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 Ashtar: The Times Have Changed!
Ashtar Teleconference - March 6, 2012
"Well, Greetings Beloved Family! Yes, I do sound a little different don't I, but that's quite all right. Just feel the energy, and know that we come to join with you, in sacred, Divine mission and service, that together we serve the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond. And this is exactly what you are here to do, and what we are here to do with you. We have reached a point of such cooperation, partnership, and just togetherness, on the same wave length, so to speak. That is, you got it! And now you're giving it, and we're talking about, you got our invitation to join, and now you are inviting us to come in even more, to do even more!!!

"We have our scanners out everywhere, and we are able to share the technology of this with those whom you call the White Knights, the visionaries, the scientists and inventors, the ones who are re-discovering ways of healing, and ways of living on Planet Earth, in clean, pure and harmonious ways. And they are bringing them forward everywhere. There is nowhere on this Planet that this great news, this great cleansing, and this great radiating of all of this information and energy is not coming forth, and it's having a most interesting effect, because what it is doing is literally drowning out the messages that are still coming out from those who don't want to have you rise up into higher vibrations.


"You know who we're talking about. We've talked about them so many times, yes, 'clowns and clones.' What a great description!* We just love it, because it is an acknowledgment. Where does the power really lie? Yes, there may be those who cast votes and spend money, and so on, and we'll be talking about that a little bit, because we want to be sure that you're recognizing all of the insidious ways in which they're still trying to hang on to you, but you're breaking out of it. And so that is the really great behind-the-scenes news. You are no longer under the control of anybody, except yourselves. Now that's pretty joyful, is it not? That's another way of saying that you, because of your intention, because of your great courage, have declared yourselves sovereign and independent from any hold that these ones might have on you!!!


"Now the Truth of the matter is they're not all getting it, and that you know. But, what is happening is that we have now joined together in such a wondrous partnership, that we are literally cleansing the Planet of the programs and the energies that they are still trying to broadcast, whether they're clones, or holograms, or whether we're talking about the few who still inhabit, what you call the body they were born into.


"It's happening everywhere. Now, you know that there are many, many Yertle the Turtles,** who are tumbling off of the stack, in other words, they're getting off your backs, Beloved Ones. You see the resignations, you get a story or two about mysterious deaths; that is mostly them trying to, as we have said before, plug the leaks in the dam of evidence which is pouring forth, and the flood waters are starting to really cover the Planet. And this is good, because these are the waters of Truth. And they can't plug all the holes. They keep trying. They're programmed to do so, and if you think the Humans were programmed, just try dealing with their clones and their holograms. These ones are clever. They have layers and layers. You know they've got plan A right on through plan Z, and beyond, and they keep trying them, but what they understand now finally, is that their ship is sinking!


"You know they're trying to plug the dam, but they're really parked precariously in front of it, and they are about to be overwhelmed and consumed, unless they quickly jump onto the shore where the Light is, where the Truth is, and where they themselves may have to, yes, stand before you, and answer for all of the things that they have done, but at least they will not be buried in the torrential waters which are pouring forth.


"We have many, many allies who are turning the tables on them. You all know about the group called Anonymous. Anonymous is a group of hackers. Now that can raise somewhat of a negative tone, and aspect, within you, or a little warning voice that says hackers, oh my goodness, that's illegal. Beloved Ones, do you know who the real hackers are? They're the ones who've sold your internet, your email addresses, they're the ones who have sold your private cell phone numbers. You know, 'put me on the do-not-call list.' Well guess who the big sellers have been before you ever got on that do-not-call list? In fact they kind of invented it. They said, 'Here, call these people first,' and those are the companies that you all know of, the big corporations, like the one that starts with the letter 'V' as in Valentine. But they're not sending you Valentines are they? You're getting a lot of harassing phone calls on your cell phones that you don't want. This is because they have made up rules for you, Beloved Ones.


"They want you to live by the rules. They want you to get on the do-not-call list. They want you to join in those - what are they - the chain letters on the internet, and give your internet addresses to people who are paid to gather them, and turn them over. And yes, you too, may be experiencing your emails getting hacked into. That's not Anonymous, Beloved Ones. That's not that group. This is the group that is there to make the rules for you to obey, to give you all kinds of negative feelings about groups like Anonymous, or the Knights Templar, or the Freemasons, which was an honorable group, and still is for the most part, but it has been infiltrated. And so they do things in the name of these groups, and they don't tell you that they're a group within the group that is doing this stuff. And so they give the whole entire group a bad name world-wide, you know, 'Oooh! Free- masons - Oooh! That's black magic.' No it's not, never was, ask St. Germain. But it is simply that they are doing a lot of things in the name of somebody else, even in the name of you.


"How many of you have gotten that email, 'Help, I am in a foreign country, and I just had my wallet stolen. Please send me some money!' Come on, let the Light bulbs go off loud and clear. And why are we saying all of these things? Because we want you to understand that one of their plans is to be in the disguise of someone that you can trust, or relate to, or have Compassion for, because you know there's a lot of news out there in the world, which is not so happy; and a lot of organizations that are jumping in, and trying to help, and even more individuals like yourselves, Beloved Ones.


"So all we're saying is use your discernment, and if something makes your skin crawl, or gives you 'glitching up' in your solar plexus area, if it just doesn't feel good, than it might be best for you to just walk away or turn away from it, and go for something that does make you feel good. We understand, and you know there are all of these energies coming to the Planet right now, and that is to be expected when so much change is happening. Now these energies are by and large supportive of the changes, but again, if you receive a message, or a feeling that doesn't feel like it's coming from a high vibe source, well you'd better not get into believing it, because it isn't for you. It doesn't mean it might not be for your neighbor, but it's just not on your wave-length. Gravitate toward that which pulls you in a loving way, and let the rest go.


"Now these characters, who have set themselves up as the pillars of society, icons representing you, and so on and so on - they are falling like so many Yertles,** or Humpty Dumpties, or however you want to see it. Let them fall. You do not have to push them off the wall. They're doing that just fine by themselves. It is to forgive, of course, and to send them the Love that you have in your hearts, which is that Love of Oneness, that we all share, that loving Oneness, that compassionate Love.


"You don't have to embrace them as your long lost brothers/sisters, although they are. You don't have to regard them as Family, that you want to spill all of your secrets to, and share your passwords to your internet and all of that with, but you certainly can say, 'Thank you for showing me the difference; thank you for showing me the true path to Love and Higher Dimensions; thank you for doing your part, because somebody had to do it, and I thank you that it wasn't me!' And if you wish to welcome them into the Light, that is beautiful indeed.


"But remember, they still have some programs that they're trying to run. They know that we have disabled their weapons so many times, their mass destruction weapons, their nukes, their biological warfare's, and other things.*** In fact here's something that you may not be aware of. You know, they have had this technology, the so-called outer space technology - 'Star Wars' technology - for a long time, but what you may not know is that they have been trying mass exoduses - a new word I think - from Planet Earth, in their star machines, let's call them, and we have turned them back!


"You may recall some years ago when it was quite popular for people from the country of Cuba to try to escape to the United States of America, and other countries in flimsy little boats. And you may recall that the superior Navies of the United States of the America, and their allies, were quite successful in turning the majority of them back, although there's a lot of them who did make it, but we are one hundred percent successful now, because we do have superior technology. We do it in a friendly, or shall we say, a non-combative way, but we are not allowing them to escape. We've taken over their bases you know, on the Moon, and Mars, and yes, another place or two, and they are not being allowed to escape. You know we destroyed their escape tunnels, and some of them are trying to go to countries in the area you call South America. We're there, too.


"We're monitoring every step, and if we don't round them up immediately, it is only because we want to see who they are in connection with, who they're trying to reach, and exactly what it is that they're trying to do. You might figure, if you want to use the picture, that we have a net that covers the entirety of Planet Earth, and this net is in a state of top notch repair. There isn't a hole in it anywhere. And we are, we have already, we should say, cast that net, and it's a very magical one, because it only, only can encompass, or engulf, the ones who wear the dark hats.


"And once we have this net cast, we know where they all are, we know what they're up to, we have Anonymous and others keeping track of the main ones, and we are totally in full knowledge, awareness, and connection with them, so that we can see exactly, not only what they're doing in this minute, but what they're going to try in the next!!! And this is very important - think about it - all these plans, all these different programs that they're trying to run. And we're allowing them to run some of them, because it is most important. You already know that the news of the resignations is coming out. You already know there have been some mysterious deaths.


"And we shall take a moment here to acknowledge Beloved Whitney [Houston]. No accident - she, and one whom she loved dearly, whose name was Michael, were both put under programs, primarily controlling programs, primarily through the use of drugs and alcoholic beverages. Now they were both geniuses, and they both were connected with Higher Dimensionalities. And they are perfectly safe, and in what you call Heaven, right now, and they have messages, and they have work that they're doing, and they are in mission, and they will be helping even more.


"And there are others you have not heard of. We wish to mention Beloved Judy, Beloved Kay, and Beloved Steve. They are among those who have recently made their transitions in more peaceful ways, and they now know the Truth of which we have been speaking, and they know the Truth of where you're going, and where we are meeting you, Beloved Ones, and that is Higher Dimensionalities! And it is Joy, and it is Bliss, and it is Beautiful! And so for those who have transitioned, be not thinking of it as 'farewell.' Think of it as simply a joining with that beautiful Spirit of that Beloved One in a new kind of relationship, which is based in the Light. And we ask that, yes, you allow yourself your grieving and your sadness, and then open up your communications with them. And it is amazing and it is true, because they have not left you, Beloved Ones!


"They are simply dwelling in the place that you're ascending to. And the same is true for all of the members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms. And it is for you to be looking forward to happy, happy, happy reunions, and you can start them right now. Those of you who might be longing for reunion with your twin flame, start the connections now! We are advising this. We are helping to facilitate this when we do these, what you call them, the private sessions with I, Ashtar. And don't think I come by myself either. It's a whole Company of beautiful beings, and we are telling people, start it now, start the communicating!


"You are all so good at telepathic communications. You cannot think a thought, but what it isn't felt somewhere, the energy of it. So lighten up and brighten up, and let's be in touch, shall we? Because that's what it's all about. That's what is going to absolutely propel you, this communication, this Communion, this one-on one! And here's something for you to know, Beloved Ones. This is a little different from what you hear in your classrooms, and from what you've been taught, but in this case in the highest sense, in the spiritual High Dimensional sense, one plus one equals one, One Big One!!!


"Think about that. Now isn't that something? So in this Oneness it is important that you acknowledge these different scenarios which are going on. You all have finely tuned scanning devices. It starts in your Heart. When things don't seem quite like what they're telling you, you're right. You read about these people who are suddenly passing over at a rather young age, or for no seeming reason, and so on, and so on. Some of them are workers of the Light who simply want to get on into the higher realms, because they feel that their mission here is complete.


"And some of them have some help from those who are still trying to run the dark programs, and they're afraid. Do you remember what happened as a consequence of the outing of Valerie Plame? There were many who were abruptly separated from their physical bodies. And there are those in the ranks of the dark hats who are scared that this one or that one is going to be revealing information of an even more incriminating nature, and they have ways of creating sudden passings.


"But remember this, when this happens it is so that the world will have an opportunity to view this, and perhaps have that scrunching of the tummy, or the thought wave coming through, 'There's something not quite right about this. I'm not sure I believe that this one, or that one had a heart attack. I think there's something more to it.' These feelings, thought forms, scrunchings, and so on, are yourselves telling you that there is more to it. And it is not to be in condemnation. Grieving perhaps, but not condemnation, because there is contract involved.


"Yes, there were contracts signed where these ones would get off the stage by the year 2000, and so on, and so on, and obviously they broke their contract. Well they're not the only ones with plans A through Z! So we're doing some of our own. And we can see that a part of the revelation, the wake-up for Planet Earth, is to have ones leave whose leaving will be taken note of in such a way that the world can better understand what has been going on all along. It's just coming to the Light!


"So spend not a lot of your time and energy. Don't spend any of your time and energy, as a matter of fact, being in fear! Protection is at an all time high on Planet Earth! You, Beloved Ones, are here to be in mission and service on Planet Earth in the bodies that you occupy. You're here to be leaders into Ascension. You're here to allow your bodies to do the transitioning, so that your bodies go with you, indeed the totality of Who You Are makes it through the Ascension process. And you're here to assure everyone in the World, even when it seems as though they're in a box, and the whole box has bars, and they're rattling, and upsetting, and distressing, and so on and so on. It's up to you to say, 'It's all right, it's OK. The winds of change are blowing, but the Sun is shining brighter than ever, and all of this will be passing!!!'


"Now we're going to be talking about one other thing. For those of you who have read Harry Potter and other similar books, you know there is a process called 'wiping the memory.' And this is important for you to know about, because it's Truth. It doesn't happen quite the way they do it in Harry Potter with wands and so on, but at a certain point as you make your Ascensions, you can be assured that those who remain behind, because they simply feel that they have not experienced all that there is to experience yet on Planet Earth in third dimension, will be in a state of forgetfulness.


"Now don't be insulted or upset. 'Oh, how could I possibly be forgotten?' It's not that kind of thing. It's simply that their memories will be able to be transformed a bit, so that they will not be thinking that their whole World has fallen apart. They will have whatever security they were feeling, and that's where we come in again, Beloved Ones, because we're here to usher in all of these changes. We're here to welcome the changes. We're here to ride it out, and tell others they can climb in the boat with us and have a smooth ride, no matter how rough the waters seem, as they're coming and rushing through that dam.


"And it is for us to help everyone to make it through their Ascension Process. But for those who do not, it is for us to leave the best legacy that we possibly can: a cleaner, more pure Planet Earth, a Planet Earth that is free, a Planet Earth where everyone has abundance. At least they can start with this!!! Now whether they evolve, or devolve, will be up to them. But they will have the best legacy we can possibly leave them, as we move into the Higher Dimensions. And yes, Beloved Ones, if you choose to come back and help, you will do so as an Ascended Master!


"Well, that's a lot of news, is it not? And we have another speaker**** who is right here with me, with a gentle kind of a scratching on what you would call my shoulder, and she says, 'Well, it's my turn!' She says she has an Exercise of great importance to do, and yes, that is true. You, Beloved Ones, have come so far upon your paths, and whether you are new in this gathering for the first time, or whether this is your one hundredth gathering, or more, it is for us to tell you once more how loved you are, and how joyful we are, that we are in this grand partnership together! We have much to do that is true, but you Beloved Ones, because you have welcomed us, and because you have recognized the Love that You And We Are, and that we share with each other, you have allowed us to come more and more into what you would call assistance!!!


"You're not doing it alone, Beloved Ones. We're here with you. We're here on every side of you. We're here with our hugs and our Love, and yes, our Joy to share with you. And we are walking this path together - rather from our observational place, we are flying this path together! So stay tuned and rest easy. Take care of yourselves and nurture yourselves, and share your Love within your communities, and within the great community of Planet Earth and beyond. The path is beautiful. It is radiant with your presence! And we can promise you, Beloved Ones, that all that you've dreamed of, and all that you've waited for patiently, or impatiently, is coming to pass!!! And there is so much more. Stay tuned, and go in the flow of what you recognize and discern to be your Truth, and keep yourselves in this highest vibration, and focus your intentions so to do, during this time of relative chaos and turbulence.


"And, we will remind you, Beloved Ones, of this very special month. You call it March, and indeed it has come roaring in like a Lion with all that is happening in the World. And indeed it is time for the Lion and the Lamb to lie down together, and so it shall be this month, because the times are changing,***** and all that you have waited for is coming, is here. Reach out, and be One in Harmony with all that is happening, and know that it simply propels you higher and farther upon your own Ascension Paths. We love you, Beloved Ones, and we thank you for being with us! And so it is. Salut!"


* From Tara and Rama's update, prior to Ashtar's message
** See whistleblower disclosure truth that "a third power" is intervening:
*** Referring to Yertle the Turtle, by Dr Seuss
**** Sekhmet was the next speaker, followed by Sananda. Transcript to follow in our next email.
***** The song The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan was played after Ashtar:
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
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