Compassionate Governance
For an open dissemination and discussion of ideas
relating to the concept of what I am calling
"Compassionate Governance" enabled by the
National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).

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Trump supporters hold Baltimore clean-up effort
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Forgiveness - The Statue of Liberty
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Responsibility-MarianneWilliamson 7-04-19 Address
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TRUTH about How The Richest Create Their Success
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You Do Not Have To Go To Venezuela ToSee Socialism
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Keshe Foundation Plasma in Sustainable Agriculture
EMERALD VILLAGE: Affordable Tiny House Village
A Message From the Future-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
In Reno, the biggest little houses in the world?
Can tiny houses save Detroit?
These Tiny Homes Are Making A Big Difference
Oregon Creates Tiny Home Community For TheHomeless
Stories From A Tiny Home Village: Madison
Commons Way of Life vs. Market Way of Life
Capitalism or Socialism. Which Will it Be?
State of the Commons 2041-A Vision Forward
How Nature Can Save From Climate-Ecology Breakdown
Quantum Computers and the Power of Compassion
Quantum computing explained - Shohini Ghose
The Drug Epidemic-Seattle,Solution-Providence RI
How these penny-pinchers retired in their 30s
The Green New Deal Explained
Are America's Small Towns Really Struggling?
Kryon Prepares Earth For Darkness Exposure 2019
Empire Files:Voices From The Anti-Trump Resistance
Empire Files:PeterJoseph & AbbyMartin-Capitalism
Universal Basic Income-why it'll work,how it pays
Writer who told the rich to stop dodging taxes
Dublin's homeless being retrained-city tour guides
NH Town Passes Game-Changing Climate Ordinance
One Guatemalan town went to war on plastic waste
Bring Back Eisenhower "Socialism"
The Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet

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