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Ashtar's Nov 2nd Report
Ashtar addressing the November 2, 2010 teleconference: 
"Well good evening, Everyone!  We are so delighted to be here with all of you.  We love you and we bless you, and we have news, great uplifting news.  So if you haven't already done so, get your party hats on.  We're not talking about donkeys and elephants, and just plain foolish beings; we're talking about the Light; we're talking about the good things to come; we're talking about the changes that are in the air.  And we want you to know that these elections have just hastened that.  Everyone who voted for a dark hat voted for NESARA.


"Let me put it another way.  Do you really think that after all of this progress has been made, after all of the wondrous things that Obama has brought forth - some of them are not to last anyway, because they won't be needed when everybody has abundance, when we are lifting up into higher vibrations, when we are public, when we have landed with our technologies and our heart based Star Seed Brothers and Sisters coming to help you, the Star Seeds in human bodies, to transcend that last bit of humanness so that you're ready to make your Ascension - do really think that we would allow the dark hats to take you backward?


"It's not going to happen, it's not high vibe reality.  Now, you've all heard about this separation and so on and so on, and we're still out here campaigning for everybody to want to get on the Ascension Path, to want to come to the Light, and we'll keep on doing that.  But it's true, you may be feeling some separation even now. And those who want to continue in the muck and mire of the lower 3D consciousness, the lifestyle, the politics, the corruption and so on, well there's a place ready for them.


"But what we're wanting to do is increase our margin, if you want to call it that.  (We're getting real political, we're catching on to this real fast.)   We want to increase our margin of, let's just say, coming to the Light, as much as we can.  So we're going to continue to work toward Oneness, and the Peace that passeth all understanding, and for the Truth to shine forth.


"How do you think these wondrous 'sheeple' are going to feel as the lid is pulled off of the Pandora's Box which you call, or they call, Foxy News?  Oh yes, they're not going to be too thrilled with what they bought into there.  How do you think they're going to feel when the 'tan man' [John Boehner] finally comes out and says, 'We don't care about you the people, all we care about is getting richer, and more powerful, and running things our way,' and so on, and so on, and that's exactly what he's communicating even now.  Those are but two examples.


"Now, we all know that this election has the distinction of being bought like no other election, and we have asked the three women* to be courageous in their postings, and to post Truth upon their website,** and they have done so.  And so there are many articles that are still well worth reading on that website, and we encourage you to do so, if you've not yet had a chance.


"Continue to send the Light and the Love to all of those who, let's face it, were candidates of the dark, not of the Light.  And you don't have to name them by name, but if you choose to do so it is all right.  And there were some candidates who simply, hmmm! had a portion of their brains not functioning as well as they needed, and they didn't know that they were representing the dark hats, they just thought they were talking about chickens and things.


"Send them Love and perhaps some energy for their brains to open up and function on a little higher plane. And to all involved worldwide, to those who do not know the Truth of who bought these elections,***  send them information, informed Truth, on wings of Light and Love.  And to those who did know the Truth, but voted for the dark anyway, oh! send them all kinds of Forgiveness and Gratitude, because they've made it possible for NESARA to move ahead.  Of course that was not their intention, but that's been our intention all along.


"And we want you to feel it coming now, close.  Go ahead, reach out your hand, feel Lady Nesara, feel a soft brush, or perhaps a firm touch would be more appropriate.  Feel her coming into your fields of energy; feel her lighting up the World.  Nesara is an energy and it is most powerful, and yes it is represented as being in the female form.  Well, remember who stands beside Lady Nesara, in fact stands in between Lady Nesara and Lady Liberty, and that is Master St. Germain.  And none will deny St. Germain anymore, the forward progress that he is bringing even now to move this country.


"And there is no no one who understands this better than beloved President Barack Obama.  He knows what these elections mean, and he's known it all along.  And he has put his heart and his spirit and all that he is into keeping the candles burning in the White House, when there are many who even now want to snuff them out.


"And let all of those who are dark hats who have been either sitting in the Senate or Congress, and most assuredly those who sit upon the Supreme Court benches, let them know the Light is coming, and it will sweep them out of their seats.  And to all of those newly elected, who knowingly, or otherwise, represent the dark hats, let them know the Light is coming and it will sweep them too, unless they join.  There is always what you might call redemption, we call Forgiveness.  And let those who have their seats either renewed, or given to them for the first time in these elections, who do represent the Light, let them know they're not alone.


"There are no obstacles to keep them from representing the Light.  The dark hats no longer are empowered to corrupt, and bribe, and coerce them into doing their bidding.  That which the Supreme Court has given, is already taken away.  The corporations are being closed, most particularly the Koch Brothers,*** who have been responsible for more of this campaign money being shoved through the US Chamber of Commerce, which by the way we suggest if you joined, if you belong to it, you might want to withdraw, or work from within for the Light to come back.


"And it is true this very Chamber of Commerce that so many jobs have been lost in the United States of America and taken elsewhere; and it is through these Supreme Court judges that gave the ok for these corporations to funnel their dollars into campaign contributions for the dark hats; and it is for the Foxy liars that they have given so much leeway to that, and the corrupt government organization known as the FCC. And so it is for them to come to the Light once and for all, or they shall be removed!


"The Light is shining brighter than ever. The candles are fully lit, and we shall be doing even more Exercise tonight, an Exercise for Peace and Oneness and Truth to come forth. We shall have a Beloved guest speaker who will lead us in this exercise.


"So, I Ashtar repeat again, these elections have produced winners among all of those who walk the path of Light, Lightworkers, conscious Lightworkers and unconscious ones, people who simply are good in their Hearts. And yes, some of them may have been misled, but it is only so that they can understand where they've been led to, that the elections proceeded in the manner in which they did. It is a grand lesson of history/herstory that is going down even now as we speak. And when we say going down we simply are saying it's coming out, the Truth is shining forth!


"There are those who are absolutely in the starter's lineup, just so anxious to tell even more Truth, the Truth tellers of 9/11, the wondrous ones on the MSNBC channel of Truth tellers, news tellers, the ones upon the radio, the courageous ones who make the videos and the youtubies, beings like Jessie Ventura,****  who have researched, and researched, and researched, and dug, and dug, and dug, and they have gotten to the Truth through all of the layers of hoopla and lies.  They tried to corrupt him you know; they did not succeed.


"They have tried to corrupt Obama, and his wife, and even his children.  They have not succeeded.  They continue to try to assassinate Obama.  We shall not allow that.  We have ahead of us a most wondrous time indeed.  So we shall begin by saying that we want to help the world to prepare for the wondrous 11-11, and the days to follow.  We have asked the three women*, and when I say we, I am talking about the fact that there are 5 Mentors here, I, Ashtar, am speaking for the other 4 as well as myself in my own individual persona, but as part of the One We All Are.


"And we have asked the three women* to do yet another project with your cooperation and participation. And we are asking you, Beloved Family, to start sending in your visions for the World of Light, the World of Peace, the World of Truth.  And we ask you to take it from the perspective of your own precious beings.  What will you do with your NESARA abundance?  How can you help the world?   How can you help to bring Peace, and to keep Peace?   What is important to you, to teach, to learn, to communicate?


"It need not be a writing a book, although if you wish to do that, that is perfectly all right. But, we are asking that you send something of your visions for yourself, your family, your friends, your Family of Ashtar, your Family of One of the entire World.  Send them that they may be posted upon this website of 'We the People.'** Fran will post them.  All three of the women* will empower them, and rejoice at them, and send you perhaps a note of thanks!  Empower these visions for the World by envisioning them yourselves.  This is all preparation for 11-11.


"Please do this, and if you only have time to write a sentence or two, stand up and be counted among the Creators of the Visions!  This information shall be sent out.  When you get your email, send it on to others and invite them to participate.  This is all preparation for the 11-11 exercises of Oneness and Peace and Truth, worldwide and beyond.  This is all preparation for the Truth to come out.


"We have a surprise for the women.* We shall be asking them to send news of this website to all, including President Obama, to let him know the vision that he sees is shared, the vision of Peace, the vision of Oneness, the vision of Truth, the vision of moving ahead together on a high, high path. Oh yes, he knows about Ascension. He knows why he's here and what he's here to do. And if you go back through his speeches - you might want to do this yourselves, or you can take the word of I, Ashtar - you will know that in his speeches he has been maintaining a steady course. He has been true to the mission that he has been entrusted with, which is to speak of Peace, of Love, of Oneness, of coming together. And the legislation that he has gotten passed has been more magnificent than any other president has been able to do at any time in the history/herstory of the united States of America.


"Check it out, or just send Light and Love to that which has been accomplished, because without this, and we tell you this as solemn Truth, Beloved Ones, you would not be as close to NESARA and Official First Contact Announcements as you are now. We are here with you. We are here to move forward with you, and forward we are moving. Close your eyes for a minute; take a few deep breaths and feel the warp speed of it. So all who voted in this election have voted for forward progress, whether they knew it or not. No vote was wasted, and the voting has remained largely truthful. And the ignorance with which some people cast their ballots, in fact quite a few of them, is about to be washed clean. More and more Truths will be coming out.


"And so that is why we say get your party hats on, get your dancing shoes on. It's time to celebrate! Everybody wins in these elections. Well, there may be some who even now are literally watching their bank accounts, shall we say watching the funds wash out of their bank accounts as surely as if a tsunami had hit, and there will be more. And they will be put in the limelight, the spotlight of the world, pretty much unwillingly, but they know it's coming. This is their last hurrah.


"Whatever victories they see in this election are short lived.  So allow them their celebrations, and send them your Love, and on the wings of that send them a little message, 'It's not too late, you can still join us in the Light.'  And thank you, Beloved Ones, for all that you have done to make this possible, for voting, for sending in your contributions to the website, for staying the course.  There is no reason to be down in the dumpies at all.  And if you find yourself there, we trust and know that our beloved master teacher who will be joining us to lead this exercise will certainly help you, because he is Love in every expression he gives.


"And so before we turn to that, we have some more to encourage you to do, and we would remind you there is no such thing as time.  When you travel into the higher dimensions there is no time.  So we will be sending out this link, this information for this wondrous exercise of Peace that will begin on the 11-11.  And if you do not find the time of 11:11pm eastern standard time to be convenient, give intent that it be 11:11pm before you begin to join in.  You are going to be asked to share your visions as you do this meditation, by sending them out telepathically. 


"It all comes together doesn't it?  Preparation, send in your visions - send in your visions to these women* so that your vision can be posted for others, so that visions become contagious, that they stand in the Light, and all who wish to partake of them will get the feeling for it and get ready and get even more prepared.


"You know when you move up into the high, high, vibrations, nothing that is of a low vibration can stick. So the more time you spend in high vibrations as you measure Earth time, the less the low vibrations are going to stick with you and come right back, and the higher you'll stay even if you're not in 5D when you finish your meditation, or your visioning, or whatever it is that you're doing, but you will be higher, and you will be further along the Ascension Path.


"So greet these visions with Joy!  Send them in, tune in and share, and help the world, because it is a gift to the entire planet.  And as we have mentioned before, news of them will be sent on from here, back to you, and passed around the world.  And send it on!!!  Send the information about where to access it.


"Who knows?  You might tune in the same time that Obama himself is tuning in.  And we guarantee you're going to find all of us there.  So do that preparation.  Now the link for the 11-11 will be sent around, and we thank our Beloved Family Members who have sent that information to Ashtar on the Road. And it shall go forth from here on wings of Love to all of our Family, and then we shall be asking our Family to send it on.


"The women* have signed up.  If you have not seen it yet, it's coming.  If you choose to participate, then sign up - it's very simple to do!  (Even the Voice got it done very quickly.)   And so we suggest that you participate, but if you cannot do so at the exact hour then voice your intent strongly.  Declare it, don't say I hope, or I wish to do it, say I AM doing it.  'I Am doing this joining in this world wide global meditation outreach communion at exactly the time that all other participants are doing so as well. I recognize that time as I know it does not exist in the higher dimensions,' and then do the exercise for that day.  You are asked to do the exercise for eleven days.


"The very day after is a memorable day.  Put the Light on it.  We are talking about the day you know as 11-22. It is no accident that that day was chosen for the assassination of one who wanted to do all of these things that Obama is now doing, and will be doing.  And so we ask that you keep the flames bright for him and for all of the others who have gone before, although he's still with us, very much with us as a matter of fact on the ships.  But for all of those who have agreed in contract to leave their bodies so that the world could remember even more what they stood for, that their spirits could live on in the Light of Love in the hearts and the minds, and the wisdom of the world, we suggest that you light a candle on each one of these days and continue.


"And know that that Flame, that Flame of Love, endures.  Light the candle.  Do the meditation.  And as the candle burns down and goes out, or you need to leave it and blow it out, that is all right.  Keep it lit in your mind's eyes, Beloved Ones.  This is the Light of Love.  This is the Light of Truth.  This is the Flame of Freedom, and so we salute all of you, who have helped the world get to this place where even those who think that they have won some election or other, will start to see reality, and hear Truth, and then be empowered to make their own decisions about where they themselves want to stand.  Congratulations to all, and thank you for bringing this all together on this great day of 11-02!


"And so I, Ashtar, will remind you that we shall be present upon this next call***** about the healing.  There may be one from among this group of Mentors 5 who will speak, there may not, that has not been determined yet, but we can assure you that your questions will be answered, and your presence will be rejoiced at.  And then of course, two weeks from tonight we shall be back with more results.  Stay tuned - they're going to come fast. Did you hear Mother Sekhmet purring in there?  Oh yes, she's here too.


"By the way, we want to explain something; we are the Nine Star Group. There are the three women.* There are the 5 Mentors, whom I have previously named: St. Germain, Kuan Yin, Mother Sekhmet, Sananda, and I Ashtar, and we work very much in synchronicity as a group, and we work very much with all of you.  The ninth ray on that star, and it's a long one, Beloved Ones, is the One We All Are.  Or, as St. Germain has pointed out, it is the I AM Presence of all.  And so it is that we are very much connected, and very much united in Family.  And that is why we ask that you feel this great Love, this great connectedness, this great togetherness that we share!


"And let us rejoice and celebrate together the coming of even more Light.  Let us prepare together for the celebrations of 11-11.  Do you think the energies are high now - just wait!  It's going to get even better.  And yes, this is the time; use this month of eleven for sacred clearing, sacred house cleaning.


"We have already welcomed marvelous Margaret, Beloved Meg, and she will be beaming at all of those of you in the human bodies, and offering even more of her healing and empowering of even more of what you do. Her website is alive with her spirit. And now it really is 'Spirited Clearings'! *****  So we invite you to go there as well.  Fabulous Fran is maintaining that one.  It is among the 5 that she now takes responsibility for, to bring to you the latest offerings of Love and Light. So we invite you to partake.


"Take a moment here, a moment there, and just come and feel the Love that we offer through all of our websites to you, and join with us in your meditations, and in your telepathic communications, because we're beaming you, Beloved Ones. We're beaming you and we're just as much with you as your right hand is with your left. Join with us and let us be One walking this glorious path to NESARA, and the First Contact Announcement, beause we're here!


"And the Golden Age, and yes the Ascension; we're here to accompany you on your path.  We have that capability of being with you all the way, as you will, after you cross over to that wondrous, wondrous, higher dimensional lifestyle.  Your place is already prepared.  Your name is glowing in the Light. And so we Love you beyond words, without limitations, infinitely and forever, as we join with you in celebration of all that lies ahead.  And so it is, Beloveds, and so it is!  Salut!


The song When You Believe was played after Ashtar:



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     Susan, Fran and Elise

   **   www.WeThePeopleForPeace.org

  ***  http://www.wethepeopleforpeace.org/THE-CAMPAIGN-AGAINST-OBAMA.html

 ****  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvaGbb6PNbI  Jesse Ventura - Conspiracy Theory

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