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Blossoms of Light: An Oasis for the Soul

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Blossoms of Light:An Oasis for the Soul is truly the divine nectar that lifts the heart and soul to the love and truth inside us all. These obviously inspired gifts of poems, prayer, and wisdoms keep feeding the soul no matter how many times they are read. It is therefore a classic.

Since poetry can break up past programming, it is a healer as it fires the mind and releases it of its agony, grief, and unwanted programmed reactions. This is not just another poetry book but a beautiful, pungent feast that awakens the highest within all people, cutting through beliefs to the feeling of the divine love within. This publication is enhanced with pictures and symbols on each page to boost the inspirational effect. It is the chocolate in the candy shop of life.

“Simply amazing! Iris brilliantly combined words that are precious and sacred - beautiful, softly spoken, in whispers, but with burning emotions. Each poem is meant for you to read to someone special. The words are a graceful song, but surely not to put you to sleep. Instead, they are words that awaken your soul and heal your heart. Recommended to people of any age.”  Geevy Daves, PUBLISHING CONSULTANT, AuthorHouse

"The poems in this book are a great gift to all who read them. Each one is a door that opens to the beauty of Heaven...to the call of Home... to the light of Spirit shining undiminished within us. They whisper of the perfection of who we really are. They unfold beyond the mind's ability to understand into the heart's ability to know. They flow through our being like wind gently blowing through a tree - stimulating ... moving... stirring.

They bring forth ancient memories of our Gentleness and our Greatness and unfold the mystery of our Being, laying the beauty of our true Reality at our feet to be reclaimed and cherished once more. Let this book be your best friend on your journey Home. Celebrate with it in times of joy and laughter. Comfort with it when your soul aches from the long journey. And most of all, honor it for the great gift of Love it is from the author and our Creator." Henry Broeckling - Light Worker, Educator

"Iris's poems nourish my soul.  Her love and wisdom shine brightly in her writing.  The image she chose to go with each poem enhances that.  The creative power of her words inspires me to tap into my own creativity in ways that inspire others.  When I meditate on her poems, the patterns of her words and the images they invoke remind me to look within for my own blossoms of light." Juanita R. Moores, Artist, http://www.juanita-moores.com

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Iris Arla Moore has written poetry since age 12.  It was then that the sudden, unexpected death of her mother caused a severe emotional shock to her brain.  After this, she had a spiritual awakening, felt her connection to Spirit, and began writing poetry that flowed through her like a river running. 

Her spiritual journey includes many spiritual healing therapies and trainings; Self Realization Fellowship which led to the amazing experience with the Immortal Master, Haidakhandi Babaji in India.  A Course in Miracles was next. The last several years she has been a student at a modern school of ancient wisdom: Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment 

This author has received local and International honors for her poetry.  She has also written and published a beautiful and delightful children’s picture book (for all ages) - a true story about a pet Bantam hen in an auto shop.  “Henrietta the Guard Chicken” has the magic to bond the soul to unconditional love.   (This is still available at www.amazon.com)

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