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Compassionate Governance
For an open dissemination and discussion of ideas
relating to the concept of what I am calling
"Compassionate Governance" enabled by the
National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).

Erin Brockovich on East Palestine Train DeRailment

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Native Tribe in VA Reclaims Parcel of Homeland
It Was A Massacre-Cheyenne+Arapaho re OK Site
Noncompliance to Protect Kids & Teens
The Fear of Suffering Is Driving Us Crazy
Current Changes-White Light Radio with Kim Goguen
New McDonald's Farm - Organic Is The Future
Awakening Underway in the Heartland
Opinion-Medieval State Christianity Re Row-Wade?
Lawmaker Realizes Heartbeat Law's Real Consequence
Kryon - This Is Not Your Father's New Age
Donald Trump and the Shadow of America
Health Workers Fired for Shot Refusal Win Lawsuit
Resist, Wake Up, Stop Obeying-Nazi Survivor
Miscarriages-New Abortion Laws Obstruct Treatment
Constitution Preamble-Nevada Desert-Salt Wells NV
Interview of Trucker Grey Wolf on His Walk's Goals


(786) Grey Wolf - YouTube

Be educated. A very inspiring interview on goals of his historic and educational walk across America to DC by November to end the state of emergency and amend the Constitution to include term limits for all federal senators and representatives.  In addition, how anyone can help this cause without leaving home as well as walking with Ron Coleman "for a mile or a while" on his way to Washington, organizing rallies along the way, and much more.   

Transgenderism Lies Have A Cost 6-15-22
Stewards of Children - Darkness to Light
How Truck Driving Became One of Worst Jobs in US
Real Reason for the Truck Driver Shortage
Dr Robert Malone Speaks to People's Convoy 3-26-22
The People's Convoy Efforts To End Covid Emergency
Is The Iroquois Confederacy Like the Constitution?
Kryon 2022 - The New Paradigm of Reality
Why You Incarnated Now,Yes, You Chose This, Kryon
21st January 2022 Update Current News-Simon Parkes
ET Fleet arrives to watch humanity's Liberation
Old Guard Matrix Collapses-New Guard Arising
Disclosure Plus Free Library
12-19-21 Kryon 2022 - Energy of love
The 12:12 Portal is Now Open-Final Ascension Steps
Global Oneness Summit 2021-Live+Video Replay
In The 60's We All Had A Dream-Martin Luther King
Abe Lincoln at Gettysburg plus the 5D Future
St. Germain: The MRNA Vaccination-Jahn J Kassel
Game Over! This is The Revolution | David Icke
Dr. Shiva and historic first amendment lawsuit
Redefining the term "REPTILIAN" w/ Dr. Palevsky
How to Empower The People to Take Back Governance
Mastering-The-Now-Space-Sasha Stone+Russell Gould
Kim Goguen - Change Starts With You
Life Force Principles, The People, Assemblies
The Truth About Jesus, How Big Is Your GOD?
Golden Consciousness of New Earth -Feb to Apr 2021
Community Heart and Soul Services
Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy
Asking 'god', who is responding? Self-Governance?
ImaginalNation-Future ofCells,Humans &Civilization
Jason Shurka:A Message for You :) 12-30-20
STABLE Act & Its Implications for Cryptocurrency
James Gilliland: Questions to Answer
Robert KennedyJr-Refuse DNA-Altering Covid Vaccine
Reject NaniteVaccines-GetFunds to Change the World
Compassion and a Real Understanding of "Q"
18 NOV 2020 Update: An Opening in the Clouds.
People Power-History of Earth Trusts to Present
What have we learned from our current system?
Life Force Meeting 9/13/20 -Heal thyself.
Robert F.Kennedy,Jr-Int'l.Message for Freedom-Hope
Life Force-Solutions for We The People Sovereignty
New Earth Project - Sustainable Sovereignty
LIFE FORCE PART 2 - Speak Up For Yourself
NewYork Assembly-Lawful Notice ofExistence 10-2-20
Empower The People:Taking Back Our Country
Where To With Mask & Virus Business? Penny Kelly
I'm Not Supposed To Show You This ! Max Igan
Preparing for 2021 - Lori Ladd
Hawaii State laws-Spirit of Hawaiian Regency Laws?
Unity Now-Young Pharaoh on Healing Black Youth
Is Trump A Lightworker ? Lori Ladd
Can life go back to normal? Councils,Trust, Wisdom
Law of the Land-Common Law-Anna Von Reitz
A History of Self-Governance - Kevin Annett 2019
Fundamental US Government Structure-Anna Von Reitz
Republic of Kanata - A Republic with Councils
Must See:Transition to 5D Solutions-One Small Town
Maine Republic-Articles of Freedom
Anna Von Reitz at Republic of Texas Congress 2018
The Texas Republic Government of the People
US OMB to Eliminate Federal Divisive Training
How to stay in the HIGHER TIMELINE-Lori Ladd
Two Timelines Right NOW. Which are you focused on?
Feeling the uncomfortable - Lori Ladd 9-06-20
Human SexTrafficking-How To Shift theConsciousness
Reptilians & The Great Awakening - Lori Ladd
3D to 5D Mirror-Lightworker Paradigm
Adamus StGermain-Passion of The I AM-The Future

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Consciousness All Around Us = Q
Champion with 13 Near Deaths-Mind-Soul Healing
Roundtable -Moving Forward in Compassionate Unity
From Galactic Federation: Is Trump A Lightworker?
LA Save The Children - 100 City March
New-Age Myths & Beliefs: Religion, Spirituality
Spirituality&Politics-How to Focus onWhat You Want
New Financial System, A.I., 5G, Crypto, NESARA
John Paul Rice,Movie Director on Child Trafficking
Tesla Towers - death of the power cable
The Charlie Kirk Show: 9 Doctors Speak Out
Free Citizens & National Security Common Sense
Charlie Kirk Destroys Lies About America
5D Life-Out of This World Radio 2020-08-01
Tired of Wearing a Mask? Watch This!
Jesus Christ Within Us-Gnostic Mind-Blowing Truth
Covid Truth-US Frontline Doctors White Coat Summit
FormerOSHA Tammy H Clark-Face Mask Effectiveness

20 year OSHA director and instructor Tammy K Herrema Clark speaks candidly on face mask effectiveness, particularly pertaining to viruses and their effects on a healthy, non-infected person.

TRUMP:Double Agent or Child Trafficker? You Decide
Master StGermain on Re-Imagining Life on Earth
Viruses, Biodiversity, New Human
Can We Transform Before We Die?
Arise Homo Sapiens - Sacha Stone
Path to soil health&food independence-Dr Zach Bush
Great Financial and Economic Reset of 2020 (NESARA
First Lady Melania Trump releases Juneteenth video
MINNEAPOLIS: AG Barr-Common Sense Law Enforcement
How I Found Out About Qanon (My Red-Pill Process)
Abraham Hicks | Law Of Attraction 2020
AOC Flips Religious Freedom Argument on Its Head
I Love Teaching So Much ...I Quit | Tawana Weicker
Only a few know about the Side Effects
Why Coronavirus Could Be The 'Divine' Conspiracy
DrRashid Buttar Advanced Medicine Conf 5-23-20
Reach Next Level Of Consciousness-Dr.Joe Dispenza
The Collective-A Message to Lightworkers–4-03-20
Saint Germain: You Are In Charge-Nancy Tate
Putin & Trump vs The New World Order:Final Battle
MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Galactic Federation
Cleaning Up Cities-Homeless Less than Immigrants?
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, and Islam
Life After Awareness- Eckhart Tolle
TheCollective-Energies to Support You 2020 &Beyond
Building with Hemp-Incredible Natural Insulation
"If" by Rudyard Kipling - Inspirational Poetry
Parents Fighting Against Gender Identity Doctrine
Hemp Making a Comeback-Patagonia Clothing etc
Tiny Home CommunityGives HomelessVeterans A Chance
Will Leave You Speechless -One of Most Eye Opening
The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Whatever your perspective on the meaning of Thanksgiving Day, this is a story of endurance, overcoming the past, and coming together in mutual agreement, however temporary - perhaps the best that can be achieved in 3D reality - and I believe something to be celebrated. 

Dimensional Shift is Known: Project Looking Glass
Patagonia Leads the Charge on Hemp-Based Clothing
Sneaky Treaties:Globalists+Intnatl Law Corruption
How to Keep A Republic-The Democrats’ Hydra

Deep background and historical origins of Ukraine story and the "Deep State."

Economy of the Future: Resource-Based Economy

For discussion. In my opinion, would only work in 5D consciousness, where we are going. 

Vaxxed, Not-So-Obvious Establishment, People Power
company builds move-in ready houses with3D printer
Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Min
First Step Act-Results Bipartisan Justice Reform
Sovereignty &Freedom,Envisioning 5D,Elites Falling
Patty Cota-Robles Era of Peace-Vlogs Archive
Property Owners Who Let Us Build Wall OnTheir Land
Responding to the Transgender Moment
Should LGBT Relationships Be Taught Primary School

Please see the "Health and Longevity" page for more articles on this topic.

Dr Peter Saunders - The Transgender Agenda
Former TransgenderActivist-Transitioning Dangerous

Please see the "Health and Longevity" page for further information on transgenderism.

Grassroots activist+volunteers cleanup Baltimore
Trump supporters hold Baltimore clean-up effort
Albuquerque mayor:let’s give homeless people a job
Forgiveness - The Statue of Liberty
Inhumane Treatment of Migrants Not New-Bipartisan
Marianne Williamson on Consciousness in Politics
Responsibility-MarianneWilliamson 7-04-19 Address
The Dark Patriarchy's War with The Goddess
Most EyeOpening 10Minutes ofYour Life-Bruce Lipton
How We Are Programmed In The First 7 Years Of Life
TRUTH about How The Richest Create Their Success
With This FREQUENCY You Will Manifest Anything
The Green New Deal: A Capitalist Plot (Part 1)
This German prison program inspired Connecticut
Food betrayal -- don’t swallow the lies
You Do Not Have To Go To Venezuela ToSee Socialism
Socialism & the Democracy Deficit-The New Republic
The Way to Save Opioid Addicts | Moving Upstream
Why our economic model must change - VPRO document
Keshe Foundation Plasma in Sustainable Agriculture
EMERALD VILLAGE: Affordable Tiny House Village
A Message From the Future-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
In Reno, the biggest little houses in the world?
Can tiny houses save Detroit?
These Tiny Homes Are Making A Big Difference
Oregon Creates Tiny Home Community For TheHomeless
Stories From A Tiny Home Village: Madison
Commons Way of Life vs. Market Way of Life
Capitalism or Socialism. Which Will it Be?
State of the Commons 2041-A Vision Forward
How Nature Can Save From Climate-Ecology Breakdown
Quantum Computers and the Power of Compassion
Quantum computing explained - Shohini Ghose
The Drug Epidemic-Seattle,Solution-Providence RI
How these penny-pinchers retired in their 30s
The Green New Deal Explained
Are America's Small Towns Really Struggling?
Kryon Prepares Earth For Darkness Exposure 2019
Empire Files:Voices From The Anti-Trump Resistance
Empire Files:PeterJoseph & AbbyMartin-Capitalism
Universal Basic Income-why it'll work,how it pays
Writer who told the rich to stop dodging taxes
Dublin's homeless being retrained-city tour guides
NH Town Passes Game-Changing Climate Ordinance
One Guatemalan town went to war on plastic waste
Bring Back Eisenhower "Socialism"
The Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet

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