Ashtar's Report 1_25_11

Ashtar addressing the January 25, 2011 teleconference:

“Well, Good Evening, everyone! This is a delightful evening and a real turning point for the Planet and for its progress. The reason, of course, is that the course is being changed even as we speak. Of course, we all know that many, many changes have come forth and that many more are to come. But the evidence is making itself known, even in the headlines of publications that do not normally support, nor are they wanting to be supportive, of what is happening now. It’s simply that they have no choice because there is a real rush to be on top of the news reporting, although it’s quite distasteful to those with the dark hats.

“We will focus for a moment, as an example, upon that which occurred in the eastern part of the United States of America, and that is the arrest of over one hundred members of what you call the mafia, and it included some of the top personnel in the ranks of the mafia.

“Now, let’s make some connections here. You all know that the mafia is involved quite heavily in certain illegal activities. And you all know that they set up legal activities as what you call ‘fronts’ for the illegal. But did you know who some of the beings are who contract with the mafia for such things as money laundering and assassinations? Government officials. Oh, yes. Government officials from various countries and even the Vatican itself. The Vatican is falling apart because of its financial dealings, because of its sexgate activities and also it’s falling apart because it is losing one of its arms, which is of course the mafia.

“The mafia carries out many, many business actions for the Vatican even though the Vatican has its own, well, it’s kind of the equivalent of the CIA. It does have an organization for that purpose, but the mafia actually is responsible for collecting funds for the Vatican which it launders, and it increases the Vatican’s wealth. Now these kinds of connections are going to come out with a great deal more rapidity than what has been going on in the past. So when we are discussing this, you can figure that all kinds of things are tumbling out. And it’s not just Wikileaks.

“The mainstream publications have to report on this and have to be on top of the news. Now you are not going to get it in-depth, at least not at this moment, but you see, the NESARA announcement is coming very close. Yes, we know, no dates, but it’s coming very close along with notification that, yes, we do exist!  It is imminent. It has to be. We cannot have these disclosures coming forth in all aspects of the lifestyle of the third dimension without having massive changes take place.

“The remedies are known. You have heard some already tonight. There will be more, there are remedies coming in every area. But first, the reason for the remedies has to become known. So the reasons, in other words, where the problems are, the blockages, have to be exposed, so to speak, have to be revealed. So we are in a process of revelation and behind the scenes, what you call ‘clean-up and cleansings’ are about to become very public. And then even more will happen in an even shorter time flow, because we have the technologies waiting in the wings, you might say.

“There are some of the technologies already in what you might call hidden away places, places where there are no reporters yet. Can you imagine the doors flinging open, the gates flinging open? No guard dogs, no barbed wire, no human guards or otherwise, and all of a sudden it’s ‘Come on in and take a look at what is here for Planet Earth!’  Well, that’s coming very soon. Can you imagine landings of ships bringing materials unheard of? Or almost unheard of - it is true that some are already in consciousness awareness. Can you imagine the technologies streaming forth? Can you imagine even now that clean-up is happening on Planet Earth?

“We are breaking down and taking down the installations, for instance, which are responsible for the extremes of the weather. Oh, there will be more blizzards and floodings, and so on. They’re not quite over, but they are close to being over. It makes no sense to go and build homes for people and then have floods or earthquakes destroy them, yes? There is a falling of the dominoes here, too, or what we call ‘the flow of the sequential events.’

“And so as these new technologies are brought forth, obviously the Planet has to be ready to receive them. And we are speaking of the Planet in its entirety, not just the kingdoms of the humans, but all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and of Mother Gaia herself. Now if we take away the abilities of the 'naughties,' the dark hats, the illumanaties, to create situations of great distress and destruction worldwide, then we can come in with our human partners, you, Beloved Ones, the Lightworkers and the workers - the ones who just say, ‘Wow, this is a great thing; I am a carpenter I can help!’

“Yes You Can, and we’ll give you technologies by which you can multiply your work many times over, even though it’s you doing it. We will work hand-in-hand, side-by-side with you to do all of the things that you can possibly envision to help the Planet, all of the kingdoms and Mother Gaia herself. Now, Mother Gaia is wanting to relax even more. She still has shiftings and changings to do, but do not think that the coasts of the Americas, for instance, are going to fall into the ocean. That is not what is seen to be the program, or the plan. We are not prophets as much as we are your partners in bringing about Peace to all aspects of your lifestyle. So when we look at what you call your future, we can say we do not see this horrendous tumult coming, not in the Golden Age of Planet Earth.

“Now, you may have heard that there is another Earth that is so much a 'clone' of Planet Earth, that those who go there will not recognize the difference. You may have heard that, yes, they are not going to have all of these changes and clearings and cleanses happening and that some of the conditions that are currently in existence on our Planet Earth will continue there.

“Well, what we’re going to tell you is this: think about it, Planet Earth is a planet of free will; the new Earth, or we don’t want to confuse you so we can say the 'Earth clone,' will also be a planet of free will because humans are given free will, so the humans who go there will have the ability to shape the events and the conditions as they choose. So you may be saying to yourself, 'Well if that’s all it is then why would they choose such horrendous conditions?' Well, it’s because, again, remember the contracts, you all signed contracts, in a way, you all agreed to come in and experience what you experienced.

“Now you’ve got beings here who are in contract to be the leaders of the changes. Obama is one such person. You see, Obama communicates quite regularly in different ways. He can get on the telephone or the internet and communicate with other world leaders and other world changers. He is also able to communicate into other dimensions. This is something that will be going on all the time as you make your Ascension. It is something that you can start working on now - we’ve mentioned it many times. Get into your telepathic goodie box and start communicating! You all have the gifts and you can all do it. Take it one step at a time.

“There are those who can leap into new beingness, but most of those of you who are in the human bodies need to do things one step at a time. Do one step. The next step might be doable that very day, later on in the day as you measure time. Or it might be a week or a month before you, and the totality of who you are - that wondrous, wondrous spirit in the human body and with all of your bodies and aspects - it might be a month or so before you can do the next step but we can assure you that among the changes are the clearings and the cleansings, and the blockages are being removed even as we speak.

“There are other clearings and cleansings going on. We have already started a clean up of the Gulf waters. There are humans who have simple, yet effective, technologies; they’re there and they’re working on it. Sometimes it is necessary to be somewhat silent about it; sometimes it is even necessary to put the cloak of invisibility over it. Sometimes it is necessary to get everything all ready and then – voila! – off comes the cloak and it’s all revealed. Relate that in terms of levels of dimensionality, Beloved Ones, and know that you are getting there. Now, how does that sound?

“You have a saying that Rome was not built in a day but we can come real close to it, the higher Planet Earth rises in the third dimension. Think about that. You can spend your time in the bottom of the third dimension or you can aim for the top! And here’s a refreshing tip: You don’t have to ascend your bodies to do that. Rising to the top of 3D is your Ascension path, that’s where it goes. It’s a stop along the way but you can create that now. See your path; see going to the highest levels of 3D!

“What does that mean? It means Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude in action. It means making 'Ho’oponopono' your favorite quickie word, with feeling. It means facilitating in every way that you can the clearings and the cleansings that are going on. There is so much happening. We are working even now to balance out the energies which sometimes can be an overload here, and an underload there. And we are working to be offering more even and balanced distribution to the world.

“What does that mean? It means that changes are coming everywhere; changes of upliftment, changes of high vibration; changes of moving up so that those who are on the Ascension path are in the high vibes of 3D. Now you all know how to go beyond. We shall be doing that in our Exercise* tonight. It’s much more of an out-of-body kind of an experience than in-body because your physicalities need to go through the Ascension preparation process before you actually ascend and take your whole body, your physicality - but the rest of you can go! And we’ll be doing that tonight in our Exercise.

“Come on aboard the ships, see for yourself these new technologies. Take yourselves there in your remote viewings and in your out–of-body travels. Amazing what we have to show you, and we are so anxious! We are like, in a way, the parents or the family who stand back in the room on the day of Christmas and we see our young ones coming in, not that you’re young, in terms of your souls, but anyway, it’s just a picture for you, so you be the child, bring your inner child and run in to that Christmas tree and see what gifts are there and we, the parents who have put the gifts there, are so excited to see you open each and every one of them. Don’t forget any of them!

“Yes, you have to do them one at a time, in other words, one step at a time, but we are thrilled to see you open them. Now, we shall tell you that among the gifts that you are about to open are new ways of hearing the news. There are changes going on right now in personnel, yes, we know about beloved Keith,** and you do, too, and we will simply tell you all is well in his kingdom. And he’s going to be broadcasting in new ways and he’s going to have some new things to say that he could not say even on MSNBC. And you may also know that at this moment the other people who are still there have announced that there will be no changes in their abilities to go as far as they have gone. Keith has given himself the freedom to go farther. So stay tuned! We’re so fond of saying that.

“Alrighty, let’s move right along. There are changes going on in what you call the corporate world despite all of the stealings and thievings that the corporations have done, despite the purchasing of elections by the corporations in league with you know who. It’s falling apart! The corporations are dying. Well, the Supreme Court has given them body status so I guess we could say they’re dying. That seems like a fitting way to describe what’s going on. There is panic in the ranks.

“Yes, it’s true there are many, many people who are without any means to earn income at this point, but the corporations are finding out that they haven’t been so smart after all with their bottom line cost-cutting so that those at the top could take all of the money that they could possibly steal. It is that the corporations’ very foundations are teetering, and they are going down like so many dominoes. And why is that? It’s because they do not have the support, they do not have the goodwill of the people of Planet Earth.

“Let’s talk about Monsanto, shall we? Now there’s a nasty one! And who do you think is benefiting from what Monsanto is doing? You've got it, the same owners own the oil companies - the rape, pillage and plunder of Mother Earth; the same ones who thought that they would control the Earth by controlling the food supply. Well, guess what? They’re finding out that they are not so smart after all. Their escape routes have been cut off, first of all. They’re not going to the moon and they’re not going to Mars, and they’re not going anywhere to escape what they have created and it is out of control at this moment.

“The creations of Monsanto are running amok. Why is that? It is so that people will start realizing what’s happened. Now what the naughties don’t understand is that we’ve got the remedies for all of it, to totally restore the plants of Mother Earth, to totally heal the animal kingdoms, and the humans, and this plan to starve the population in order to diminish it drastically so that what would be left would be slaves, is totally canceled. Oh yes, you’re going to hear about some shortages here and there and there is some disinformation going around even now about that, and so on and so on.

“Know, Beloved Ones, in your hearts, get up into that highest level of 3D and know that all is looking real good there. NESARA is coming, we are here. Well, NESARA is here, too, but the announcement is coming and so is the announcement of our presence. And remember, just see the ships and see all the goodies rolling out, and see all of the help and the wealth and the abundance for everyone that is truly healthy, truly wealthy, true abundance. Yes there’s gold for everyone, but it goes waybeyond that. It’s called abundance of a time to relax, it’s called abundance of freedom, it’s called abundance of expression, it’s called abundance to be creative, it’s called abundance to live your passions with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for all.

“There are tears of joy and everyone will have those. There are crocodile tears too, you’ve seen those on national television perhaps if you’ve been looking at the one called Boehner. Crocodile tears, well don’t tell anybody I said so, but he is pretty scaly, you know. And so on, and so on. The exposures, the bringing into the light and the shining of the Love are increasing exponentially, so let’s get to what’s really important and that is, yes, envision everything clean, clear and happy and joyful and healthy and abundant for all. Absolutely, that is the greatest vision that you can create!

“Envision NESARA announced, envision everybody getting it, even those in your family who think that you might be a little bit cuckoo in your nest. Well, all of that is about to end, Beloved Ones, there is more and more, we shall share this with you, it is so delightful. Even a member of the Voice’s own family started agreeing for the first time ever about some of these basics. Ohh, he’s not there yet, but he’s getting there.

“So, there is hope; which is not exactly 'I hope, I hope, I hope it happens,' but it is: 'Here is the light at the end of the tunnel.' If you are envisioning a tunnel of any kind, we would suggest that you look up and see the opening in that tunnel and just elevate yourselves up and out of that, Beloved Ones, because this is the time for you to be taking in all of these wondrous energies which are coming, literally soaking them into your beings, and you are becoming changed yourselves. Aha!

“We can talk about cleansings and clearings of the Planet, we can talk about making all of the kingdoms healthy, well, what about you, Beloved Ones? You deserve it, and you are here holding the Light for the Planet. So, look within yourselves and see what there is that you might want to create, then get the ‘want’ out of the way and go for it. We have given you many tips and hints and there will be more forthcoming. Mother Sekhmet takes great delight in teaching about those things so we shall not get into that to any great degree.

“Any time there is a situation presented to you which is not happy, which comes up in the news, because there are still those among the news reporters who really want to get you all upset - now mostly they’re on that Foxy channel these days and that might be a good one to avoid - but there are changes going on there. There is one in particular who I shall not name, but whose initials are GB, and he is losing his stations that carry his broadcasts. Oh you may not be hearing about it because those on the Foxy channel want to stifle that, but he’s gone too far. He’s over the edge and he is going to lose even more because his credibility does not equal what is coming out of his mouth. His heart is not there.

“Now, what does that mean? It means his heart is not open to being a compassionate person. He might want you to think he is, but he’s not. Loving the world? No. Forgiving? Absolutely not. And Grateful? No. Not really, unless he’s sitting in his treasure room counting his dollars, perhaps then he has some Gratitude. So he’ll be leaving, as will the others, leaving the airwaves so that you do not have any conflict going on there. Truth is the heroine of the hour. Truth is what will remain and what will be the big news in all aspects of the lifestyle of Planet Earth - not the clone - but Planet Earth.

“Yes, perhaps the disinformation people will go to the clone and have long careers. And that is wondrous indeed! Send them your Love and send them off, you know, that’s a good thing. What is it that they say? Oh, yes, you can say, ‘sayonara,’ or ‘bon voyage-y,’ Ha! That’s a good one! Yes, let’s send them off. Give them a big send off with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. It is so wondrous indeed that they have been spilling all of this disinformation because now more and more people are recognizing it for what it is and saying, ‘Oh, that does not resonate with me because I am awakened and I am on the high road and I want to get up to the highest levels of 3D and go beyond. I am committed to Ascension and now I am just removing all of the layers of muck that these ones have tried to put out there, so as to keep me in the fog and the lower levels of 3D, enslaved, down in the dumpies and just generally not making any upward progress.’ You see?

“That’s where we are. That’s what happening, that’s the State of Planet Earth at this moment. Clearings and cleansings are going on everywhere, and there are more and more who are coming to the Light. And we want to especially welcome all of those who have, shall we say, turned in their dark hats and resigned. Now for some of them, the only way that they can see to get out of this is to leave their bodies. So we want to thank them and express Gratitude and Compassion, and yes, Forgiveness.

“Everybody leaves their bodies, or has left their bodies in previous lifetimes, not really by accident, although sometimes they make a sudden turn and it happens rather quickly. But there is a part of every human - it’s built into every human to leave the body at some point, if you don’t ascend. Why? So you can come back and do some more discovering of Truth, waking up, bringing in the Light, sharing your Love and generally helping the Planet to evolve as you evolve. So there is nothing wrong with someone leaving the body, and some of these ones, shall we say, naughties who have decided to be nice, are doing it in that manner.

“Some of them are saying, ‘Okay, I’m coming over to the Light but I’m going to stay in my dark disguise a little bit longer because I can help to bring someone else to the Light who doesn’t quite have the information that I have, so I’m going to tippie-toe around my organization and I’m going to see who else wants to get out of this dark place.'  Bravo! Yes they can! Because we are going to help them with our Love. We are already helping them and we shall continue to do so. Yes!!!

“And then there are those who have just plain said ‘I am walking away from you, and by the way I’ve got some stuff stored away in case, you know, it’s needed. I am no longer going to live in fear, I’m going to live in Love.’ Ooh, that makes them really, really upset. But more and more of what you might call middle management is supporting these moves. And yes, there have even been some defectors from the highest levels.

“How do you think that the FBI and the CIA and all of the alphabet organizations, all 800 of their representatives, got so much information so as to be able to deliver the papers, you know, fill in the forms, so that so many of that group of dark hats*** could be arrested all at the same time? Don’t you suppose there may have been one or more – oh, they may have been bargaining and negotiating, but they also were working for the Light. And what happens when someone comes over, is that things lift off. If they really want to become loving beings we jump right in there and we assist. And yes, we can even provide some protective, energetic support.

“And this is happening worldwide. As a matter of fact we want to say something, even though it has been generally acknowledged worldwide that the United States of America, with its marvelous Constitution and its Declaration of Independence and so on, are the contemporary, or the modern times, world leaders in the subjects of independence and freedom and abundance for all, and all of that - we want to share something with you!  There are enlightened beings in every country, in every part of this Planet. In some cases they are living the tribal life and they are more free, more independent and have a better concept of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude than a lot of these citizens of the U. S. of A. and the other 'first-world' - that’s an expression, you know - countries.

“And in some cases there are enlightened leaders springing into the positions of leadership. They have been waiting in the wings. And you have that kind of leadership available here in the United States of America. There were some who were already in position. We shall speak of Representative Alan Grayson; we shall speak of that dearly beloved Gaby, and others, who were in position, who for one reason or another are no longer occupying the seats that they had. Well, we want to tell you it’s the same as with beloved Keith,** they’ve got big things to do. We are with Gaby, and as it is seen in this moment she will recover.

"She is a shining light even now, and inspiration to the country, and her contributions have only just begun, nmatter how much recovery she calls forth, and you call forth, Beloved Ones, because we’re all in this together in our support of her and her recovery and healing. So let’s remember that. Now, Representative Alan Grayson is not going to be quiet. He has opportunities to speak where people have not heard him speak before, because he’s been too busy speaking in Congress, preaching to the choir and its opposite. Now he will be able to get out and speak and write and produce, and the internet is going to be a major source of communication for him and others.

“And you heard the word, we’re moving toward a whole new internet, which becomes the innernet, and we’re talking telepathy again. But wait, we’re still in the process of moving 3D up into 5D. So there is much that is going to be coming forth out of your internet, watch the headlines there. That brings us to discernment. We’re covering a lot of topics - stay with us! We still have our Exercise to do.*  That brings us to discernment.

“When you see some information, it comes in an email or it’s on a website, or however, and you say, ‘Hmm, something doesn’t quite feel right here, something doesn’t quite add up. I’m not sure if this is really a good thing for me to get involved with,’ or, ‘That just doesn’t really bring my passion out.’ Then step back, give yourself some time and then go back to it. You can do testing along the way, that’s always wonderful to do. Check in with your guidance group - ask to have the answer in the morning – put your wand under your pillow, or in your pillow case, or just empower yourself in some manner to know the answer in the morning or get more clarity or information.

“Do not feel that just because changes are so rapid, you need to jump everywhere in every direction and buy into everything that presents itself as the latest word or news, because we’re not eliminating the Astral plane. All we can do is suggest that you eliminate any messages that you get from that source. Now you can do that real positively by calling forth only from the highest realms, we’ve discussed that before. But if something comes across your desk, or your computer screen, and it doesn’t resonate with you then you can say, ‘Is there anything here that is my Truth?’ And you can do some things like that, but mainly you can put it on hold until you have an opportunity to get the answers.

“Don’t buy into everything that you see and hear because there’s plenty of disinformation going around. What else are they going to do, Beloved Ones? We’ve told you they’re on the edge of the cliff dangling by what remains of their fingernails, which are getting pretty worn down by the process of trying to hang on. They don’t have much left in the way of fingernails. Let’s move right along from that rather grizzly picture. Shall we?

“What else are they going to do besides flood you with information, disinformation, lies, fear? If you get a message that creates fear within you, then you might not want to take it seriously. If it is something that is in the news that you know has happened and it creates fear then you might want to clear the fear and shine the Light of Compassion upon it, move up higher in other words. Call forth your guides, your angels. Call upon me, Ashtar - I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere!  I love being in my mission and I’m here for each and every one of you and all of the members of the kingdoms of mother Gaia. Check in. Check in and discern for yourselves the Truth!

“Now, we know none of you need to hear this as true but we’re going to emphasize it. What Obama has to say is all Truth. It’s coming from higher levels, some of it. So have fun, listen to his speech, or listen to it again. He’s got a lot of messages for the Lightworkers in his speech, and it is a most highly inspired speech. If he says something that seems to be somewhat conciliatory or negotiating, remember, he’s trying to bring all of those naughties into the light, most particularly those in the Congress and the Senate of the United States of America, and a few of the governors, actually lots of them, and so on, and so on, and the alphabet agencies, and so on and so on.

“So allow him some negotiation but remember he is leading to the Light and he has inspirations which you, Beloved Ones, and we, are in support of. And how do we support? With our Love, with holding him up in the highest Light, and his family, and all who he is working closely with at this time. And you know that he is working with some of us who are not in human bodies, as are other members of the group that he is working with, in the human bodies.

“So, we have covered quite a bit. You may want to re-listen to this, and we invite you to do so. All you have to do is send an email to Fabulous Fran and she’ll hook you right up, well, she’ll send you the way to hook up, if you choose. There’s a lot in here, there’s a lot more going on. Be looking for it, be into your intuition, your own intuition, call forth from the highest levels of your being and from the highest levels of dimensionality, and from the highest levels of Christ Consciousness. Call forth your Truth and you can call forth your own current event news stories if you choose. Meanwhile stay tuned, there will be a lot more.

“This is the most exciting year ever on planet Earth!!!  And we, Beloved Ones, are so excited that you have made it!  And you’re going to go all the way. There is not one in this Family who is not on that great path, we call it Ascension, you can call it Home. And so, Beloved Ones, we thank you for joining us. We know that there is excitement and exhilaration and we know that this is a day of days, a day of turning; a day of another milestone being reached on this great path.

“And so we thank you for tuning in, and remember, if you tune in after this live call, to give your intention to be apart of this live gathering, and so it is you shall be, because you have the ability to transcend the 3D barrier of time. And so we thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us, and we say that we love you beyond words. Now let us gather, hearts and minds connected, as we hear some more news confirmation and then we shall be together for our Exercise,* our Peace Exercise of the Heart. And so it is, Salut!"

*    Ashtar was followed by Sananda, who led the Exercise for Peace.

**   Keith Olbermann who had suddenly just left msnbc.

***  The recent mafia arrests.

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, January 25, 2011. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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