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Thor Han Eredyon with Michael Salla 10-25-23
Energies of Change: Earth's Quantum Leap
QuantumLeap Awaits: Galactic Tech Transforms Earth
Kryon 2023 - Everything will be different
Coming For Mankind-Near Death Experience Research
We Welcome You To 5D - Galactic Federation
Galactic Federation - Free Energy
Guardian Hosts of the This Ascension Cycle
Trials of Disclosure- ECETI+Corey Goode
Advanced Tech &New Race- 2018Summary US Contactees
The Final Step of the Transition-Aurora Ray
Huge Happening:Dr Greer on the Consciousness Field
Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference Attendees
World Religions-Records of ET Contact-Paul Wallis
SirianRevelations-Patricia Cori&Michael Salla 6-09
Laura Eisenhower interview w Michael Salla-5-31-22
Laura Eisenhower's Website
JJ Hurtak-Mars, Keys of Enoch, Space Arks,etc
Congressional Hearing on UFO's - May 17, 2022
Alex Collier & Elena Danaan-Out of this World
Space Arks, ET fleets, Ukraine & Human Liberation
Kryon 2022 - The New Paradigm of Reality
The 12:12 Portal is Now Open-Final Ascension Steps
Cabal to Antarctica to surrender to ETs+Alliance
P2-Cabal to Antarctica to Surrender, Undo Spells
The 12:12 Portal is Now Open!
Alex Collier:Andromeda Council on Human Liberation
ARDAANA's message to Humans of Earth - Oct 27/2021
Prime Directives, Cosmic Law & Our Part to Play
China, Earth Alliance, Antarctica, Future in Space
Galactic Federation, Alliance, Prime Directive
Is Mars in the Midst of Planetary Liberation War?
Salla -4th Reich Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica?
DISCLOSURE & SSP With Michael Jaco & JeanClaude
Venusians, Inner Earth, Role of Inter-dimensionals
ECETI Skywatch Mothership?
Stunning Photos-Galaxies 2Million Light-Years Away
Corey Goode: SSP Alliance Updates Resume 5-07-21
Alex Collier-Andromeda insights-Earths 5DAscension
Portal to New Earth-With Harlan Emil& Xi Earthstar
Message From The Universal Council Version 2
Elena Danaan-As You Wish TalkRadio-Galactic Allies
Surviving theTransition -Full Disclosure-Ascension
Ex-Space Chief:US & ALIEN Galactic Federation
Q&A: Answers From The Galactic Federation
What does it mean to be a 'God'? Who Valiant Thor?
Corey Goode:UFO&Secret SpaceProgram Disclosure War
OmnecOnec Interview-Ted Mahr,Out ofThis WorldRadio
Emery Smith&Ricardo Gonzalez-AlphaCentauri Mission
Trump speaks at presentation of Space Force flag
David WilcockSECRETSPACEPROGRAMSDeclassified 2020
David Wilcock-Corey Goode: The Antarctic Atlantis
Dr.Steven Greer-"They Can't Hide It Anymore"
The Pleiadian Prophecy - Matt Kahn
5D Pleiadian Taygetean who met with Eisenhower
Flying Rectangle shot down a Ballistic Missile?
Space Force,Final Frontier of Destroying the Cabal
WingMakers: A Future Aspect of the Human Species
Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program
Inelia Benz - The Anunnaki and why WE matter
Carter: Trump could be worthy of Nobel Peace Prize
Jordan Sather-Disclosure-Nazis-Tesla etc
CoreyGoode Mega-Update-Ancient Builder Race
In human history this HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!
JeffreyEpstein settles case,averts accusers testim
UN Space Administration,US Space Commerce Regs
Steven Greer Pt1- Holographic Conscious Universe
Bob Lazar-Jeremy Corbell on Larry King 1-19-19
ET Contact-Frequency Fence-3D Matrix Moon Imposed
Laura Eisenhower:Family, Valient Thor, Innate Self
Alien Races,Transhuman,13thZodiac-Laura Eisenhower
Disclosing The Secret Space Program
VaticanTranslator:Alien God Genetics Cloned Humans
Earth's First Known Interstellar Visitor Unmasked
Outpouring of Light,important event 10-11-17
Study provides evidence for externally powered Sun
Alternative 3 and ‘Global Consciousness’- Dr.Salla
My First Contact - Sharing website of UFO sitings
Heart-quake energies May 2017 - Carl Boudreau
HollowEarth+Inner Earth Civilizations-Corey Goode
Visit Antarctica Confirms Ancient Aliens in Stasis
Mayan Hunab KU - The Changing Universe
William Tompkins interview by Project Camelot

Early US foundation of Secret Space Program by an insider. Confirms Corey Goode and adds more information; yet he has it wrong about President Obama.

DavidWilcock-CoreyGoode:Endgame AntarcticArtifacts
1977 Alien Broadcast LIVE on BBC TV

More relevant than ever.

Shadow Government,SecretSpacePrograms, False Flags
Oscar Magocsi-Canadian Contactee-Space Traveler
Amazing Galactic Message The Scrolls of Peru
Keshe claims credit destruction of SpaceX Rocket
Disclosure-20 yr slave in Secret Space Programs
Tesla, Atlantis, Pyramid Energy, Earth Grid plus
AIR FORCE ONE escorted by UFO TR-3B ! August 2016
Latest Corey Goode Report with Wilcock comments
Air Force One and TR-3B video
Strange phenomenon lights up Miami night sky 7-23
EU Pres.Spoke toOther Planets'Leaders about Brexit
Obama to reveal UFOsecrets before leaving office
Peace Action Praises Obama’s Hiroshima Visit
DrStevenGreer-PureAwakeness Conscious Intelligence
Angelic Realm to Bernie Sanders: "Ride the Wave!"
Dr Greer:I Will PAY YOU toMake aFree Energy Device
Neil Freer-The Truth of Your Genetic Inheritance
DrSteven Greer-A Call for FREE ENERGY technology
UNACKNOWLEDGED Ends Illegal UFO&Free EnergySecrecy
SIRIUS: Dr. Steven Greer-Original Documentary Free
Disclosure Reactions-ParadigmResearchGroup 3-18-16
5,000 yr ancient Indian VIMANA found-Afghanistan
Ancient Vimana found-World leaders to Afghanistan
Secret 5000 Year Old Vimana Found!
Sirius Disclosure-Dr Greer videos on youtube
Paola Harris Interview with Edgar Mitchell
Mitchell: You have to tie it with transcendence because, when you transcend the transcendent states, you get past the ego structure, and at that point you don’t need laws, you have "morality!" You have inborn, natural ethics because it is built on Love. 
Paola: That seems to be the secret word.
Mitchell: Yes. That is why the ancient traditions, even Christianity, say God is Love. There is symmetry here. The fundamental step where you get into this transcendent state is this feeling of ebullience, love and caring and unity.
Looks Like We Have A New 9th Planet & It's BIG
Exopolotics-Secret Space Program Disclosures
Andrew Basiago Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travel
Found:King Anunnaki body,12,000yrs old-intact
Russia To Obama:Tell World About Aliens,Or We Will
Alien Partners Tell Putin,We've Got Your Back

For your discernment. Our source says, "There are some things in this that are true!! Yes, the Tall Whites are from Tao Ceti, a Constellation in our Galaxy, & from Andromeda...Yes, these E.T.'s made agreements with our Gov. & Putin & China.


The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out 

Disclosure-Dr. Steven Greer-Nov. 21, 2015

How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose

6 amazing sights from International Space Station
Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in HumanDNA
AstronautScottKelly Posts UFO Pic FromSpaceStation
Greer-How SecretGovernment Works-Explosive Expose

A workshop Sat Nov 21st in DC, live and webinar attendance, replay available.

HOLLOW EARTH Proof-NASA exposes from space
Irrefutable Proof Recorded History is Wrong
Dr Greer's Global Contact Initiative Forum
NASA releases library of sounds recorded in space
NASA-Stunning time-lapse of a total solar eclipse
Orbs Cleaning Up Chemtrails&Dancing in 9-11 Beams
Discover Cosmic Disclosure-Goode-Wilcock
Hearing/Speaking the Language of Light
Aliens prevented nuclear war-Former NASA Astronaut
The September 2015 Wave X Awakening
Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System
Strange Things Happening To Astronauts Returning
"Calling the Animals" to Lion's Gate-Celia Fenn
18min video:Supermassive Cosmic Ray-next 82 days
Some stars in the Milky Way have changed orbit
Ariel Phenomenon movie-ETs sighted in Africa
UFO sighting:10 white globes floating in sky-Japan
Aussie proves plasma tubes floating above Earth
26,000 yr Central Sun Galactic Wave to Earth Soon
X-Ray Glow Evidence of Local Hot Bubble
Planet Alert August 2015 by Mahala Gayle
Learn to make Contact - From Dr. Greer
6-21-15 Solstice Begins Arms Silence in Stages
5 Main Extraterrestrial Races InContact With Earth
contact:international law &crimes against humanity
Secret SpaceProgram Conferences on Full Disclosure
Q19.  You say that the Committee of 200 offered to begin a limited disclosure by November 2015 if you withheld further disclosures. Given your detailed report of the June 9 meeting, that suggests that you will continue with disclosures that contribute to a “full disclosure event” ASAP. Do you think the Committee will continue with its limited disclosure scenario for November regardless of your decision, or try to maintain the status quo?
      Yes, disclosures will continue. This was yet another of the Cabal/Illuminati delay tactics that they have used over and over again in the last decade. They were trying to spin the situation to where they were the victims and try to manipulate the disclosure process to where their crimes against humanity were not exposed until after they had lived out their lives in freedom.
      This offer of theirs was not considered for one moment. There will be no cessation in disclosures. There will be no partial disclosures. The sooner they realize this and begin to work with the Alliance the better. Instead it is expected they will act like a spoiled child and try to destroy as much as possible on their way out. They refuse to admit defeat even while standing at the gallows.
      They are still pushing in several directions for WWIII as they are trying to make these “Good Faith” negotiations and are using all of their “Former Illuminati” resources to spin and control the narrative of disclosure in their favor. The cold fact is that they do not have to admit defeat to be defeated. There will be a Full Disclosure that will include all of their crimes against humanity
Analysis of AI Influences on Earth

Good article, about the tech... helps me remember what it was like to be a borg, & why we WON'T ever do that again!!  I remember this stuff... So nice to see it in print, yet it too is a bit confused!!  We are all figuring out who we are! As the 99% see we are all one, the rest catches up & the 1% get with it & join.... yet there are a few who go bye-bye... It is in the Highest Good for all concerned...

ET Contact Networking App - Free
David Adair - The Other Space Programme
David Adair tells the story of the U.S.Space Program through the eyes of a child prodigy turned top rocket scientist. 
    Building his first rocket at the age of 11, David soon had progressed to the point that he was drawing attention to his exploits by people such as General Curtis LeMay and Werner Von Braun.
    His complicated mathematical formulas found their way to the eminent scientist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, who at that time had just received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and was at the beginning of his own career. 
    When they met and David was asked for the source of his formulas, he sheepishly replied that many came to him in dreams. To that Stephen Hawking replied, "I get a lot of my ideas through dreams also. We dream on the same wavelength; therefore, that makes us brothers."
    He is a world class presenter and keynote speaker, seminar and workshop leader and consultant. David is not only knowledgeable, he is a lot of fun. His charismatic style and down-to-earth humour, make David a speaker that is intriguing, informative, entertaining and memorable.
    His presentations include little known facts and anecdotes from his involvement with the Space Program, commercial technology development, films and "the things he has seen" at Area 51. (about 120 mins): 
LabourCouncillor Simon Parkes-Brought Up by Aliens
3 1/2 minute video shows Earth's place in Cosmos
Seismic Shift In Vatican Approach To UFOs&Aliens
Illuminati Cover Up:Space Video Leaked by Russian
Paradigm Research Group Update-5-15-15
George VanTassel 1964-Rare UFO-Research Classic
ETs and the New Cosmology-Steven Greer
Ship Observing Volcanic Eruption, Calbuco, Chile
Learn to make Contact - from Dr. Greer
ALEX COLLIER , Los Angeles, Sep 2009
Archons,ETs,Creation,Galactic History,Human Future

Andrew Bartzis - Galactic Historian - all are graduating together

Discovery 10th Planet Confirmed-Sitchen Predicted
Armada of UFOs caught in daytime sky in California
President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens?

Not really..very short - Jimmy Kimmel show.

Greer: Strategy behind Disclosure-UNOD letter
UFO Activist to Capitol Hill: ‘Beam Me Up!'
UFO Documentary 2015: Aliens exist on the moon
This Syfy Channel documentary quite convincingly establishes
the fact of what are assumed to be ET structures on the moon,
and ends with the question of whether these beings established
societies on Earth in the ancient past.  Overall, there is a lot of
new information here to be aware of with many NASA photos,
so it appears some releases are being made gradually to the public. 
How to interpret these is left to everyone's discretion, perhaps
to see what the reactions will be before further revelations.
All in all, a worthwhile hour and a half, skipping the many ads
which interrupt the program.
JohnPodesta has ET regret on leaving theWhiteHouse
Tesla's Elon Musk says have battery to power home
Nicola Tesla's Greatest Secret: Radiant Energy
1-27-15 Stephen Greer-2 ships witnessed-Vero Beach
Comet Lovejoy and more - SpaceWeather
2 More Planets Hiding At The Edge Of Solar System
130,000 pages of UFO investigation docs now online
UFO Sends Glowing Orbs Into Formation 1-13-15
Support Congress Hearings for ET Testimony
ET Ambassador photo+events+ new interview
Crossing Point of Light paper-Dr Greer
Man Lives With ET's For Year In The Himalayas
Former Defense Minister of Canada Discusses UFO's
Is space-time shaped like a SPIRAL?
Invisible doughnut is Earth's radiation shield
Universe Explained in 3 Min - It's All One
Activist demands congressional action on ET aliens
Ancient aliens & lost worlds-History channel
Non-Human DNA Found inElongated Paracas Skulls
Once in million yrs:Comet buzzing Mars onSun 10-19
Where Are You Now? In the Universe-video
Milky Way in super-galactic cluster of "Laniakea"
Ancient Alien High-Tech Genetic Disc
Marine 17 yrs on Mars authorized to reveal truth
DVDs Supporting Disclosure from Paradigm Research
Welcome to the Integratron
8/15/2014 Sightings of Large UFO Craft Over Texas

Roswell-Type ET:Original LeakerDiscloses New Info

It's interesting that this video matches the description of the alien in "Alien Interview". The title of this guy's channel is not helpful-recommended with discretion.

Mars Viking Caller RegardingMen on Mars in 1979
New Morse Code Crop Circle "NO MORE WAR"
Secret Alien Complex Hidden Beneath Romania’s Mtns
Project Aquarius Documents Released-Dr Greer
Black Whole Dynamics:Fractal-Holographic Universe
LauraMagdaleneEisenhower:ETinvasion alreadyOccured
Whistleblower served 3 years on secret space fleet
Donald M. Ware - UFO Truthseeker

You are one of many I met over my 61 years as a truthseeker who are helping prepare this planet for a kinder, gentler civilization. You seem to have a very effective process and relation with the larger reality.
Don Ware, Advisor, Exopolitics Institute
PS:That site archives 15 papers I wrote while a Director of the International UFOC Congress.

How Earth's Biosphere was Made from Dynamic Forces
First-Person-View Of Felix Baumgartner’s SpaceJump
James Gilliland: ET/UFOs decloak over Mexico.
Keshe Foundation Facebook link
Aliens Are Helping Us - Alex Collier - Feb 2014
ET Secret Earth HIStory By Alex Collier (Complete)
Spirit Into Matter — The Geometry of Life - Thrive
Fukushima + the Solution by MT Keshe
'The Day Before Disclosure'
Obama Mentions Area 51, 1st President to do so
Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance
Saturn Hexagon Video-6 Sided Jet Stream
Fascinating witness testimony + Stephen Greer
Crop Circles are Clues to New Energy Technology!
Michael Tellinger-Ancient Levitation Technologies
InvisibleScience:The Other Egypt-John Anthony West
Are Gov't Underwater Bases Testing AlienTechnology
"We're Stardust!" -- Edgar Mitchell
Randy Powell - TEDx Presentation - Free Energy
William Pawelec: Posthumous Interview
Highlights-Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference
Steven Greer - Art Bell - September 17 2013
Mind-Blowing New Photos from Space
One Universe, One People-Stephen Greer
UFOs: World Government Secrets
Walter Cronkite's ET Experience
Van Tassel interview reveals secrets from ETs

An historic television interview with George Van Tassel recorded in June 1964 reveals a number of technologies that have been secretly developed by the U.S. Air Force and Navy based on information first gained from extraterrestrial visitors. Among the national security secrets revealed by Van Tassel is that the U.S. Air Force has possessed antigravity technology since at least 1956... 

Who Is George Van Tassel?
Giant Underwater Crystal Pyramids Discovered-Bermu


Star Trek Becomes Reality:First Medical Tricorder
PAYPAL Wants to Launch INTERGALACTIC Currency

 Intergalactic?  How about we get our world currencies straightened out first...

Message from President John F Kenedy May 18, 2013
CitizenHearing-Disclosure-Campaign-Stephen Bassett
Overhead Satellites Facilitate Spiritual Push
The Science Delusion-Rupert Sheldrake
Universe or Multiverse? Brian Greene
Archived Webcast!! Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Deathbed Testimony About UFOs-Former CIA Official
Former Sen.Mike Gravel: WH suppressing ET evidence
Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Day 2:HuffPost
Citizen Hearing:Calls for US To Disclose UFO Files
UFO Testimony:Congressional-Style Hearing-HuffPost
Storm of Disclosure To Hit-David Wilcock 4-27-13
Keshe's Free Energy Tech Makes Military 'Useless'
Stephen Greer and David Wilcock Interview
Mystery Lights Over Phoenix-Apr 21, 2013
Former Congressionals-Citizen Hearing onDisclosure

Former Members of Congress to Convene a Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

Former Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (Dem, MI), Congressman Merrill Cook (Rep, UT) and Senator Mike Gravel (Dem/Lib, AK) have agreed to sit in Committee for a Citizen Hearing at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, April 29 to May 3. The International spokesperson for the CHD is Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Capt. USN/NASA ret.).

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at www.citizenhearing.org is a project of the Paradigm Research Group:  www.paradigmresearchgroup.org

CHD Contact:  Stephen Bassett  (202-215-8344),  CHD@citizenhearing.org

New Era-Dr Keshe's Letter-Peace & the Pope 3-25-13

"..My call is simple to the men of power and to the destitute alike: assist each other so that in unified physicality you reach the unification of your souls, and thus as one flower you can ascend to new levels of understanding the truth about yourself, your unified soul and the Creator of the universe and universal cosmos.."

Stranger At The Pentagon and other Real Stories
Apr 29-May 3 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell:Disclosure Witness Testim
Mayan Tablets Released by Mexican Government

Star Trek's Faster-Than-Light Warp Drive a Reality
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Meeting Human ET From Venus-George Adamski
About George Adamski
Ike and the Truth of the UFO Flap of 1952
CSETI and Disclosure Project Videos
What is the ACIO?
NASA's plan to catch an asteroid
38 Levels Above ‘Top Secret’: ACIO
Frank Chille:"Stranger at the Pentagon"
Valiant Thor-Venusian At The Pentagon-F.Stranges
UFO Caught Live on Fox News (1/20/13) ORIGINAL
Interview with Mehran T. Keshe on Jan 13th 2013
Plasma Loops on the Electric Sun | Space News
TOWARDS THE GOLDEN AGE - A pictorial summary-4min
23 Dec 2012 passed – Nothing happened? 28 Dec 2012

Fascinating in-depth science and crop circle analysis.  Seems to indicate higher intervention and a mysterious date in March 2013.  Has completely baffled the scientists.

A ride in the Space Station amazing...
Medvedev Talks About Aliens On Earth! Is He Joking

 On Friday, December 7, the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his microphone was still switched on. He was asked whether the President is given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office. In his responses, Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but that some are actually living among us. He went even further to say that the Hollywood comedy, Men in Black, depicting a secret government agency monitoring extraterrestrials on Earth, has a factual basis to it. While the comments appear to be playful responses to a reporter's off-beat question, they raise questions over exactly how much truth was being revealed by Medvedev. Given that Medvedev's responses were said off-air, without him realizing that his microphone was still recording, they at face value give credence to claims that extraterrestrials are not only visiting our world, but are even living among us...

"2012 A-Z" -Galaxial Event-Disneyesque Proportions
Facing the Unknown at Zero Point
Mayan explanation of what will happen on Dec 21st
NASA Fermi Telescope Finds Giant GalacticStructure
Live global ET contact celebration largest ever?
"Let's Get Together And Feel Alright" - One Love
UFO hacker wins battle against US Government 10-17
Atlantis Found:Sphinxes,Pyramids,Bermuda Triangle
Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt
Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3D
Stop keeping us in the dark about UFOs and Contact

UFOs and space beings have been in communication with our government and other governments for decades, since the 1950s, at the least. They are advanced galactic races who have offered us advanced technology that would solve all of the problems we currently face on this planet and in our world. They care deeply for us, but our government patronizes us by telling them "no thanks" and by telling us that there are no extraterrestrial visitors, and that UFOs are weather balloons, etc. STOP TREATING US LIKE CHILDREN! This planet belongs to all of us, not only to the governments of each country. It's time for national disclosure of the FACT about UFOs and visiting extraterrestrials.

Massive European Pyramids Discovered-Sep 13, 2012
Man Made Ancient Pyramids Found on Antarctica 8-31
Spaceship at closing ceremony 1984 Olypmics 8-29
Mysterious crop circles in Washington wheat field
Mayan Tablets Released by Mexican Government 7-31
Historic interview-secrets learned from ETs
"Preponderance of evidence" UFOs exist: expert
Dr.Steven Greer:Contact, Disclosure & Free Energy
Truth About the NASA Shuttle Program
July 8 - World Disclosure Day
Parts of Mars interior as wet as Earth's-Jun 23
UFO Sighting - Chelmsford, England - Jun 2012
A Message from Dr. Greer - June 7, 2012
Dr Greer's Disclosure Project Blog
Steven Greer Presents: 'Sirius' The Documentary
A Higher Consciousness Conversation 1981
Steven Greer : What's really going on (Part 1/4)
Seeks Amnesty For Military Who Witness UFOs
CNN coverage of countries ex-gov employe sightings
UFO Disclosure: It`s Already Happening!
Field of Dreams: A Visit to the ECETI Ranch
Nassim Haramein on spaceships entering the sun
Otis Carr-Resonant Frequency Disc-History Channel
David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations --
NSA Document Admits ET Contact-Apr 24, 2011
Elena Danaan-As You Wish TalkRadio-Galactic Allies

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