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Isis+The Angel 3-12-24

The Angel's Songs are most powerful, so I recommend you

listen to the audio as you read. Fran

Isis and the Angel starting with a song: 

Inhale, exhale. Always remember that there is a Light within yourself, deep inside yourself. This year is the year of opportunity.  So you have to take all opportunities coming in front of you.  Be proud of yourself. Be confident.

Inhale - exhale. Let the Angel’s song come in through your heart - and let the Love be.

Song 2:

Feel how you are. Feel how the energy feels on your body.

Just breathe. Let all your body be quiet. Just listen to yourself. Feel who you are.

Feel your whole body. Feel your whole place. And believe that all of you, and all around you, is only Light and Love, because you are the Light – this Love!


It’s time for Humanity to consider that Love inside – this Light - who is coming from your inner sun.

Believe – just believe!  And take all the opportunities that are coming to you, to  all of you.

We are now in a new era – a new time.

And you will receive many good news - from each way you’ll be able to hear from.

Inhale and exhale. Be who you are.

Song 3:

In this place where you all stand from your heart – feel – feel this energy – this consciousness you are!

You learn from each experience of your life. You understand now many things that have happened in your life, many connections who are many Beings - not only Humans.

So you have to prepare yourself to meet those 'Creatures', if I can say it like that.  No judgement - remember that you are all in One Consciousness!

This is only Light - and only Love.

Smile!  Only smile and laugh!  Have some Joy.  Let the Joy be in your whole body. Just love Who you are.  Enjoy all your days.

Song 4:

Inhale – exhale.

How do you feel yourself?  How do you feel this Peace inside – deep inside yourself? Those songs are to make you be in Peace and a whole serenity, so you can open your heart more and more - because the news that are following is very important for all of you to understand, not with your brains – but with all your heart.

Just remember that we are all One Consciousness – and that we can stop – we can stop the war – [the] hope is that this Humanity will be in Peace - only Peace.

You have a powerful, a great power! Smile. Have Joy in everything you do.  I know that sometimes your life is not as you want to have to do.

Remember that only You – only you can create the world that you want to live in this reality! You have this power – Believe!

Be yourself. Sometimes maybe you have some doubts. Just remember – Light is always there!

And if Light is always there – so it is the same for the Love – the Unconditional Love you are!

Song 5:

And just remember that you’ll never walk alone! We are all around you. We stand with all of you.

Believe – and have faith.

I wish you a very good time with all the news that are coming.

I wish that the Love in you, in all of you will be your blessing here and now – today and for eternity.

Bless you all.


Song 6:

Pita: Hi, Everyone. I hope you have a good time – a beautiful time to come. 

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