don't want to get into the dark areas.  And we fully understand that!

"So instead of being, let us say, in trepidation about that potentiality, you can turn it all off and just be the Light.  Bring in more and more and more!  Be the Love in all of your expressions! And if you do happen to be, well, exposed, voluntarily or otherwise, to some kind of news of dark events and dark doings and so on, put the Light on!  Surround yourselves with it.  Bathe yourselves in it.  Get into it really 'big time,' as my dear, dear sister, Mother Sekhmet would say, and BE THE LIGHT!!!  That automatically elevates you.  It’s like taking the elevator up in her crystal ship – it puts you up on such a High Level or into such a High Level of Dimensionality that the darkness cannot possibly even find you!  And when I say 'find you,' I am speaking of 'sticking.'

"You're in the process of divesting yourselves of the last of your karmic baggage.  All of this Light pouring in is a grand catalyst for that!  It makes the miraculous alchemy - the transformational transmutation of you into a being of pure Light - possible!

"Now, I know, I'm starting to get a bit into science, but I want to emphasize to you the importance of the Light, and bringing more of it in, more and more and more.  In a way, you might say that an eclipse is a way of putting the Light some place where it needs to shine. Is it any accident that it is going to darken the birthplace, or we shall say 'a birthplace,' a pretty significant birthplace of the programming that you have been oppressed with for many millennia?  And, of course, it is the Light on the most oppressed continent of the world.  Why is it called the 'dark continent?'  Well, yes, it is a continent which has presented many mysteries, but it is also a continent where remnants of Atlantean philosophies, programs and, you know, appreciation of things like slavery, and so on and so on, have been quite rampant.

"I will tell you that there is no continent in the World that has been as oppressed as Africa.  And yet there are those who have shown the Light consistently there.  You have need of going no farther than to remember the one, Nelson Mandela - among many others who shared his beliefs in Peace and all that Peace brings to the whole Planet, to everyone!  He forgave his captors, his jailers, across the board.  He harbored no revenge because he was such a being of Light and Love and he left a legacy there, a great legacy of Light!

"And this is true in Europe as well.  And I want to take a moment to those of you in this Company who live where Atlantis used to be. You have come into this lifetime with bravery and devotion to helping to clear the energies. Make no mistake – those energies are still present on Planet Earth and they are not justin Europe.  But as the darkness of the eclipse and its energy - and it is not bad energy, I am not saying that - I am saying that if you think of an eclipse, you think of a darkening.  Well, see it this way – it’s an opportunity to put Light anywhere there is darkness!  And you also know that the eclipse will be over and the Light will shine again.  And this is Truth. So see it in that way – wherever there has been some darkness, help to dispel it, help to clear it.  Shine your Lights on it and be the bright, beautiful, radiant, Divine Beings that you came here to be!!!

"Let not some story in the news or some event which is happening, even to you, diminish your Lights, Beloved Ones, but remember to keep the Love in your Hearts.  And if you do feel a bit of darkness around you or even coming into you, just put the Light on it!  That sounds easy - I understand that it takes practice and dedication.  That is why I am speaking of this in this particular Gathering.  Because a great Light, a grand Light is here, and I shall say that it may be the Light of One, but it is the Light of All, all of You, all of Humanity, all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms coming together to welcome and receive!  If you want to call it the Heavenly Light, please do so.  The Light of the Great Central Sun, the gamma rays, however you choose to see it – this is for you because you have called it forth, because you are ready, because the timeline calls for it NOW!!!

"So welcome it, breathe it in.  Bring it in and be in Oneness with all the LoveLight in the Universe!  In so doing, you cleanse and clear away any darkness anywhere and everywhere.  This is, in a sense, what you might call the finest hour of the Lightworkers!  It is your opportunity to raise the vibration, or the consciousness of Planet Earth even more.

"So start within your own loving Hearts, share the LoveLight and continue, because the Path only gets easier.  As you shine your Lights, your lives, the lives of those around you, and indeed, the lives of all of Planet Earth's residents - below, on and above -become more Light, more bright, more radiant, and thus easier unto themselves!!!  There is no limit to the amount of LoveLight in the Universe.  It is infinite.  There is no limit to the amount of LoveLight that you can bring in - each one of you, into yourselves - and share!  It is the greatest gift you can give. And in giving you also receive, because you make room for yet more to come in.

"And so I, Ashtar, thank you for being here to listen to this.  I know that you have heard some of this, if not all of it before, but I am bringing it into your attention - what you would call 'front and center,' on this occasion, because we are in the end times of darkness.  We are moving into the Golden Age, the Age of Light, the Age of Love and the Age of Peace on Earth!  So celebrate, be Joy-full and thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, as we who stand here with you in our Circle of Love, thank you - from our Hearts to yours, for being the Lightworkers, the Love Beamers, and the wonderful members of our Ashtar on the Road Family!!!  And so it is.  Salut!"
*   A&A Report - Transcript to be published, recording of the call bottom of page here:
** KOS (King of Swords) is the head of the Faction 3 White Knights.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, March 22, 2016.
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