In addition to your prayers and meditations in support of NESARA and the beginning of the Golden Age, Ashtar is asking that you help publicize NESARA to all the World.  He tells us that just putting the N word in front of people will get it into their consciousness! And, no matter if or how they respond, it will help to bring, not only its Announcement, but its joyful acceptance!!!
Here are some of the ways you can join in this Worldwide effort: 
(1)  Print and distribute this Flyer.  Some people are laminating one for a "demonstration" copy, or to hang up for display.  You can give them to friends, family and neighbors, pass them out at various gatherings, and post on community bulletin boards.
(2)  Spend $5 for a bumper sticker - better yet, purchase some to sell as well.  If you purchase 10 or more, we will send you an additional one for yourself for free!  And, the postage is always free for any number, anywhere in the World!
(3)  In the U.S., Get a NESARA personal license plate - only one allowed per state.  So far Texas and New York are done, with Arizona and Nevada on the way!  (Let us know if you have one on the way in your state!)
(4)  Forward our emails and post NESARA info on Facebook, Twitter and social media.  Ashtar is on Facebook and he enjoys "tweeting!"
(5)  Write snail mail letters, or email, or call your elected officials.  Those in the U.S. know about it - we don't know for sure about other countries - and they won't be able to respond by mentioning or even acknowledging NESARA - but that's not the point -  they need to know that YOU know and want it announced and activated!!!  
(6) Sign the NESARA petition and Mention it in comments when you sign other online petitions. A simple phrase is all that is needed, for example: "Announce NESARA Now!"
(7) Send us your NESARA publicity inspirations and actions so that we can share them with our Ashtar On The Road Family!!!
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