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Bank of St.Germain

St.Germain addressing the November 3, 2009 teleconference:


"Good evening.  It is I, St Germain, and I come to congratulate you all.  Well done, citizens of Planet Earth and indeed of the Universe.  That which has been spoken of this evening is truth and there is more.  You have co-created a marvelous canape of adventures and excitement, of wondrous historical times and of times not so joyful as you have indeed traveled upon Planet Earth and in other places.  Your reward is NOW.  Your return is NOW.  We are speaking of your homecoming.  We are speaking of your realization of this citizenship and the honoring of you for all that you have accomplished.  You have enjoyed freedom the entire time though it may not seem so from your side of what little remains of the veil.  You have all served as slaves, bound in some manner.  You have all served in prisons.  You have all suffered, been tortured and killed for your expressions, for your beliefs and for your cries for freedom.  You have all been at some time or other what you might call Freedom Warriors.  And if you think that those expressions were in vain, think again.  Because of you, because of your efforts and your actions, you have kept the light of Freedom alive upon Planet Earth.  Because you volunteered to be a Freedom Warrior, you are now a Peace Bringer to the planet.  Lady Liberty stands ready to come fully upon the stage in all of her luminous glory and she does so with great joy and appreciation to all of you for what you have done. 


"Now I want to share with you a little bit more of the banking situation.  As you all know, I have had many lifetimes and identities upon Planet Earth and other places, but what is important now is that I set up this Trust when I could look through the centuries, because when you have an ascended status you see past, present and future all as one.  And I could see that I needed to start what I called a Freedom Fund, a way to enable freedom for the citizens of Planet Earth so that they would be free to follow their paths of joy.  You see, the Earth evolved in such a way that when Lemuria was in full bloom, there was no such thing as money, nor was there need of it.  But there became in actual usage, various mediums of exchange, items that were valued.  Salt is a good example, and we are talking about true salt, not what the chemists have given as salt.  And you have access to true salt today and it is rich for you.  Gold - gold was much prized all over the planet.  Not always as a medium of exchange, sometimes it is prized for its beauty and sometimes for its healing powers in a certain state, called the high-spin state, and so on.  Gold has been prized upon this planet for a long time.  It was the goal of certain ones, bankers and their families, to own all of the gold, and by doing so they felt certain they would own the planet. 


"So I started a fund.  That fund is rich beyond what most of you can probably imagine, and thanks to the Kumaras of Venus and others from other places, we have brought in sufficient gold such that every man, woman and child upon the planet will have so much abundance that they will fast get to a place where they won't need it any more.  Imagine. Just imagine.  We have talked about the desert blooming.  The people will bloom and thrive and prosper.  


"Gold has healing capabilities as do other precious metals.  We have technologies to utilize in the form in which they can help people to heal, in which they can energize the planet, power the planet if you will.  And yes, they can be used to create beauty, and just to sparkle and shine.  If you want to wear it, if you want to decorate with it, if you want to pave your streets with it, except that there won't be much left in the way of streets, but rather walking paths, but you can decorate the streets with it anyway. Imagine unlimited gold and other precious items.  Your bodies are changing to the crystalline bodies.  Does that give you an idea of how precious your bodies are because you prize crystals as well as gold, and they are precious.  And many people pay many dollars or gold to possess various crystals and here your body is becoming crystalline. 

"But there will be no need to weigh you and to say that your value is so much an ounce.  Your bodies will be utilizing what you call the monatomic elements in the high-spin state, well let's just get right down to it, that's gold and other precious metals in a different state.  You will have access to all of this and more because the truth of it is, it's all here.  It's like the bank computers behind that curtain that we spoke of.  They are all there and they are all ready and it's a matter of pushing a button and I, St. Germain, have my finger on that button at this moment.  Lady Master Nada is leading off with the activities at The Hague.  And we ask that you empower these activities in any way that you feel most comfortable doing.  Many of you are familiar with the healing of  Ho'oponopono - it's very simple.  Many of you are starting to get to your Q-tipping in the Q-tipping way.  Q-tipping the Q-tipped areas and you know that you might have a little bit of anger or resentment toward those you call the dark hats or the Illuminati on their leaving the stage.  Long ago Ashtar spoke of the man just at the edge of the stage, back stage, with the hook, to take anyone off the stage that the audience was not appreciating, that is, did not appreciate the actions of the players upon the stage.


"Lady Master Nada has that hook, it's called a shepherd's hook, but just imagine that it's big enough to corral all of the players who have insisted upon staying upon the stage, and they are being drawn off gently but firmly.  And so as they go, we ask that you give them a final applause, a final burst of love beams, a final gratitude because you are so aware of the differences and the changes that are coming about as a result of the blatant way in which they have acted.  The clarity that you have about their actions, to be without judgment but simply to allow them to leave the stage with the grace that you can extend.  So take a moment to say, 'Thank you.  Your darkness has stunned me for life.  I give my light to you if you choose to accept it, and I send you off without anger or hatred towards you.  You played your part, and indeed you have over-played your part, but all is well and divine and I stay where I am standing tall, a warrior for freedom, a peace-bringer to the planet, a loving being in full expression and beaming.  You go your way, I AM on my path and you have not taken me from it.  And I now see the way to Ascension quite clearly, and I thank myself for being here at this time and for being a recipient of the gold and all of the abundance that has been prepared for me during these centuries, these eons of time.'


"And if you can do that, Beloved Ones, you are living the teachings that I, St Germain, the one you call Jeshua, Sananda, the Buddha and all of the others have brought to Planet Earth.  So now get ready, you might wish to give a standing ovation to those who are leaving, and you might wish to leap for joy as the curtain is about to re-open on that which you call the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, Lemuria Living.   Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us in this great venture.  It is you who have made it possible for the Bank of St. Germain to open in this grand time on Planet Earth.

"And so it is.  Namaste."