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"I Gave A Course in Miracles to Teach the Truth"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - September 30, 2014

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  I am Sananda and I am honored and overjoyed to be here in this Company of Ashtar Family with you!I am a Mentor in this group and I am in a leadership position in bringing Planet Earth - below, on and above - Home to Heaven, if you will.

"And it is especially Joy-full because as I see you, my beautiful Brothers and Sisters, with your Lights shining so bright, I know that you are accomplishing this Ascension.  I have ascended in my lifetime as Yeshua, and in other lifetimes.  I came into a body and I rose with that body.  And I had others from Heaven, other beautiful, Light, Loving Energies assisting me, with me, at all times when I occupied those lives.

"But it is the life of Yeshua for which I am primarily known.  And it is in order to assist the Ascension process, which was known to be very much a Heart’s wish and goal on the part of Humanity.  It was known as people were awaking , awakening, to Love in a very public and much publicized way, and which you call the 1960’s and the 1970’s.

"And it was to assist this awakening that I, Sananda, gave The Course in Miracles.  And it mattered not that the woman, Helen, who took down the writings, didn’t understand it, much less believed in the teachings that I gave there.  But they are the Truth of my teachings, the teachings of Yeshua, which have been subverted and twisted.  The Course in Miraclesis very clear. And one of the prime, most fundamental Truths in this, in My Course, is that Love is the opposite of fear, and that where the Light of Love exists - and literally lights up everywhere within a being or group - there can be no fear!!!

"Fear is a 3-D illusion.  It was created in order that Humankind - and by extension, all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia - could experience all that fear gives way to creating: control, dominance, cruelty.  And all of the, shall we say, the evils that have been created here on Planet Earth, have been created out of the falseness of fear!

"It’s a program.  It’s an invention.  It’s propaganda.It’s lies.  The Truth, Beloved Ones, lies in your Hearts, and that is where you find Love.  And when you move up into Higher Dimensions, you will find that your chakras will not only open and spin – your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye, and of course, your crown - but you will have new chakras which have already been present in your Higher Selves, or in the Higher Dimensions, we shall say, but which are what you are arriving into, joining with!

"And what of your three lower chakras - your solar plexus, where your ego is based, your center for creation and sexual expression and, of course, your survival chakra?  Well, they have been where fears and fear-based emotions have been created.  And so it is that they will simply roll up.  They will not be destroyed.They can roll up into your Hearts right now and be in Peace.  And the best of what they are can shine forth through your Hearts - a desire to create a whole new beautiful World, for instance, a higher form of Love Expression, a sleeping of your ego giving way to Compassion and Love for all.  And Oneness and Communion with all, and a desire to share what you have, to be the keepers of your Brothers and Sisters!

"And it is so beautiful, because I see it already upon your timelines.  And it’s all lit with Love!  That is the energizing vehicle - the catalyst, if you will - for all of the changes and transformations which are occurring, and for the lifting up.  And while it is true that you have a path still to travel for your Ascensions, I promise you, it is getting easier and easier!

"The more that you spend time living the Higher Dimensional Lifestyles, the more you allow yourselves to be in the bliss of Love, the more you will create and manifest from Love - utilizing Love as the energy that brings it forth into your reality - the more you claim your True Reality, which is all powered by Love!!!

"And so it is if you have not been familiar with The Course, you might wish to open it and find a page and read that page, because it’s you who have chosen it, and it is a particularly significant message from me to you.

"And it is my pleasure and my Joy to tell you, Beloved Ones, that you are succeeding!  You are on your paths and that is Truth!  And it is that your Higher Selves are joined with you and the totality of your beings - yes, even your past is coming forward now to be reunited with you in this moment!

"And it is from your Hearts full of Love that you create your future moments!!!  And it is only to continue upon your paths into that Place where you will meet yourselves, and come Home to the loving, DIVINE Beings You Truly Are!  Never, ever let anyone dissuade you from your own Truth, from your own Reality.

"And remember that if something that seems dark or uncomfortable or fearful to you, does come to you, it is for you to shine the Light - your own Love/Lights upon it - and gather all the Beings of Light to come and add their Lights to yours.  And this, Beloved Ones, is how you move continuously upon your Ascension Path, and this is how you literally pave that Path with the Golden-White Light of the Christ!!!  For it is your Path of Love, and so long as you stay true to it, you have already accomplished your Ascensions!

"I love you all beyond any words I can speak.  As a token of my Love, here come my two Marys.  Please accept the Roses of Kumara from them into your Hearts, so that you will know that I am with you always.  I always have been, and I offer you the Roses as the proof of My Being in Oneness in the Light of Love with All of You -WE ARE!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!"

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 30, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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