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"I went to the Tax March today [April 15, 2017] at NYC, it was kind of a last minute plan, there were so many caring people to receive my flyers, you would not believe, I was able to hand out hundreds of flyers within half an hour! And I ran into a few climate change people who were distributing flyers on their upcoming Washington D.C. event on 04/29/17. It is going to be another huge opportunity to promote N.E.S.A.R.A. to the public!"  A.C., NJ

Email us if you would like to connect with Curtis, who will be handing out NESARA flyers in Washington D.C. on April 29th: ashtarontheroad@aol.com

Links to information about this event: http://content.sierraclub.org/press-releases/2017/01/activists-announce-major-climate-march-dc-nationwide-april-29th


“I had 500 cards made out with the colored NESARA that was/is on your flier.  Then I had printed on it   -  A law passed by Congress in 2002.  I then put them under wiper blades in parking lots at shopping Malls.  That was in Aug. and Sept. I know it did some good.  One lady saw me and said, "no thanks, you got me last week in the Walmart lot."  Another Lady said, "thanks I feel that we are in the last book of Revelations."  I said, "you got it Lady." I have been talking with the ships for about four years now.  They say to me - what is very similar to your transmissions.  Only it is geared to where I live here near Gettysburg and c.d.    Peace for us all, Barbara”


"I printed out 180 NESARA one page flyers and me and one of my friends went to Bernie's rally and passed them all out.  I was particularly excited to tell & see the people's interest peaked in examining the flyer after pointing out to them that they should read the statement that I placed in the header section of the flyer, that Bernie was one of the original authors of this law."    C.S., DC
"I've printed a little over 300 flyers and tomorrow I'll start placing them on cars at different location and once I give out, I'll print some more. I have been telling a lot of people about Nesara. I went to a Car show yesterday in Atlanta and had a good conversation with a few people there. Thanks for the information. I paid for a bumper sticker about a week ago."
H.S., Georgia
May 10, 2016, My experience attending a Bernie Sanders Rally and handing out NESARA Fliers, in South Bend, Indiana on Sunday, May 1, 2016.  By Eric E.
"I had been looking forward to attending this rally ever since Bernie announced that he was planning to have a rally here in South Bend at The Century Center (A large convention center in downtown South Bend).  I also knew this event would be a perfect opportunity to hand out NESARA Fliers.  So the day before I took two printouts of the NESARA Flier that I obtained from http://www.ashtarontheroad.com to Office Depot/Office Max and I had 250 copies made on Golden Rod colored paper.  This made 500 NESARA Fliers.  
"On Sunday at church the day of the rally, I talked with my friend Bruce, and he said he was also going to attend this rally.  He said he was going to arrive at the Century Center at about 2:00, as he was sure that there would be a long line to get into the convention center long before the doors opened at 4:00.  He said Bernie was scheduled to speak at 7:00.  I told Bruce I thought that was a too early to arrive, and that I would plan to arrive at 3:00.  Well, at about 2:20 I received a call from Bruce and he said he was in line at the Convention Center, and that the line was already very long.  He thought that I should probably leave now to insure that I can get in to hear Bernie Speak.  I agreed with him, so I got my NEARA Fliers and left for the rally.  When I arrived at the Convention Center at about 3:00, I located my friend Bruce, and I told him I was very happy to see so many people in line one hour before the doors open.  I also told him that this would be the perfect time to hand out the NESARA Fliers that I bought with me.  I started to hand out the fliers and then I saw a man selling Bernie Sanders Campaign Buttons.  I purchased a button and attached it to my sweater, so that people would know I was a supporter of Bernie.  I then resumed handing out the fliers.  Some people asked me what this flier was about, and I told them that very soon now there would be a big announcement in the media about many wonderful benefits coming to the people.  I handed out all but 5 or 6 fliers which I wanted to reserve for the media inside the convention center. 
"I met back up with Bruce and we waited in line until the doors opened at 4:00.  The line moved at a good pace entering the building.  They had two metal detectors set up for the people to pass through, and there was a sensible amount to security personnel there to ensure security for everyone.   We were directed into a very large convention[EE1]  center room where everyone was standing in front of the stage. I was surprised that we had to stand, as it was about 4:30 and Bernie wasn’t scheduled to speak until 7:00.  Though, with everyone standing it created a lot more positive energy for the rally.  Many people had Bernie Sanders signs which they held up and cheered many times during Bernie’s talk.  
"Bruce and I had a good position in the room.  We were at the back on one side of the gathering of people, with a three foot space between us and scaffolding set up for the media. I handed out my remaining NESARA Fliers to the media people.   It was very interesting to watch the media people set up and then cover the Bernie’s campaign speech.  There were media personnel there from all the local TV stations and some national news organizations.  All of the media people were very engaged in covering this Bernie Sanders rally with the exception of the Fox News National Reporter.  She set up her camera then worked on her computer during the whole event.  She looked like she was totally bored and completely disengaged from the event.  
"Also, it was very noticeable that there were a lot of young people there.  We were standing by a group of teenagers and twenty something people, and there were also a lot of middle age and elderly people attending this rally.  At about 7:00 we heard that Bernie was speaking to people in the overflow room, and then about 7:20 Bernie walked into our room to loud cheers from those in attendance.  Bernie spoke for approximately 45 minutes, and he spoke about many things that are part of the benefits included in the NESARA Law.  He was interrupted many times with cheers and sign waving by those in attendance.  It appeared that all those in attendance had a wonderful time hearing Bernie’s campaign speech.  I heard the next day in the media that approximately 4,200 people attended this rally.
"This was the first campaign rally that I have ever attended.  It was a great experience, and I’m sure glad that I had the opportunity to hand out so many NESARA Fliers to people that were happy to receive this information. Sincerely, Eric
D.N. in Texas is using a NESARA stamp on the backs of all checks he writes as a way of getting NESARA energy into the banking system.
A lady in Arizona has put a quarter-page ad in the local advertizer which includes the entire NESARA flyer - circulation in the 100 thousands. S.P., AZ
An Ashtar Family member attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Ohio and reports:

“I copied 222 NESARA Flyers, and BLESSED them with the INTENTIONS I'd set. I arrived at 8:00 a.m., when the doors were to open; however, the LINE was SO LONG waiting for them to open, that it stretched the whole length of the parking lot. So, that's where I started handing out the Flyers

“Once Inside, I handed out tothose standing in the lobby area. Eventually, I got into the coliseum, where half of the crowd was standing in front of the stage, waiting for the speakers. I made my way, weaving in and out of the outer rim of the crowd, and lastly went up into the bleachers.

“I USED the FLYER as a SUPPORT for BERNIE, while at the same time, stressed that HE and PRESIDENT OBAMA needed US to SUPPORT their ANNOUNCING NESARA - the only way to get it OUT from under the GAG Order that had been placed on it.

“My typical approach as I handed the flyer to a person (usually a GROUP of people, or a couple) was to say this: 

"Here's something that BERNIE KNOWS about, but The PUBLIC does NOT know about, because THIS LAW -- passed in Oct. 2000 -- was placed under the GAG ORDER, disallowing him or anyone who VOTED on it AS LAW to talk about it. He covers many points in his platform that SUPPORT this LAW, but he cannot use the name: NESARA or National Economic Security and Reformation Act." 

"President OBAMA and BERNIE both, not only KNOW about this LAW, but they both SUPPORT it, and they'd like to ANNOUNCE it in a ONE-TIME ANNOUNCEMENT to the nation in order to take it out of "secrecy" and ENACT it AS the LAW of the Land. But,they need OUR HELP. Please call or write BERNIE and the PRESIDENT to inform them that you are AWARE of the LAW of NESARA and are requesting that they ANNOUNCE it TO the NATION." 
D.J.W., OH, 3-14-16
We now have available Bumper Stickers and NEW downloadable Flyers!
Donate $5 for a Bumper Sticker and print your Flyers to hand out when you get questions about it or just spread the word with the Flyers!

A great activist action is a NESARA vanity license plate. Perhaps you will have the next one in your state!  First, Texas! And now here's New York State and Utah!  We understand there will be laminated Flyers in a window outlining the points of NESARA to spark some conversation. 


"I have a list of over 50 people who I send Ashtar's report to.  That of course includes the Tara/Rama report and and the rest of the data in the Ashtar on the Road site.  I hope some of these people share with others and I do know that at least some folks do share the data.  Of course I also engage people in discussions at restaurants with this information... I also sign any petition that might result in spreading the news or might result in assisting congress in making a decision we desire.  Then I meditate and send an intent that the news gets read and distributed."
Namaste, Ed in Indy
"Do you know about NESARA? I bet you don't but it's about time you Do!" is the way S.Z. headlined her post on Linked InUpdate 1-26: "The post is still doing very well and it is my second "most read" post to date! I sent the post to my Congressmen and Senator's via email to keep them in the loop. I'm NOT afraid and will not quit until NESARA is acknowledged and announced is the message I am sending.

"After numerous requests for a response to letters I have sent my representatives regarding NESARA, I finally received a response from one of my representatives, Congressmen Darrell Issa. Although he did not answer my questions regarding NESARA and he was not elected to "keep my opinion in mind", I am very excited that he did acknowledge my email and he knows his constituent KNOWS ABOUT NESARA and is not afraid to call representatives out publicly...If NESARA didn't exist, why wouldn't he say so? Because it does!" 

Update on 29 December: "The post is doing great! I've actually had many people send me emails saying "great post!". This has never happened before. I suspect people are afraid to make comments. That's okay; I'm delighted they are reading it! My LinkedIn is primarily college educated engineers and executives (not that that matters but it's my audience). Peace, Strength and Victory to the Light!" If you are a Linked In member or would like to sign up, you can read her article by clicking HERE.
"Well, I sent President Obama an email asking him to enact NESARA (couldn’t resist) and then sent the background documents and Petition to Veterans for Peace websites in the USA and UK.  Hopefully those two sites will pull in a few signatures.  Perhaps our Loving Family could whisper in a few ears..."  H.J.  New Zealand 
"I just sent via email a request and scoop for the super activist magazine, Mother Jones to announce NESARA through there magazine. I included the web sites that you have on your website. Hopefully the publisher and staff are brave enough to get this information out to the public. After all they have taken on the NRA! So I’ll be looking for their revealing issue.
     "Please pray for their success. And I have asked for help from Ashtar and the masters. Love & Light,"  C.S., AZ
     "I am sending NESARA letters to every letter asking me for a donation. If and when I donate I add the letter. If I don't agree with what they want I send a letter. When I get a letter from any candidate, Republican or Democrat, I send a letter back. I write a note on it that when they pass NESARA, I will vote for them and not until.
     "I also send the Tara & Rama letters and Ashtar letters to everyone I know. I support Steven Greer and have sent his webinar address and notes from the webinar to many people. We have a Tea Party Group in my town and I have sent NESARA info and pictures of the Galactic ships to them. Haven't heard anything from them yet but I am sure they are talking about the info. I am not a Tea Party person, but they do like to protest and make themselves known and they might just start talking to me about the NESARA.
      "Blessings to all of you who work so hard for the Golden Age. Peace Light and much love," A.A., NY
Now, we invite you to share your Activist Actions with all of us in our Ashtar On The Road Family! Please send an email to Ashtarontheroad@aol.com  Tell us what YOU are doing to shine the Light into 3D, thus helping the World to clear one or more of its programs/problems. Be sure to include your initials and the state or country where you live.  Thank You!!!
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