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Ashtar On Haiti-Jan 24th

Ashtar speaking about the January 12th earthquake in Haiti - January 24, 2010

“I, Ashtar am going to speak on the topic of Haiti.  Interesting name, isn’t it?  Not spelled exactly the way the Western world would spell it, but kind of an interesting name, the way it sounds, doesn’t it?   Hate – yes, karmic baggage, a lot of it there, karmic residues that was an opportunity that was attempted to be seized upon by the dark hats to make fortune out of disaster.  Now this is a place where karmic clearing had already been agreed to.  You’ve read all about that, you know about it.  So the dark ones saw that potential and they thought, ‘Oh goody, we’ll take over the whole country.  We’ll get a bank set up that we can operate the way we want to and we’ll steal money and put it in the bank there and nobody will be able to access it because we will be entities unto ourselves outside of the rules, the regulations,’ and of course, outside of any common decency concerns, compassions, integrity or whatever, but it didn’t happen because the dark ones are so disempowered.  You know some of them don’t know that they’re  holograms, can you believe that?  They believe that they are to go on indefinitely, such is their program that they don’t even know that they’re disempowered.  Yes, they’ve been missing a few zeros in their bank accounts and their main program is to try to recover it and get it back.

“Well, we had two guys named by Obama so they could trip and stumble if they were so inclined.  Don’t you love the way Obama is showcasing everything and allowing each and every hologram to come forward and give some understanding to the world of just exactly what they’ve done?  How they have wrapped the world in this matrix of greed and enslavement and so on and so on for their own benefit?  Don’t you just love all of the sexgate that’s coming out now and all of the scandals about all of the charitable organizations that turn out that they only want to benefit themselves or shall we say, the ones in charge of the organizations?  This is not true of the many, many thousands, millions of volunteers who’ve opened their hearts.  This is not true of the school children who are emptying their piggybanks, and this is certainly not true of the lightworkers who are giving of their energies, their times, their meditations, their prayers, and as much of their dollars as they can possibly spare for the cause, and many of them could use an inflow of dollars themselves.  By the way, that is coming and this has helped to further it.

"The lessons of Haiti may seem to be connected to that particular pronunciation of the word, but they are the opposite, they are love-based lessons.  First of all concerning the ones who gave up their physicality in order to bring this to the attention of the world, the consciousness spiked up even while the dark hats were planning on making a darkness of the situation.  The situation is actually bringing forth the light upon the difficulties, the impediments, literal physical impediments to rescues and bringing aid - the simple things such as water that is clean and pure to drink and food, shelter of some kind, clothing etc, healing of wounds.  We the Galactics have been able to be on the scene.  We saw it coming, we mitigated.  There were no tsunamis.  There were locations very close by which were not impacted.  It was quite a large quake, was it not?  And yet, locations close by were not affected or impacted at all.  And so it is and so it shall be that this is going to be remembered as a turning of the tide, if you will, that because of all of these impediments we have been able to participate. 

“And there are those who know that we have participated worldwide and yes, there are those of pure heart, lights who know because they were there or are there still.  We have performed rescue operations.  We have many who were injured still upon our ships receiving all kinds of therapies, not just medical or physical, therapies for the emotional trauma, the mental distress.  Healing is taking place and connections with spirit abound.  So it is a grand indeed, time for these connections to be established.  In most cases, the ones aboard the ships recognize us, or there is someone on the ships who recognizes them.  We have arranged it that way.  We have mitigated damage to the greatest extent possible.  But this is telling the world that Haiti is not the only country.  There are many countries which have such sub-standard buildings, that it would be wise to tear them down in an orderly manner and replace them.  We’re speaking primarily of housing and small shops.  Now you all know that corporate buildings that have been built recently have been built to withstand these kinds of events.  Well, there’s going to be some tearing down of those in the big cities as well, but it will be done in an orderly fashion. 

“This particular spot was chosen for this earthquake because it committed long ago and there is nothing that can change that, no matter how much help the dark hats tried to give it.  It was a way of recreating situations in reverse and balancing karmic baggage.  So be joyful that that has occurred.  Be joyful that we have joined in partnership in the rescue and healing operations.  Be joyful that the greed of some of the organizations and some of those being sent to help has been quite transparent and revealed because it is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. 

“Now we’re going to tell you something that you may not have heard about and that is the military, particularly the military that has been sent from the United States of America.  There were women there too.  And as you know, this ascension process is creating opportunities for balancing of male and female, masculine and feminine energies and it is not just the female energies that has compassion or is capable of compassion, but as you know, in general, it is the male or masculine energy that has been more warlike, more demonstrative, take-action now, and all of these things, come on forward into the battle, and all of that and it is the female that has said, ‘Wait, we suffer from war, we want peace.’  But female energies have been abundant in this area and so the army, the men in the army have had an opportunity to get up close and personal, not with the results of war where they’re fighting for their country or worse yet, in the name of god, but where they are seeing hurt, pain, injury, deaths of bodies, children without parents, parents without children.  The grief is in the air and the compassion is flowing.  It will be a think-twice situation before these soldiers, the majority of them, would even think about hurting another being on planet Earth, and this is grand indeed, because it is as we said, a grand awakening of the consciousness, a spiking-up and there is agreement. 

“There is agreement that there are forces greater than any war weapons that humankind can conjure up and that it is time for the world to unite in healing, in peace, and it is time to ease up the operations which cause Mother Gaia such travail, such pain, and cause her to need to adjust in a violent manner.  And you know that she has been patient and that she will continue to be patient and you know that she will not cause damage or loss of any life, and all life is sacred to Mother Gaia, not just human, unless it is absolutely necessary, or in this case, committed to.  She was a grand partner in this, but she invited mitigation.  There were no tsunamis that touched neighboring countries.  This was not a chain of earthquakes.  The damage was as minimal as it could be and the outpouring of Love is infinite and beyond any expectation there might have been.  This has focused the eyes of the world, not only upon immediate relief, but upon longstanding problems that are in existence in many places, and upon solutions. 

“It has brought the Galactic Federation and we, its representatives, the star fleets, even those from beyond the galaxy into close cooperation and partnership with the humans, and there are many who know that we were there to help.  This has laid the groundwork of energetic communications worldwide and beyond.  We have been able to put forth a message to help prepare for what is now being called disclosure, because we all know that first contact has been an ongoing thing since the beginning anyway, and it has prepared as never before, because of the consciousness, because of the telepathic communications.  Now the world is getting the message that we come in peace, we come with solutions to problems, we have technologies to offer, we can clear rubble just as much as we can build pyramids, you know those blocks of rubble.  We can help with healing and it’s not just a quickie fix, sew ‘em up and bring the next one to the table, it’s helping with healing on all levels.  Because without that kind of healing these blessed beings who have survived, have lived to tell about it would be way behind in their ascension preparations, would they not? 

“Now, this technology that we bring and share freely, and we’re not taking full credit - we would not be able to do this if we had not been invited - we know that you lightworkers, our ground crew, have been inviting us to come and help with this and other situations, but you’ve been calling us forth as never before to help with this and we’ve responded - that’s all.  We take no credit for your consciousness – we only say it’s wonderful, it’s beyond any expectation we might have had.  We knew there would be something, some benefits from this, some wisdoms to come forth, but even we were having our expectations exceeded grandly and beautifully by you, Beloved Ones.  Yes, call us forth;  yes, partner with us, send your loving prayers, send your loving thoughts, send your ‘ho’oponopono’s to help with clearing any residues that might still be in the atmosphere of Haiti, and we’re right there with you.  We’re in your hearts wherever you are, and we are a presence in Haiti and we rejoice as you rejoice that all of this has come about. 

“And so what is there left?  It is to thank, profoundly thank, with great loving gratitude, sincerely from your heart spaces, to thank all of those who volunteered to play a role in this clearing and cleansing.  And yes, to thank the dark hats that they are becoming even more transparent, or as the Voice said when she saw the Presidents on the television screen, ‘They look somewhat phony, do they not?’ because it’s over.  We have told you before, the clearings and the cleansings regarding the dark hats is over except for the holographic images  that they represent and present to the world.  And if a few of them have scurried under the rocks, be not concerned because we know where they are anyway, and they’re just going straight on out of here on a one-way journey.  We are complete with the sorting hat as far as they are concerned.  We are moving on and you’re moving with us.  And the disaster in Haiti if you still want to call it that has been a step along the way in the sequential flow of events which has had some loving and positive results to help further this ascension process.  So be grateful, as we have said, and thank all of those and continue sending your prayers, your thoughtforms, your telepathic communications for all healing for the highest and best good of all concerned to continue and to complete with Joy and with Love and Gratitude to all. 

“And that is the message, and you will find, if you will watch the tellers of truth in the news media, you will find that more and more exposure is happening because a great light, a great light came out of that event in Haiti which was truthfully represented as far as they horrors were concerned, if you will look at it that way, you got to see it up close and personal on your televisions and you also got to see some of the behind the scenes maneuverings and manipulations that were of low vibrations, and you got to feel and be part of the high vibrations that were made possible by this event.  Have compassion, be in caring for all who were injured, express gratitude to all, but know that they have made a grand contribution to the progress of the world.  They have made a contribution to compassion.  They have made a contribution to opening hearts and awakening to truth and the reason for being here.  They have made a contribution to the path and the sequential flow of events for ascension and freedom and peace upon the planet, and that, Beloved Ones, is the message of Haiti. 

“You will find other reasons to be thankful and grateful as the now moments come into your lives, but that certainly is a lot to reflect upon and to take into your own hearts for your own discernment.  We only ask that it inspire you to be more in touch with yourselves, with us the Galactics, as you call us, with your families, your star families, and indeed with all humanity and with all kingdoms of Mother Gaia.  This is a moment for great progress for planet Earth and you, Beloveds, have helped to make that possible.  So thank yourselves while you’re at it, and know that you are loved and appreciated beyond words.  Now, go forth with Joy and share it with the world and the universe beyond.  And so it is. Salute.”


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