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Book "From Here To Ascension" by Joyce Strahn

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"From Here to Ascension"

In this book, Arcturian Joyce Strahn shows how all of the following is possible.  With gentle humour,

Strahn shares stories of using light energy for protection, compassion, and the greater good,

before delving into the mysteries of other planes and the existential future of Earth and our species.

Based on her lifetime of spiritual study, Strahn outlines techniques to guide readers through these troublesome times.  In this book, you will learn:

  1. How to protect property from  harm.
  2. How to use color and light as healing techniques.
  3. How to manifest what you need.
  4. Read heartwarming communications with her real Dad after his transition and what  he has to teach us.
  5. Concrete steps that will help to raise our vibration and point the way to a brighter future.

About the Author

Joyce Strahn is also the author of “He Called Me Commander”, the story of her connection to her Arcturian shipmates, other angels and extra-terrestrials. 


She lives in Keizer, Oregon, with her long-time significant other, Ray.

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