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Book "From Here To Ascension" by Joyce Strahn

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"From Here to Ascension"

Extra energies from heaven have been directed to planet Earth to help her and her people move into the fifth dimension.  We are being watched over by trillions of ships, because this is the only time a planet has been allowed to ascend with her people on her. Without the help of those extraterrestrials, we would have never made it through the 1990’s.

From Joyce - The book is written in five parts.  The first part, “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” reminds us that everything is energy. The stories of protecting my Montana property from the Yellowstone Fire, energy healings, clearing houses of ‘ghosts’, working with crystals and stones and totems is all about the physical body and my thirty nine years as a real estate broker.  There are some good real estate stories in this section.

The second part of the book has stories on manifestation, showing how spirit works through everything in our lives.  I love the stories of feeding one hundred fifty people with food for fifty, of manifesting a concert grand piano that was able to withstand a landslide, being allowed to see seven of the Druid pack wolves in one hour in Montana, and many more.  I am a story teller and these are wonderful stories.

Dad’s information in Part 3 of this book called “Hi Joyce, This is Dad; Conversations with the My Dad After He Made His Transition”, is the best information I have ever read from the other side.  It really comes alive on the audio tapes. 

The fourth part of the book, “We Must Take Responsibility for the Gods That We Are” has an exceptional reincarnation story, what happened when I was taken to an Arcturian space ship, information about the millions of people who live in the hollow earth, our connection with the ET’s, NESARA, and what has happened to our beloved country under the control of the Cabal.  The fifth part, “Living Your Aloha” is a framework for the beginning steps to ascension.