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"I AM at Peace and all the chaos around me does not disturb
my Peace of Mind, for All is Well In My World."  
(received from Spirit by Darci in Washington State

David Icke-The Trap, What It Is, How To Excape
Kryon - This Is Not Your Father's New Age
Selection Code Documentary - Voting Hacked
World Religions-Records of ET Contacts-Paul Wallis
Kryon 2022 Excerpt-Future Predictions
Terrafugia Flying Car
Elon Musk's Last Warning 2022 About A.I.
WHO Pandemic Treaty Ends All National Sovereignty
How To Find Out If You Have Been Chipped
10 Bills To Control You - Can Be Stopped
3-28-22 Ukraine & Monetary Shift Worldwide
US People’s Convoy a ‘gigantic display of freedom'
Kryon 2022 - The New Paradigm of Reality
Grand Jury of Public Opinion on Mandates and Vax
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Update on Nuremberg 2.0
ET Fleet arrives to watch humanity's liberation
The 12:12 Portal is Now Open-Final Ascension Steps
Alex Collier:Andromeda Council on Human Liberation
Ashtar: The Current Role of Star Seeds
Ramtha - Divine Intervention and Free Will
Live Broadcast from Dr. Steven Greer 5-19-21
Vaccine Creator Speaks Facts About mRNA Vaccines
What Is A.I. & Quantum Mapping System-Kim Goguen
Restoration Plan-Life Force-Kim Goguen
Consciousness of New Earth -Feb to Apr 2021
Freedom Airways-No Mask, No Quarantine, No Testing
Interview with Valiant Thor - Dec 10 2020
Catherine Austin Fitts Interview-Planet Lockdown
Planet of the Humans Review by Epoch Times
STABLE Act & Its Implications for Cryptocurrency
She Says Something Worse Than COVID Is Planned
Dr Emoto Peace Project-Messages in Water
IntnatlTribunal EmergencyInjunction vsGates&Soros
Robert KennedyJr-Refuse DNA-Altering Covid Vaccine
New Study-Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths
History of Globalism New World Order- Patrick Wood
Those responsible for CV19 fake crisis to be sued
LIFE FORCE 0ct 25,2020-Solutions vs Genocide Plans

The awful truth about world cabal genocide plans and Life Force solutions being pursued on behalf of The People and call for participation.

Life Force: Global Financial System
Robert F.Kennedy,Jr-Int'l.Message for Freedom-Hope
Demolition of the Dystopian Underworld-Life Force
One Trillion Trees Initiative Supported by US Gov
Covid19 Planned to Bring in New World Order
Practical Lawful Dissent-Magna Carta-Article 61
Canada and the World -Covid and Vaccine etc

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One Small Town (UBUNTU) Michael Tellinger
Children Rescued 9-08-20
Serbia-Kosovo agreement from Trump's diplomacy
StGermain-JamesMcconnell-CrystallineGrid Activates
Michael Tellinger, Peter Herrmann- Current Issues
One Small Town=Ubuntu-Michael Tellinger
Charlie Freak -What's really going on? 9-06-20
Refuse the Vaccine-Italian Dorctor's Warning
Speech in Berlin by Robert Kennedy Jr -8-30-20
Crypto Currency,Blockchain and XRP-Brown CryptoKid
Reptilians & The Great Awakening - Lori Ladd
Quantum Financial System
London Freedom Protest-David Icke Save ourChildren
Masks Represent Slavery and Social Death
3D to 5D Mirror-Lightworker Paradigm
Future Is Bright-No Panic-Truth Will Set Us Free
Kerry Cassidy-Innerstanding Q, Trump and theFuture
11:11, God is Calling, Pick up the Receiver
New Financial System, A.I., 5G, Crypto, NESARA
5D Life-Out of This World Radio 2020-08-01
Ronald Bernard - It's in our hands
OOB Revelations-Ronald Bernard on Illuminati
SpaceX-Starlink To Change Internet Infrastructure
Up Against "New Normal" When Sick- Covid Response
Master StGermain on Re-Imagining Life on Earth
Sacked byUN SecGen forExposing PlansAgainst Africa
Project Looking Glass (Think Mirror)
I Love Teaching So Much ...I Quit | Tawana Weicker
Only a few know about the Side Effects
ToMelindaGates SayingAfricans will haveDead Bodies
Church statement on coronavirus world gov plot
Jim Caviezel,Tim Ballard-Operation Underground RR
Personal Story-Former Gay on Truth of LGBTQ Agenda
Ultraviolet Light Could HelpStop Spread Of Covid19
Human Story Based On False Science-Gregg Braden
Putin & Trump vs The New World Order: Final Battle
The Climate Agenda - Alternative Views
CO2 is Greening The Earth
The Old World Order-SSP Advanced Technology
5G Is A Weapon-Hidden Military Use of 5G Tech
Jared Kushner's 'Put Up or Shut Up' Peace Plan
Gratitude-Thoughtful Talk Re Change in Europe+US
Why renewables can’t save the planet
Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener
The Paris Climate Fraud
Inside The Cryptocurrency Revolution | VICE on HBO
Jan 2020 Human Trafficking Prevention Month
North Pole Has Moved - Prof Simon 12-20-2019
Kryon 2019 December - What Awaits in year 2020
1st haul plastic from Great Pacific garbage patch
Sex in Japan: Dying for company
What happens to children at LGBT Youth Pride event

For your awareness and discernment. 

Sadhguru - About Greta Thunberg & Climate Action
Extinction Rebellion’s Real Agenda Exposed
Professor Jordan Peterson on climate change
NASA admits climate change due to solar orbit
Why Native Hawaiians Protesting Giant Telescope
EthiopiaPlants350MillionTrees-Combat ClimateCrisis
Plant Trees-Cheapest Solution to Climate Change
Why We Are Out of Time-And a Good Thing Too!
5G Technology+Artificial Intelligence - Warning
Reforestation anti-desertification -Zaragoza-Spain
From deserts to forest: project in Burkina Faso
Solutions to Climate Change-Fire On Ice
Secret Tripartite Summit In Jerusalem 6-14-19
The Man Who Stopped the Desert
Lessons from Holland on fighting rising sea levels
Sahara Forest Project: From vision to reality
Nikola Tesla: Nobody knows my story.Telling all.
How to green the deserts to reverse climate change
50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed It
President Trump attends banquet with Japan's Emper
Pres Trump AMAZING Speech at the Emperors Banquet
Trump Meets Japanese Families w N.Korea Abductees
Breakthrough Uses Gold to Turn CO2 to Liquid Fuel
Trump And A New Gold-Backed Dollar
John Trump, Donald’s oft-mentioned scientist uncle
Kryon Prepares Earth For Darkness Exposure 2019
Jordan Sather on NESARA and "The Event" 3-10-17
Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families
ShopTalk- Undercover in Alt-Right Web-Theo Wilson
The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence:Heart Math Inst
Louise Hay: Change Your Life =Change Your Thoughts
How to Harmonize Heart and Brain - Gregg Braden
RussianScientists-Bacteria Neutalize Nuclear Waste
Wind of Change:G7 Crumbles,Shanghai Cooperation Up
Before, During and After the Event - QHHT Clients
Thousands of Israeli+Palestinian Women Peace March
Bolivia's President Declares Independence IMF+WB
Hawaii Considering Universal Basic Income
Pedophilia-Internat'l Tribunal for Natural Justice
Child's Picture Book of Manifesting 5D Earth
May 24,2017 more significant than Dec 21,2012
Plastic bags to leave Bali for good
Monsanto Tribunal: Report from The Hague
Global goals on climate change attainable-coal end
Boy-zshan Bi-den (Buffalo Return)
Trinity Point Project-Major East Coast Vortex
FYI: As of March, 2017 (ten years since my mother's demise and according to the will), Trinity Point Farm could be put on the market for sale this year. Being that I have invested thirty years of my life to this land, vision and project site
(trinitypointproject.org), I have a vested interest and a detailed prayer outlining how I would like to see the land and project site convey to the next new owners. Additionally, this land is currently being menaced by the proposed pathway of Dominion Transmission Corporation, LLC, Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), project which threatens to cross or come very near to the southern end of the family farm. A near miss is as good as a hit.
This being the case, I am now seeking someone out there in the global village to assist me in creating a 30 minute video document about the land and it's special history and magnetic-spiritual significance, as a unique place of power which needs to be protected and upheld (in perpetuity), for the benefit of our planet.
According to the theory of six degrees of separation anyone (exercising six degrees of effort), can connect to any other person on planet earth. I am seeking by this dynamic, to gain the assistance of the divinely right persons, to produce the aforementioned video document and to post it on Youtube, for all of the world to see. The result I would like is to have numerous members of the global village declare this land to be a sacrosanct space, which must never be threatened by the likes of ACP, or any other extraction fossil-fuel industry. A hands off, special place. Being that Tyberonn himself once spoke that "Trinity Point is to the Alleghenies and the east coast as Sedona is to the western regions of this continent.", I believe that this land is important and must be protected.
I invite you to view the website trinitypointproject.org (a work in progress), and explore what is written there. If this speaks to your heart, perhaps you may choose to help. Do you know anyone out there who may be willing to invest some time and effort into helping to make this happen? Time is short and things must move quickly if this land is to be protected from ruination by the fossil fuel industry. When enough people come to the commonly held agreement that Trinity Point is indeed sacred space, then we will have leverage to stop ACP from ever being built. Churchville / Trinity Point can become a significant choke-point that can make a difference (sort of like Standing Rock), here in the east. Setting precedent by establishing holy land (in the eyes of the people), is a strong measure towards halting environmental degradation, in our biosphere. Nature has rights also, not just people. I have noticed that people get really irate when they see corporations so willing to despoil sacred land for short-term profit.
I can only speak from my heart in this matter, and heart is what it's all about.
Most sincerely yours, Philip Khnopp - Trinity Point Project Founder / Facilitator
Sister Giant Conference 2017
Not sci-fi: Paris introduces driverless buses
Why Trump Inauguration Not A Beginning,but Era End
Women Wage Peace-The song "Prayer of the Mothers"
Pray With Standing Rock Nov 26-other events
Gifts of Tiny Houses Arrive for Standing Rock
The Regeneration Hub - Sustainable Living Ideas
First Baby Born at Standing Rock Camp a Blessing
Dakota Pipeline-Forgiveness March to County Police
World Council of Churches on Doctrine of Discovery
Keshe,Maxwell,Hertz,key toGravity,Electromagnetism
The Charter for Compassion
NativeActivist Winona LaDuke re PipelineCoEnbridge
Sweden introduces six-hour work day
Dr,Keshe-How the World Peace Treaty Unites Us All
Keshe Foundation World Peace Treaty-Please sign
US Navy banned from using sonar that harms dolphin
World 1st 24/7 Solar PowerPlant Powers 75,000homes
JimmyCarter-turning point-need Leadership,not Fear
Switzerland voting to give everyone $2,500 /month
Healing, truth and reconciliation in South Africa
WomenRooted inAgriculture,Leadership,CultureChange
Disobedience-Breaking Free from Fossil Fuels
No War 2016: Real Security Without Terrorism
The Sharing Economy-Nat'l League of Cities
Regenerative Agriculture Solution
Life In Syntropy-organic regnerative farming
11 Reasons Why 2015 Was a Great Year For Humanity
Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World
Sustainability,Empowered Downsizing,Reducing Waste
British Soldiers Throw War Medals Down Against War

Please refresh your memory of NESARA's provisions and compare to these Thrive solutions.

After Shell, Oil major Statoil exits the Arctic
Global Warming-Impact of our Consumption
Connect,Mobilize,Accelerate Global Social Change
Freedom by Steve Mcdonald
Muslim & Jewish leaders-Paris ConcertHall Memorial
Stand in Unity with Paris in the 11-13 attacks
Children Healing the Earth
Sioux Chief's Quotes Like Sananda's Golden Rule
Everything was possessed of personality, only differing from us in form. Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks, and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth. We learned to do what only the student of nature learns, and that was to feel beauty. We never railed at the storms, the furious winds, and the biting frosts and snows. To do so intensified human futility, so whatever came we adjusted ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, but without complaint.
Days for Girls - A Must Watch 18 min video
Italian nonprofit uses soccer to giveMigrants hope
Geoengineering scientist calls for Chemtrail Ban
80th KnowledgeSeekers Workshop-Dr Keshe 9-24-15
Global Alliance forClean Cookstoves empowers women
Billions in Change - inspiring film
A Whale of a Win for Whales
Navy Sonar Settlement - Historic Win for Whales
Song-Love Song to the Earth-Friends of theEarth
Cree Woman Mrs Universe,Speaks on Native Rights

Patent Could Destroy Monsanto & Change the World
Strange Things Happening To Astronauts Returning
"Calling the Animals" to the Lion's Gate
Apache Land Stolen Again-Petition to Restore
The Iran Deal Explained by The White House
Peace Roadmap Starts Jun 21, 2015-Keshe Foundation
Pope:Powerful people don't wantPeace-live off war
Be The Movement! The Peace Alliance
What Do You Choose? I Choose Love-5 min song video
Future Vision-Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray
The Shift-global movement inspiring better world
A Change of Heart Changes Everything
HeartMath-1-min video describes amazing research
Andrew Bartzis - The Saint Germain Trust
Scientists call for ban on editing human genome
US Dept of Peacebuilding Bill Re-introduced
CEO Hinman: Free Qatar's modern-day slaves
An Open Letter To The Guys Who Run The World
Russia To Conduct Observation Flight over U.S.
Fabulous Wins from Monsanto to Climate Change
Bernie Sanders' Petition-ElectionDay Nat'l Holiday
The News of Masaru Emoto’s Death 10=17-14
The Organic Economy-Peace & Prosperity for all
Heal for Free - Trailer
Nature Deficit Disorder is a recently identified syndrome of chronic, inflammatory conditions, which manifest in an array of body aches and fatigue, non-restorative sleep and a poor immune system, among other complaints, all of which are caused by staying inside all day and wearing shoes at virtually all times thus, depriving people of the naturally-healing electrons, which constantly flow from the
surface of the Earth.
The Carbon Underground: Reversing Global Warming
9-21 Peoples Climate March- invitation to change
“I’m Tired of Hating People” -Movement to Love
Clemson StudentExposesHistoricRacism at University
glorifying war is a sin
A sacred obligation
Oregon Right To Know Collects 155,661 Signatures

For Oregon's ballot initiative for GMO Labeling

Dryden: The Town That Changed The Fracking Game
Exclusive Online-Power of thePeople-Hawaii & GMOs
Shake Up Washington with Daniel Ellsberg's Message
"Giftivism" movement transforming the world
Tesla Releases Patents to Advance Electric Vehicle
New Morse Code Crop Circle "NO MORE WAR"
Marianne Williamson speaks-Pre-Election Rally 5-19
Hormann and Tellinger:End of Money and New Economy
The Mind Unleashed - Consciousness Articles
Lucia Light - Pineal Opening
Pope demands redistribution of wealth-May 9
Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy-Makes Gold
Needed GMO Ban–Labeling GMOs Won’t Stall Monsanto
Many Countries and Localities Ban GMO Crops
Over 400 Companies that Aren’t Using GMOs
Restoring Health” from MRSA is completely possible
Non-GMO Shopping Guide
Years of Living Dangerously - Episode 1
Phyllis Schlafly Gets Schooled By A 12-Year-Old
Stop Poisoning Paradise-Surfing For Change
Keshe Foundation Roadmap-2014 being implemented
Keshe Foundation Facebook link
June 5th, 2014: Reset the Net
SHAKA Movement - GMO Moratorium on Maui HI

Rootworms evolve-overcome GMO corn-as predicted
Leading Edge of Peace:Our EvolutionaryPath Forward

Fukushima + the Solution by MT Keshe
You have no idea what MartinLuther King really did
It’s only a matter of time-Organic Consumers Assoc
If you're feeling generous this Holy Days Season...
President Obama's tribute to Nelson Mandela
How I Helped End Apartheid And Free Nelson Mandela
"The Elders" Honor Nelson Mandela
Please sign Engineers Petition to ReInvestigate911
Power Film: Smart Grid And Smart Meters Exposed

The "smart" grid: What's really at stake? http://thepowerfilm.org/ 

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth
Campaigns for Departments of Peace - North America
Peace Alliance Occupy Love Trailer
What I learned at PowerShift 2013
From Personal to Planetary Peace 10-23
Nelson Mandela: Exciting Opportunity to Say Thanks
Dr.Keshe Interview - The Future is Now!
1) Magnetism and Plasmatronics and counter gravity is here.
2) It is Real and it is suppressed technology. China Iran and Russia now have this technology so too does Belgium and Holland.
3) Health benefits of using a replicator to create Vitamins as a plasmatron,
4) Any disease that has not even been generated yet, can be eradicated.
5) NASA (controlled by NAZIS to save their skin after WW2) built old technology spacecraft This technology is not needed any more.
6) Science will need to be retaught. Full stop Period.
7) His arrest ( Dr Keshe) by Canadian Authorities was a planned controlled operation and they confiscated all his belongings.
8) Following his arrest, Dr Keshe published everything taken from him, on the internet.
9) Mach 35-40 with wheel-less cars is possible on Earth but it is earths limit for humans
10) Space suits are not needed in space -with plasma gravity magnet-tronics you go to that frequency.
11) Magnets can be bi polar or single north polar at all sides These Mono-polar elements create permanent oscillation, ie, free energy!
12) Create or replicate your own water from the atmosphere no matter where you are.
13) Weightlessness in space is not necessary- we just replicate that atmosphere and live within it.
14) Mars travel and well beyond is now a matter of time here from earth with this application of technology.
15) Lady wakes from coma with these frequencies to the astonishment of hospitals.
16) Reprocessing the body to eat and drink as the body demands is now possible in plasma circles.
17) no need for hunger or drought.
18) no person on earth should be without this concept principle and devices should be worldwide.
19) Plasma is a cell and we use the energy inside that atom and when we have used it we replace it in the atom and have damaged nothing, this is clean energy and Fukushima can be cleaned out at the correct frequency.
20) CO2 from air (the vacuum of space) could produce anything in a replicator, ie: a solid steel tube.
21) then he makes a lit torch out of it out of the energy of the earth.
22) Light can make anything from more light to food , from earth for example, it is strong and can reproduce anything , in space one needs to  find it as it is more scarce.
23) His lights do not go out unless disconnected manually.
24) In space we do not need to take anything with us NOTHING except this technology, and we can thrive whereever.
25) No need for physical body for space and just energy only , the body will only interact with our cells.
26) Once you understand the structure of the universe we can then see, it is not possible to be alone in this galaxy.
27) This universe is split out of these atoms , the same process more bigger gravitational field, So we are part of universal cosmos.
28) We are one with all other ancestors and no way we can be alone, this technology proves it.
29) Crossing the universe is only a matter of a split second in human terms with this anti matter condition or transition energy.
30) Principle matter or anti matter will come forward with this technology and our body can a-tune to different dimensionality with light as a portable plasma.
31) Light is a plasma shape form and changes “its jacket” so to speak and the light is due to the friction of the tool which is energy based on friction generated inside.
32) The dark matter or source fields of  energy are everywhere in the universe and are reachable with this technology.
33) The current killing by our rulers will not be allowed to have this technology and this is Pandora’s Box for real.
34) The BIG BANG THEORY is NONSENSE and the reality is EXPLAINED . 
35) Dr Keshe classic Quote ” This technology will not cause damage in any way to any body or living creature.”
Greenpeace - Trapped in a Russian jail
A Solution For Syria - AAVAZ Petition
Palestine's Nonviolent Hope-His father dragged off
CA Democrats Endorse U.S.Dept of Peacebuilding!
Four minutes that will change your life, forever.
Restorative Justice Rising:12 Weeks Free Telecasts
Divine Feminine in Action In Turkey 6-20
Matt Damon demands zero. Do you?
International attention to Cress+WiFi experiment
Let's Get To Global Zero! Nukes
71 US Senators Reject State's Rights to Label GMOs
Timelapse of the Earth over the last 30 Years
Project Camelot with Jim Humble-MMS researcher
“Malaria Finally Defeated”- Live study in Uganda
Outer Space Security & Development Treaty
Avaaz.org - International Action Petitions

We win a lot of victories together, but any one of us can get the ball rolling all by ourselves. Remember that huge win we just had on bees? Well a big part of it was due to a campaign *started* by Avaaz members!
The German vote was crucial to Europe deciding to ban dangerous pesticides. When a group of German beekeepers heard that Germany was likely to vote no, they used our new community tool to start their own petition. Soon over 150,000 people had signed from across the country, their petition had caught the eye of the media and, together with Avaaz staff, they delivered their call to the government!
A day later, Germany switched its vote
-- helping to pass the Europe-wide ban and save our bees. All it took was a few minutes to start a petition on an issue these amazing beekeepers cared about. And you don't have to be a beekeeper or an expert or a campaigner to do the same -- just click below to get started:

Make PEACE A National Priority
SUM OF US-Internet Campaign-key petitions
Veterans For Peace
Democracy School - CELDF

The Daniel Pennock Democracy Schools are a key piece of our community organizing.  Named for a boy in Pennsylvania who died after exposure to sewage sludge, the Democracy Schools are one to three-day intensive seminars that examine how communities across the U.S. are beginning to assert local control to protect the rights of their residents, their communities, and nature. 

Organic Consumers Association

The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. 

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

We believe that we are in the midst of an escalating ecological crisis, and that the crisis is the result of decisions made by a relatively few people who run corporations and government. We believe that sustainability will never be achieved by leaving those decisions in the hands of a few – both because of their belief in limitless economic production and because their decisions are made at a distance from the communities experiencing the impact of those decisions. Therefore, we believe that to attain sustainability, a right to local self-government must be asserted that places decisions affecting communities in the hands of those closest to the impacts... 

Keshe Foundation-Oct 16 Free Plasma& Peace Treaty
Sacked byUN SecGen forExposing PlansAgainst Africa

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