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Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, September 25, 2012

"Greetings, Beloved Family! Well, that was most interesting was it not?* It seems as though that which was supposed to be black has become light as the snow, and so on and so on. And you heard many astounding things; astounding if you have not already availed yourselves of this information which - some of it - is going around on your marvelous internet.

"We wish to back up a bit to the discussion of the black ops continuing, despite the fact that it’s just the programs that are seeming to be self-perpetuating, because the players are simply walking through the scripts of the dramas that they have created. Make no mistake on that, but they really are not as powerful as they once were! If you can look at, shall we say, what they are truly made of, they are not prevailing.

"We understand that some of you may not have had the opportunity to read our latest message so we shall repeat. The consciousness of the World has reached a high enough level of vibration that the Truth of these wag-the-dog scenarios is finally starting to be accepted. Almost one hundred percent of you have, at one time or another, told someone that 9-11 was a black ops, false flag, wag-the-dog drama, and you have had the experience of being responded to with a comment such as, 'Well, you’re just Looney Tooneys! How could blah, blah, blah'.... You know the rest.

"Those people are having to take another look. Whether you are continuing to enlighten them or not, they are starting to get it. As a matter of fact enough of the consciousness is enabling it to get into, shall we say, the conscious consciousness of Planet Earth, so that it is not so shocking to people these days. It is instead – 'Oh, I really don’t like acknowledging this, I really don’t want to be in acceptance of this ,but my Heart and the evidence that I have seen is telling me that what you’ve been saying all these years is actually true.' And this is huge!!!

"This is what the 2012 9-11 anniversary was about; it was for us to take the readings and for us to transmit to you the results which are - well, some of you are saying it’s about time, but there is no time. However, we understand that you are caught in this sequential flow of events which is mind boggling if you start looking at all of the pieces coming together everywhere - your major institutions of religion, education, politics, finance – yes, agriculture and all of those kinds of support institutions as well!

"You cannot really get on the internet without there being some kind of a headline about one or more of these major institutions. It is because as a society you have enabled yourselves to get into these situations. It has been with a certain amount of cooperation that these things have been allowed, these boxes and situations, to flourish, to be predominant, to be prevalent in the societies of Planet Earth - really, for centuries!

"What is happening now is that with all of these revelations, with all of this truth coming out, for instance, what has been happening in the world of Con Agra, and you have devised another name, which is quite truthful if you look at it, and that is 'Monsatan', and so on and so on. You have been looking and breaking down the boxes because you are seeing that these ancillary truths are supporting more and more the major Truths of 2012 and before – the Truth about 9-11, the Truth about the World’s religions, and of course the Truth about us! Yes, we are real!!!

"Here we are in the midst of this seeming chaos and turmoil, these relatively few but nevertheless engaging - and when we say engaging we are speaking of the focus of Planet Earth black ops false flag events, we will say this: they are not long! We will also tell you we are confirming that those who have been the ones behind them can be disengaged very easily – push of a button, quick little pulling in of the energetic chains, if you will - however you want to see it!

"Create some visions, and remember to greet them when they come and thank them for showing what’s real and what is just their made-up stuff, which is not the way of Higher Dimensionality. 'It’s over rover – thanks you did a great job with all of the terror that you created and we forgive you and we invite you to come to the Light, but whatever you decide that’s up to you. We’re going for it, we’re on the high road and you and your black-ops and your dogmas and your chemicals are not going to topple us from the paths that we are on!!!'

"Now this is a real first for Planet Earth! It’s grand that Planet Earth is experiencing so many firsts, even in this time of anniversaries being looked at, and there are more, but we shall not go into a lot of details. We recommend that you see Wag the Dog if you haven’t seen it, or if you have forgotten. It was a very few high-placed individuals, the whole illusion/drama/movie was actually contracted for by - guess who - the war mongers, the people in power in the government of the United States of America who really wanted a war to start.

"The story behind the story is true. The creation of illusion is what these ones in charge have been doing for eons, centuries, on Planet Earth. Why? Because you admitted yourselves to their audiences! Yes and sometimes you even sat back and had a little popcorn to go with it because you didn’t quite have the perspective that you have now, and that you’ve always had. But sometimes the veil was a bit thick and that was all for the purposeful good, so that Planet Earth could arrive where it is now and say – 'Okay, that’s it, it’s over, it’s done, no more war, no more greed, no more giving our power to those who have less than high integrity intensions, we’re not going to jump into that box anymore, we’re jumping out of that box, we’re breaking down the sides of the box, we’re not participating in the dramas, in the scenes, anymore! Count us out! Count us in to the High Road, count us in to Truth, with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, which is what we have been giving messages on since our very first time.**

"There are some of you in this audience who may remember the leaky boats.** Well, the boats of the dark hats are really sinking now, and that ocean liner of Light and Love turns out to be a crystal ship that all of you are on. And so throw the life preservers out to those who are sitting in those leaky boats that are about to go down and share your Lovelight with them because it does make a difference!!!

"There are not so many in the dark, disbelief section of the audience anymore. So shine your lights even brighter! We’re going to do that anyway when Sekhmet joins us. But we just want to tell you that you are making such a huge difference every time, for those of you who are, shall we say, able to maintain a high vibration even when you are hearing these things or reading these stories that are coming out one upon the other - so many in each day from all over the world, and some of them are dark, some of them are painful - but just remember, everyone who leaves the human body has the option of going on to a very, very High Dimensional location!!!

"Just remember that you, yourselves, Beloved Ones, have participated mostly wearing the white hats, but a time or two in the dark ones, because you had to know what it felt like, right? And you’ve all contributed with every lifetime you’ve lived on Planet Earth and let’s face it, other places. Yes, a lot of you are starting to reconnect with those other locations as well as Planet Earth, and that is flying high, is it not?!!!

"We would like to remind you that you are all welcome upon the ships! Until we land in person you can relocate yourselves, you can leave your bodies on terra firma, as they say, and come on up! Beam yourselves aboard. Oh, and we will tell you this, even though there is technology which is very useful for these different purposes, which does involve Scotty, you don’t need Scotty, you don’t need anybody in human body or otherwise for you to come on aboard the New Jerusalem! Or perhaps, we know a lot of you are reconnecting in your conscious knowing with your own ships because there’s a part of you that is already there. So it’s a matter of connecting, and all of you are getting real good at that!

"Your DNA is opening more too, we must mention this. Oh, such beautiful energies of the Equinox, did you all join in with that? Even if just for a moment to say, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of these wonderful energies that are coming, and I am feeling more balanced now,' because that’s part of the Joy of the Equinox you know, it is that balance. And it was a very powerful Equinox as well. All of the energies that came in on that day and are continuing to come in through the Great Central Sun, and through your own fabulous Sol, they are helping you!

"We know, some of you are having some Ascensionitis symptoms, and Sekhmet is here tapping me on the shoulder, so I have to do the disclaimer: If you have any discomforts going on and feel the need to go to somebody with credentials, initials after their names, and get checked up - do so! By all means. We get emails all the time by people who have done so, and this is a marvelous thing to do, it brings on Peace of Mind, but when the ones with initials after their names can’t find anything, that is Ascensionitis.

"That is your bodies, and yes, your emotions and thoughts, and indeed every part of you and your energy fields, that is you making your necessary adjustments, coming in to your own balance, shall we say. Accepting these energies to the greatest extent that you can - and let’s face it some of you go a little overboard on that and accept a little more than your body can handle in that moment, so you have to allow yourselves to perhaps have a little tummy ache, or an ache in your head, or some additional exhaustion because your body will catch up. You body has to make these adjustments to experience Ascension!

"We are wanting to assure you that with these energies coming in, you will no doubt have more experiences with this phenomenon, as you call it. Relax into it, be as calm as you can, get some extra rest and drink lots of pure water. That is a summation of the best advice available. We mention this because we understand that a lot of you are having these experiences right now, so take care of yourselves and come on up anytime that you feel inclined to do so, and remember not to want, wish, or in any way hope that you make it because that doesn’t work so well, because you are already in a very high vibration!!!

"You are not entirely 3D beings anymore. None of you are, and so you don’t have to travel all that far, if you want to look at it that way. But just say, 'I’m coming aboard,' or, 'Roll out the red carpet, I’m on my way,' or however you want to say it. Be joyful, be happy, and we’ll be there to greet you with honor and hugs, Lovebeams, and all that you could possibly wish for what you might call the 'Aloha Welcome.' You may have been welcomed to the land of Hawaii with that Aloha greeting and that is what we give you. Aloha is unconditional and infinite Love, and Joy, that you are here!!!

"Well, alrighty we have covered a wide variety of topics! We thank you so much for being with us and for listening to what we have to say, to convey and most of all just pick up the vibes, feel the energies, because we love you beyond words!!! There is a whole fleet, if you wish, of starships and Masters, Angels, and Lightbeings in this Gathering with each and every one of you. And so as we stand together, just feel the Love and let us welcome Sekhmet, who comes forward now with another invitation to her wondrous crystal ship and a grand Exercise for all of us for this momentous Gathering of Love and Joy and Mission. And so it is. Salut!"

* Referring to the A&A Report.
**The first Ashtar On The Road Gathering was on May 23, 2004, in Olympia, WA.
Transcribed by Brian Coe.
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