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A comment to this article:  "Breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics and quantum medicine have shown that there is one emotion that alters DNA from carbon to crystalline.  That emotion is compassion.  The reason for this is compassion is a frequency that basically nullifies polarity.  It wipes the slate clean.  Compassion resonates to the number 9 and is synonymous with the Void of Creation.  It is Zero point.  Yes, we can take a drug to rinse away the past, but where's the soul growth in that?  Isn't soul growth why we came here in the first place?"       Jelaila Starr http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/

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Biophysicist Mae Wan Ho describes how the living organism, including the human body, is coordinated throughout and is ‘coherent beyond our wildest dreams’.  It appears that every part of our body is ‘in communication with every other part through a dynamic, tuneable, responsive, liquid crystalline medium that pervades the whole body, from organs and tissues to the interior of every cell’ (Ho 1998: 82).

What this means is that the ‘medium’ of our bodies is a form of liquid crystal, thus an ideal transmitter of communication, resonance, and coherence. These relatively new developments in biophysics have discovered that all biological organisms are constituted by a liquid crystalline medium. Further, that DNA is a liquid crystal lattice-type structure (which some refer to as a liquid crystal gel) whereby body cells are involved in a holographic instantaneous communication via the emitting of bio-photons (a source based on light). This implies that all living biological organisms continuously emit radiations of light that form a field of coherence and communication. Moreover, biophysics has discovered that living organisms are permeated by quantum wave forms. Ho informs us that

…the visible body just happens to be where the wave function of the organism is most dense. Invisible quantum waves are spreading out from each of us and permeating into all other organisms. At the same time, each of us has the waves of every other organism entangled within our own make-up…We are participants in the creation drama that is constantly unfolding. We are constantly co-creating and re-creating ourselves and other organisms in the universe…(Ho 1998: 116).

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