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From Here to Ascension+He Called Me Commander – Book Set

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Extra energies from heaven have been directed to planet Earth to help her and her people move into the fifth dimension.  We are being watched over by trillions of ships, because this is the only time a planet has been allowed to ascend with her people on her.  Without the help of those extraterrestrials, we would have never made it through the 1990’s. 

Joyce Strahn has been leading classes in the Divine Mysteries for over thirty years. Her overriding purpose is to help raise the vibration on the planet so that ones will have more choices and to bring information from the Galactic Federation about the Divinity of all Life.

Joyce says, “During the years 1986-1989, I was blessed to share my life with about thirty Arcturians who were trying to learn to live on this planet, and my book, He Called Me Commander, published by Balboa Press in 2014 was painstakingly transcribed from those tapes. My latest book From Here to Ascension incorporates two pamphlets I wrote earlier and is my real purpose of this incarnation.”