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A Place of Peace: Sananda

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Sananda addressing the February 23, 2010 teleconference:


"Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Sananda, coming on the wings of your love and feeling such joy in my heart and indeed in my entire being.   There are those who know that I walk among you in spirit, and yes, in body.   And I shall be even more in evidence to your eyes in the near moments to come as Planet Earth makes her transition, for it is I, Sananda, who am blessed with the responsibility - the joy - for this wondrous transition that you call the Ascension of the planet.  And I come to assist and facilitate all with the great love of the Kumara Family, and indeed, all the Masters and Angels and the kingdoms who are joined together in this blessed event.  And most of all, I come because of the great love you are.  Our joy cannot be measured - it is infinite and unending.  We are connecting, indeed, we are enjoying the sacredness of the communion, and the moments where this happens are being intensified and magnified and lengthened more and more, and soon we shall all know this as our way of being totally.  I can only tell you how blissful it is, how much joy there is.  I can only tell you, that you need not pack anything to bring with you save your own beautiful, wondrous selves.  All that you can possibly imagine that you desire is provided already for you.  All the adventures that you can possibly want to have, whether it be in your own ships or your own light bodies, are there already for you.  And all of the help and the healing that you want to bring to other places in the universe, are there already in what you call your timelines. 


"And so we ask that you join now in this mission and purpose to further Planet Earth along this sacred path, to lend your love, your energies, joining together in a sacred exercise in a communion state.  We shall come together as One, and we shall anchor Peace, not only within the hearts of all who serve in light missions, in lightworking missions upon the planet, but beyond.  We shall carry it into the very hearts of darkness, and we shall light up the world together as One.  And so, Beloved Ones, if you will just relax and breathe.


"Feel the energies of love and joy, allow them in to your beautiful, beautiful beings, in all of your energy fields - light them up with Love.  Connect with that which you call your Higher Self, connect all of your bodies.   Let that Lovelight be the energy that connects, that lights up your entire fields of being.  If there is a place that seems a bit dark or that seems to have a block, just call in the Violet Ray and let it wave and transform and transmute.  Keep the wisdom and let the light continue on through your being.  This Lovelight is so precious because you, Beloved Ones, are precious beyond words.  You are sacred divine beings and we are uniting with you in mission and purpose.  So let your hearts open even wider and let this Lovelight come in.  Now your heart is a portal, is it not, and you know that, so as you have your heart open and this Lovelight is coming in, allow it to stream out through your entire being, and as you do this, see in front of you taking a form, a shape if you will, that very familiar crystal elevator.  See it there in front of you, Beloveds.  It has your name on it.   It has the welcoming lights radiating from the beautiful crystals, welcoming you once again.  You don’t even need to hesitate, the door is open for you, just move right on into that sacred space which is yours, and feel the high vibrational energies of Love and Joy as you step into the elevator. We are there with you each and every one of you.   Feel the love and the hugs as we take our places with you.  And we thank you for inviting us to come on this grand journey with you.


"And now we are going to go up in this elevator.   You needn’t reach out for any buttons; the elevator is guided, guided by you, Beloved Ones, and knows exactly where it is you need to go.  So just feel the lifting up throughout your entire beautiful beings.   And soon the elevator comes to a gentle stop, and when it does the door opens, and there is such a beautiful light outside of the elevator that you immediately move past the door and out into this most joyful place.  Some of you may hear heavenly sounds, music, perhaps birds or other animals and creatures singing and welcoming you.  Some of you may smell the fragrances of the beautiful flowers and hear the flowers singing to you, for they have vibrations and frequencies as well, and some of you may, may see the other kingdoms of Mother Gaia represented:  the Fairies and the Elementals, the animal kingdoms.  You may see wondrous, wondrous communities coming together in Joy and Love, and you know for sure that you have come to a place of Peace because there is so much Love and because everyone is so full of Grace, so kind to each other, and everywhere there are beautiful crystals and minerals, members of that kingdom, radiating this Joy, this Peace and this Love throughout.  And now you hear the message, and the message is one of welcome, and however you hear it, it goes right to your heart.  Remember, your heart is a portal to your entire being.  And so as the message comes into your heart and radiates out, you are filled with even more Joy and Thanks and Gratitude because the message is:


"‘Here is every Peace you could imagine or envision.  Here are symbols of Peace, here are sounds of Peace, here are representations of every kind of being in Peace and in harmony with each other.  And most of all, here is Peace in your vibrations, in the way that you feel because it is all based in the energy of Love.  And so now it is that you are invited to take into your heart whatever symbols there are, whatever it is that you would take back that symbolizes Peace.  It could be words, it could be music, it could be feelings, could even be a cuddly little puppy dog or a flower that speaks to you, or music that is there for you. The only thing that is the same for each and every one is that it is for you to take into your hearts, the energies of all that you see and feel, you smell and hear and all that is messaged to you telepathically on wings of Love, and all that you vibrate in resonance with. 


"Go ahead, your heart has infinite room for Peace, and your being thrives upon the nurturing that Peace gives to you.   So take as much peace as you would like from this wondrous, wondrous place, and bring it into your hearts, Beloved Ones, and then let it flow out throughout your entire beingness.   Literally fill yourselves with it and remember to keep it coming into your heart.   You don’t ever have to stop the inflow of Peace into your heart and out through your being.   It is your legacy, it is your divinity expressing and messaging to you.   It is this Peace, however you visualize it, however your see it or experience it, it is this Peace, these wondrous energies and vibrations that you bring back into your heart and through your entire being.  So go amongst all of the messengers of Peace, gather what you will, bring it into your own hearts and throughout your entire being and know that now you carry within your fields the colors, the sounds, the energies of Peace, that you yourselves have chosen to bring into your beloved beings.


"And when you are ready, Beloved Ones, when you are ready, you find that you are standing in front of that wondrous elevator and the door opens to welcome you.  Take a last look, turn around and look out your door.   And here’s another gift for you.  It is for you to return to this place whenever you choose.  You have a permanent standing invitation to come to this wondrous place of the high vibrations of Peace born on the wings of Love, and always waiting to greet you and to invite you to bring back within your heart and out through your entire being, Peace for all, evermore.


"And so prepare yourselves, Beloved Ones.  You are continuing in the high dimensions of Christ consciousness and beyond.  Your elevator is lit up even more with these wondrous energies.  Feel even more the presence of all that are with you.  I AM there, Beloved Ones.   I AM with each and every one of you ,even as I AM here, as we all are.  We are kingdoms together of divine hearts of Love and of Joy to the universe and beyond.  So bring yourselves back in your elevators.  Maintain this high dimension within your beings, this Love, this Peace, this Joy, and when you emerge from your elevators see that the world around you is brighter immediately as soon as the door opens, because you are gifting the world with these vibrations of Love and Peace and Joy.  And now invite the hearts of all to open, to receive this great gift you brought back. You will never run out.  More upon more upon more is instantaneously created through your sharing and your Love, through your giving and your continuous receiving.  


"You have not left this great Kingdom of Peace.   You have brought it back with you to continue co-creating with you, entering into your heart, spreading out through your heart and spreading out through your entire fields of being, and now sharing beyond bringing all upon Planet Earth, below, on and above, into the Oneness that we all are, inviting all to take as much of this Peace that you bring into their own beings and yes, inviting them to share it.  The magic of it is, the miracle of it is, it just keeps creating more and more of itself because you, Beloved Ones, have answered the call and because we have joined together in sacred creation of anchoring Peace in the hearts of all upon Planet Earth.  And so it is.  And so it is that we can say this Mission of Peace is accomplished.


"And now comes my Mother standing beside me with the beautiful roses, the roses of Kumara, the roses of Love.   We ask each and every one of you to reach out and take one or more of them, as many as you choose.   Allow them too, to come into your hearts and be anchored there, and from this moment on the universe knows, knows that you have brought Peace into the hearts of all of Planet Earth and shared it so beautifully in order that it might be anchored.   And this is a grand step indeed for the planet, because it is helping even more to bring Peace not only into the hearts of all, but into the consciousness of all who are awake now and of all who are waking up because of this precious gift that you precious ones have brought to Planet Earth.  So we hug you now and we tell you again, 'We Are One, always connected, always in communion, and we thank you.'  You are loved infinitely and beyond words.  We are Family in One with you.    And so it is."


Thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcript.

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