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Uplifting Inspirations

"I AM at Peace and all the chaos around me does not disturb
my Peace of Mind, for All is Well In My World."  
(received from Spirit by Darci in Washington State)
by Iris Arla Moore  **
From the depth of the doing
in the caldron of separation,
I heard a soul shout out
Its tormented cry
To live again...
From faint memories of a higher truth,
From glimpses of something called happiness,
From a longing to know and see again
The little lights it once saw in the darkness of its mind.
I heard this scream for help,
And felt its willingness to change and receive
Instead of being controlled
And controlling others.
I felt in this heart
A desire to unlock the laughter,
A longing to know what love is,
A wondering about freedom.
I opened my eyes and looked into that darkness.
That is when I realized I must let go of  judgment,
For this was my brother I heard
And remembered from the Oneness;
The one who lost his way
In such a long & deep darkness as this.
And when I saw the pleading, fearful eyes,
I knew
I must forgive myself in him.
** Iris Arla Moore is author of “Blossoms of Light” – An Oasis for the Soul, published by Author House:
Quotes from the Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda 
www.wakeuplaughing.com -(For more laughs from the “Swami”)
We are in the transitional stage between the Age of Nefarious and
the Age of Aquarius; it's called the Age of Hilarious.
This is where we laugh because
there is definitely something funny going on.
The Creator is watching the Comedy Channel
and we are what’s on.
Life is a sitcom, so sit calm and enjoy it.
The best way to illuminate the darkness is to make light of it.
The sky is not falling, we are ascending.
Why don't we go for heaven on earth just for the hell of it?
I predict living in the now will be the wave of the future.
We are all one with the same One, the inescapable Oneness.
The Universe has us surrounded. Might as well surrender!
   by Iris Arla Moore
We have dipped our feet
In the fountain of dreams
To swim in the river of life.
We have played victim and tyrant,
The child, the husband, the wife.
We have clothed ourselves
With the shades of red,
Of black, of yellow and white.
We have shed the cloak of evenness
For a garment of wrong and right.
But the wise ones say
That the journey through time
Will end, and a new Kingdom come,
As our souls awaken from the dream
   To return to the PEACE of the ONE. 
Copyright 2015 Iris Arla Moore.  All Rights Reserved. 
This poem is included in the “Longest Poem for Peace” that was presented by the International Society of Poets to the United Nations in a ceremony during the 1993 winter holidays.  Iris-Arla Moore was inducted into this organization that same year.  It is the desire of all of us that you join us in choosing PEACE inside yourself; that it bless and hasten PEACE in all the World.

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