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The Mentors

The Mentors include Sekhmet, Sananda, Ashtar, St.Germain, Kuan Yin, Merlin and a group of Arcturians.

SEKHMET - Sekhmet is a unique being - one of a kind, she says.  She is the standing lioness who was revered in ancient Egypt as the patroness of physicians and healers.  She was in charge of the healing temples and taught the priests and priestesses powerful and ancient healing techniques and modalities.  Because of her knowledge of what were, even then, ancient wisdoms and their effectiveness, she was known as "the powerful one," a name by which she is recorded in the Egyptian records. 
 "Now, there has been much said over the centuries about Peace On Earth.  And there had been many attempts. I came to teach Peace On Earth, to inspire Peace On Earth when I came in the body of Yeshua.  I am here to do the same now.  For what has happened in 2,000 years – if you look at the way that your history/herstory books are written, you will see war upon war upon war.  But what has happened is that the consciousness has been raising all this time and that more and more of your teachers of all ages, and now, most of all your children - the little ones, the crystals and the rainbows and the early indigos who are grown now - they came knowing that they are Love and that they are to help bring Peace to all of Planet Earth!!!   (12-22-15)
ASHTAR - "It’s all about Love and this is the era - the Golden Age is the Love Age, the true Love Age for Planet Earth!!!And what happens here goes out. It goes out to the solar system and the galaxy. It HEALS other places in addition to Planet Earth. Get over the idea that there is any kind of limit to Love!!!     (Ashtar 1-27-15)
ST.GERMAIN - "Now you may have heard me say that eventually there will be no need anywhere on Planet Earth for any dollars, or yen, or rubles, or any kind of money.  But that’s a little way ahead and so in the meantime I have - long ago in your time - set up a means for providing financial Abundance to all of Humanity.  And I shall only say that the time for this is very soon!  And the means for it begins with the Announcement of NESARA, which is not only a law in the United States of America; it is understood to be a law for the entirety of the World!!!"  (St.Germain 7-28-15)

KUAN YIN - "I am Kuan Yin, and I greet you, my most Beloved Brothers and Sisters, with the Love in its purest and Highest form!  For I am Love.  I am symbol of Love.  And that has been my mission. Some of you may know me more than others, but I tell you this – my origins are from the same Heavens as yours!  And it is only that I have been better known in what is called the eastern part of your World. Nevertheless, I am here everywhere in your World.

"And I am here to invite you to walk with me the Path of Peace. For Peace enables, Peace empowers! And I tell you this also, that it takes sometimes more Courage to walk this Path, for in Peace there can be resistance to its opposite, by refusing to participate in unpeaceful actions and expressions.  It takes great Courage to stand before a mob, as you call it, of angry people determined to take one or more lives from other humans, and to stand tall in Grace and to empower with one’s own Love, the diffusing of the anger, and the literal transformation of it into Peace!" (Kuan Yin 3-24-15)

MERLIN - "I am Merlin, Master of Transformational Transmutation!  As an aspect of Saint Germain, I am well versed in alchemy, but I can assure you that the Highest form of transformation is energized by the Light of Love and it is directed by Spirit. And so it is that Science and Spirit are one." (Merlin 6-23-15)



A group of Arcturians are here specifically to lend their energies to the dissemination of the information which is the mission of Ashtar On The Road. So it is that we are here in the role of teachers to engage all of you, which others from Arcturus are doing even now. We choose to be thought of as A Light of One, rather than by our individual identities.
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