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From Here to Ascension – Audio Series

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Extra energies from heaven have been directed to planet Earth to help her and her people move into the fifth dimension.  We are being watched over by trillions of ships, because this is the only time a planet has been allowed to ascend with her people on her.  Without the help of those extraterrestrials, we would have never made it through the 1990’s.

Available as a complete, 7-CD Set (includes “Hi, Joyce. This is Dad” 3-disc set).

"CDs of the book From Here To Ascension were recorded and mastered in a sound studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  They have been recorded by the author. These CDs are like comfort food.  You will want to hear them over and over. 

The Mentors I work with tell me they are “embedded,” and every time you listen to them, you will receive new information that you did not remember from when you heard them before.  I have been told that many who listen will remember my voice from other times and will come to understand at a deeper level."  

"The journey with me and my Dad in the “Hi Joyce, This is Dad” section after my Dad’s transition is so filled with learning from the other side.  The Manifestation section has wonderful stories of what I consider to be the three levels of Manifestation. 

For those beginning their spiritual search, the stories about energy and color and the chakras provide a great starting point that will lead the listener/reader into deeper study.  Section 5 “Living Your Aloha” is an excellent beginning for those wondering how to get on the path to ascension.  I have been told that Section 5 is worth the price of the book."   Joyce Strahn

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