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 Ashtar - NESARA is a Bridge to 5D!

Ashtar Teleconference 9-20-11
"Well greetings everyone, Beloved Family! We are so pleased to have so many of us together for this sacred gathering, and we shall be focusing on a most important mission as we come together with our Love, and our Compassion, and our Forgiveness, and yes, our Gratitude!


"Now everybody who was here listening to the reports of what is happening in 3D - and did you feel your vibes go up when the Beloved Masters* shared what is coming - this NESARA, it’s an energy.Yes it might be words, but it’s an energy, and it raises the vibrations.Not just of those who were listening to the words momentarily ago, but also for the world, the Planet, just to put it out there.You might want to print it and post it, so you can read it over and over again.**You might want to share it with others who are knowing that big things are happening but they are just not sure what that’s going to look like.

"NESARA is another bridge up, up and out of 3D.It is actually a higher dimensional co-creation, divinely inspired you can say, to create a means for passing from 3D and all of the dramas of power and control and so on that have been so consuming of everyone’s time and energies.And NESARA is the path - it is the way to higher dimensionality!!! It is a way to really living in a higher dimensional lifestyle. It is, yes, an undoing, it is what you might call a healing.And if there is any doubt among you,some of you, we know, saw the violet ray when she was reading the words, and felt its energy and its empowerment.* And we will just make this very clear right now that yes, St. Germain and the other Masters and I, Ashtar, and all of us who have come to join with you in this huge undertaking, this Ascension of Planet Earth, we are co-creators of NESARA as much as those beloved ones in the human bodies who actually wrote the words!!!You might say we helped to inspire the words.

"And how was it that this became the way? It became the way because the consciousness of the Planet called it forth.As we said in our message to you most recently, it is you, Beloved Ones who are the creators! We are here with you, we are here to co-create with you the means by which you accomplish these missions. But you are the creators of the missions, the inspirations, that is, of what it is that is to be done and you know that house-cleaning in every area and every aspect of 3D is essential to this movement upward, this transition.And so it is that NESARA is a huge part.

"Now there are those of you who are more inclined to not pay a lot of attention to the news, and remember, we ourselves have advised that you not do so unless you can do so with absolute Compassion and Forgiveness - that is absence of judgment.If you can saythank you -er- well, here’s one: 'Thank You to the Shrub family and to the Roth fellers for creating so many boxes, for showing us so clearly what needs to be changed' - then wonderful!And if you can catch portions of the news which are uplifting, this is even more wondrous!But if you tune in and you hear a story of violence or a story of war, and you see pictures, and so on, and if it saddens you, if you get into fear, then leave it.Just say 'Thank you for showing me what I am co-creating to change,' and get yourself up into a high vibration just as fast as you can, because the news is not for everyone.

"And that is why Beloved Ones such as Masters Tara and Rama are here. It is to give you the highlights so you know that progress is moving forward. Because we understand that you have been waiting a long time. Longer than most of you thought you would.And we understand that the way has not been easy for you.When you came here, you knew that in many ways this could be the hardest lifetime that you have ever, ever experienced in volunteering to come Planet Earth, because the changes that needed to be made were so monumental!Because, this whole 3D low vibrational stuff has been so pervasive, the control has been so absolute, the laws and the disempowerments have been so, what you call draconian, and the mistreatments and the abuses have been so heinous.This is enough to dampen anyone’s spirits, indeed it’s enough to plunge anyone into a low vibrational mode.

"And so you not only had to overcome and make these big changes moving into this Golden Age, this age of Aquarius and Ascension, but you also had to deal with it in yourselves, because this is it! Everybody who wants to cross that great bridge to Ascension has to give up this stuff that’s been sticking through all these eons of time andhas to come into a high enough vibration!!!And everybody who is here in mission and purpose, whether you are in the Ashtar Command or a Lightworker of any kind, Angels in human embodiment, Masters who have ascended and come back, and Star beings.Yes, Ashtar Commanders all.This family is Ashtar Family! And you have had to undertake personal and individual challenges, as well as being here to light the World - not easy, we know.

"But we have a reportfor you about you.We are so thrilled to be here with you to tell you this!You have come so far, Beloved Ones, that we have entered into a new phase.I know, we asked the Voice to give you a little heads up on this.But we are here to tell you that you've all advanced.There isn’t anybody here who’s a beginner, whether this is the first time on an Ashtar call or not.You are here because you know, and you are here because you have gifts that you have brought with you.And you are here because you are starting to be alive with these gifts, and you are here because you all have 5D and higher hearts!!! That’s right!

"Now we are talking about the heart of you.Your physical heart is a part of you of course, but you’ve got these areas called chakras, and quite frankly you have chakras outside of your human bodies, or chakra points we should say.Actually your chakras are outside of your human body, but you have corresponding chakra points within your physicality.Don’t bother getting too bothered by that. That’s not anything you need to know, except to know that your energy fields are full of Light, and your chakras are responding, and your DNA is opening.No, you are not full of junk, and the scientists are starting to recognize it, and they are starting to make the connections that you already know.Because you have opened to your gifts enough to know how to bring the Light in and shine it forth!

"And as a group, collectively, we are here to work together with passion, yes, passion, you know, is a prime ingredient of higher vibrational lifestyle. It’s about Joy, it’s about Love, it’s about being Who You Really Came Here To Be, and expressing it! And we have reached that critical mass point, if you want to think of it as that, where you are all here and bringing 5D into 3D!!!

"You are all here with your gifts and the capabilities to move yourselves up and out if you feel any kind of a 3D box wanting to, shall we say, shut you in anymore.You are all here because you know what it feels like to be free of that box.You know what it feels like to say, 'Whatever is going on in the news it’s for the highest and best good, and I thank all involved,'even sometimes when it gets to you.

"And we have something else.You are all here and you’re empowered now, empowered as part of this group and, within your own beautiful fields of energy!You are empowered to assist others along the way.You have the ability to burst forth your beams like a sun, to the entire Planet and to the Galaxy and the Universe beyond.And at the same time, you have the abilities to do laser like pin-pointing, telepathic messaging.There isn’t one of you who doesn’t have that capability, in fact most all of you are practicing it even now, and when we say practice, we mean keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it!!!

"There isn’t anything that you cannot call forth, and there is not anyone you cannot get the message to,as long as you understand that they will open the message when they are ready.Now what does this mean?It’s a huge step!It means you can assist the entire planet with Ascension preparation, and it means that you can be ringing doorbells all over the world and saying, ‘Hello, open just a wee bit and ring the doorbell to your heart.Just open a wee bit and see how wondrous this Light of Love feels! And if at the same time that you are doing this, you are truly broadcasting high dimensional Lovelight, you are bringing the opportunity to everyone that you are broadcasting to, to join you in higher dimensionality.It's not, 'Oh I see you’ve hurt yourself, here let me put a band aid on it, and then you can keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing'. It’s, 'Hey, we’ve got a better way!!! Love heals all.Have some Love, it’s free, and it’s powerful, and it’s what powers the Universe, to tell the Truth', and so on.

"Now, we know that many of you have already been speaking your Truth, and we know that there are those people, and it really can be the most hurtful, can it not - Beloved Ones, don’t go into hurt, just observe. It can be most hurtful when your own family says, 'Eww, don’t call me anymore cause I think you are nuts. I’ve got more important things to do than listen to you. I’ve got to go out and make my mark in the world, and climb up the ladder of the great corporation, and become rich with dollars,' or whatever it is.

"And we understand that all of you, all of you here in the human bodies have faced that, and all of those who have ascended, and all from the angelic realms who have served in human bodies, and so on and so on.Everyone understands.And it is time for you to have Compassion enough for yourselves to let go of yesterday!!! Forget what somebody said to you yesterday, even if it was your own child, or your own partner in life. Forget it, and forgive. Be without judgment.Ho’oponopono works wonders there.Use it, use it constantly to cleanse and clear whatever low vibrations you encounter, because that is really what you’re doing.It’s so simple!

"You are a high vibrational being in a human body!!! So light yourselves up, Beloved Family - lets get together on this, light up and raise yourselves up into that higher dimensionality called bliss, Christ Consciousness, whatever you want to call it. And from that perspective, address any individual or group, family, neighbors, friends, total strangers, Planet Earth and the Universe beyond. Because you have done it, we have done it together,yes, but your commitment to the mission is why you are able to do these things.You don’t have to spend hours on your knees or in meditational positions any more! You have opportunities to do these things throughout your days and nights.

"Ride the high vibrations of Love, even when you are sleeping.State your intent and so it shall be. If a fear thought crunches up your tummy, 'Ho’oponopono!'You deserve it, and your ego so deserves a rest.We cannot say that often enough.Your ego has served you well, and it’s time for change.All of these changes - Earth changes, changes in economies, in politics, in religions, and yes, everyday lifestyles - they are happening.You have so many proofs in so many areas, we don’t need to go into it.But it is kind of delightful to think about, especially when you get NESARA 'goose-bumps'!*** Especially when you consider where in your yard, or in your community, would be a space where you might like to see a representative of the Ashtar Command come and land! Yes, we are not just hovering, we are ready to do landings of the up-close and personal kind.Oh, we are so excited about it.And it is that we are being seen all over the world!!!

"And of course, we know there are some news reporters who are stubbornly clinging to the old programs.Wish them well.Send them Love.Send a telepathic message to them that they might like to fly up and out of the box for a change!

"And start talking about what is real, because 3D is an illusion. And it is to return to Lemuria that we are talking, that we are providing the images and the pictures and doing the Exercises with you, because the Truth of the matter is, Lemuria is now!!! It’s part of you, Beloved Ones, it’s in your hearts already, and it is to simply be alive, and free, and joyful, and yes, passionate as a Lemurian - finding Lemuria wherever you are. Oh yes, you can hop a shuttle or a plane or a boat, whatever, and come to places where Lemuria is, shall we say, empowering the land and the sky and the seas and so on with, shall we say, physical memories which have been dormant, but now are coming alive. Yes this is wondrous indeed, it is glorious and we invite you to come.But you can come whether you bring your physicality or not. Lemuria is everywhere you are!!! It’s in your hearts, it’s in your genes.It’s in the totality of your energy fields, and it’s in the one next to you, and the one over here, and the one behind you, and so on and so on. We are all connected, let’s just say by Lovebeams.That’s a fun one, isn’t it?

"So imagine this grid, this crystalline grid, lighting up, lighting up, lighting up, and all of a sudden the memories come flooding in and the recognitions, and maybe you have a Beloved One who suddenly is awake or wanting to wake up, and there you are, ready to share because you have already shared the Love of Lemuria, the higher dimensional Love. Love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude! We will remind you that you cannot make anyone else’s decision about whether they want to ascend or not, but what you can do is present the higher dimensional lifestyle to them in the form of you, living it, breathing it in, breathing it out, in every thought, word and deed!!! And if you catch yourself not presenting 5D and above, it’s OK because you are still in human body.Don’t expect to just do it all.Expect to commit to remembering and observing yourself and knowing what it feels like to be high vibe, and knowing what it feels like when something 3D gets your attention shall we say, and permeates your fields and then know that you are totally empowered - you don’t have to stay there, you are not stuck there anymore! You are up, up and away, and you have gifts, as they like to say in your lingo, too numerous to mention, that you already are in awareness of, so use your gifts.

"And most of all, Beloved Ones, just be the Love you are, because you will be inspiring.You don’t have to lecture - although if you are asked to teach a group or even an individual, you are ready, you are empowered and you can do it!!! Just allow your heart to come forth as a part of your expression. But, you can telepathically send messages on wings of Love.You can even start telepathically messaging from 5D.Bring your vibrations up and send messages from 5D.That’s way more effective than sitting in the box and saying 'Now I want you to know that you don’t have to stay in 3D because I know there is a higher vibration, a higher dimension, that we are all going to go to.'That doesn’t sound very passionate, does it?No, get yourself up and excited.You won’t even have to open your mouth to speak. They will feel it in your high vibe energies that you project!

"Of course, if you are asked to speak of course, please do.The world is going to need a lot of explainers and a lot of reassuring ones, in other words, saying, 'This is wonderful, this is what we all came here for. Here come and sit beside me and we will share this together!' And this is most doable for you to do, and we understand that sometimes the voice gets emails and I talk to people all the time in these sessions, and they are concerned because a loved one just does not seem to be getting it.And what we tell them is, 'It’s OK, because you can broadcast (telepathically) and start the process for them! Time is moving faster and faster and faster and of course ultimately it will collapse. But the amount of time, as you measure it, that it takes for someone to get it, to feel the vibes, to get the message, to start looking in a higher dimensional direction - it is way shorter than it was when you started on this path, Beloved Ones, or when most of you started getting your wake-up calls!!!

"Many of you have been at this much longer than The Voice, although you have all been in preparation for this Now moment, whether you started your wake-up 5 years or 5 minutes ago. It’s out there more because you are beaming it, Beloved Ones.You see what’s happening?You are creating a high vibrational energy field all over Planet Earth for people to tap into.And so of course people are getting it faster! People are getting downloaded at a rate never before possible, because you’ve paved the way, and because you offered your Love and your Service, with passionate Joy!And that is why we are so delighted to tell you that we have passed into a whole new phase of our togetherness, of our accomplishment of our mission.You, Beloved Ones have made it possible, and together we are in what you can call the final times!!!

"The dominos are falling, the way is being cleared and cleansed, and Lady Nesara stands on the stage with our next speaker, along with Lady Liberty, and we shall do another Exercise of Empowerment, which shall reach millions. It already has, from our perspective, and it shall be highly instrumental in more and more waking up and committing to their own Ascension paths - just as you have, Beloved Ones!Just as we are now together, because you have raised your vibrations, and you have been so passionate and so faithful to the commitments that you have made to this mission of being here, and assisting the Planet to do what it has not done before, which is to complete the Ascension process!

"And so we salute you, Beloved Ones, and we thank you for being with us and we say to all of you, we are indeed together in Oneness, and we are indeed the bridge!!! And so it is.Salut!"

* Refers to Tara and Rama http://2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com/

** The main features of NESARA - read by Tara http://www.wethepeopleforpeace.org/default.html

*** Refers to feeling your resonance with NESARA and with its Announcement

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart

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