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"On the Road" Gatherings
How it All Started


First Sekhmet, then Ashtar began coming through in healing sessions I was doing for friends. This was of interest to two friends who wanted to hear more about their own missions as Commanders in Ashtar's Galactic Federation Star Fleet.  We began meeting once a week in early 2004 so that they could hear Ashtar's messages. They recorded them so that I could hear him as well.

One Thursday after Ashtar had spoken, we were talking about what he had said.  Meanwhile, I started hearing "Ashtar on the Road."  Once I realized what he meant, I tried to get him to drop the subject, offering many reasons why this wouldn't work. My main one was that I was terrified at the idea of being in front of an audience.  My friends were listening to my protestations, and finally one of them said not to worry, she would take care of everything.

She picked me up that next Sunday, May 23rd, 2004 and took me to a home where there were people packed into the living and dining rooms, waiting to hear Ashtar's loving message of hope for the Golden Age of our future "now."  Thus, Ashtar on the Road was initiated. Today we travel up and down I-5 from Portland, Oregon to the Seattle, Washington area, and we look forward to traveling much farther very soon!