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Golden Temple of Joy Vortex Resonator-Pendant
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What Rene Hamilton says about this new double-sided Quantum Plasma Light Vortex Resonator-Pendant with Holographic Diodes:
The Golden Temple of Joy Vortex Resonator-Pendant will slowly start to unwind, dissolve, and heal your pain body (accumulated negative memories and hardened negative opinions), establishing your emotional body in a state where it is akin to a child which wakes up to a bright beautiful day full of joy, excitement, wonder and loving sunshine! It is a gateway to how things could or ought to be - a stepping stone to emotional contentment.
These Resonator-Pendants come with a silver snake chain and acrylic stand for use as a pendant, pendulum or stand-alone resonator.
When you are resting or sleeping, you can place the resonator-pendant on its acrylic stand and the energy will envelope your entire aura and have direct and immediate effects.  
These Quantum Energy Pendants by Rene Hamilton are by special order only.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

Postage is not included in this price. Please select the appropriate minimum for your country when you order.

These tools are devices for amplifying and directing conscious intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind. Please consult a medical professional for any serious symptoms you may experience.