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Elegant Flow of Prosperity Power Plaque 4"x4"

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Using this Elegant Flow of Prosperity Power Plaque will assist in bringing your subconscious mind to a place, in which you can achieve a proper mind frame, where you can start to help others reach their prosperity and accept that you are worthy and attract your own prosperity. The only way to receive is to give to others, that which you wish to receive, and do so unconditionally. You must be like a child again. Let this plate take you back to a place where you see things as a child again. Let the plate assist you with the ability to recognize and manifest your prosperity.

Know that it is your birthright to be in full abundance at all times. Do not confuse this with unbalanced excess. The world is yours, will you embrace it with open arms? Opportunities for greater prosperity are around every corner, you need only open yourself up to others and find out what their passions are and help them achieve their greatness and you shall have yours. Use the plate to break free of the limitations to your prosperity! gratitude is the key to happiness. Be grateful for all that you have in life, humility is a golden virtue. Release your fear of scarcity / poverty. This allows for greater abundance to flow to you. May the blessings be!

These Power Plaques are a glossy photo on foamboard. You can easily add a hanger for the wall, stand it on an easel or lay flat to charge a crystal or other item. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

Postage is not included in this price. Please select the appropriate minimum for your country when you order.
These tools are devices for amplifying and directing conscious intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind. Please consult a medical professional for any serious symptoms you may experience.