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Blue Star of Soul Resonator-Pendant-Pendulum

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Blue Star Of Soul Resonator - This Resonator aligns you instantly with the cosmic consciousness. It will gently and slowly raise your energies and consciousness to higher and greater levels of intelligence and understanding, by communicating with your DNA, attuning it to resonate with the Divine Flow of the Universe, and effecting benefits to your physical and emotional bodies through its energy meridian system.

"The Blue Star of Soul is a powerful energetic amplifier. It “called out” to me from a distance and when I held it in my hand I could feel its radiant energy filling my palm and running up my arm.  I immediately wanted to take it home with me."    B.E.L., Maui

The Quantum Plasma Light Energy Vortex Resonators ~ A revolutionary break-through in the transmission of quantum holographic plasma light code sequences containing higher dimensional cosmic consciousness and self-aware healing energies!
Each Quantum Plasma Light Energy Vortex Resonator has Its own special vibration and living intelligence - self aware and creatively interacting with you, on all levels of your vibrational existence.
This energy radiates outward from the Quantum Resonator Light Holographic Diodes.

All of the Resonators provide measurable protection from wireless, EMF, microwave and radio frequencies that can artificially distort the body's natural biological, mental and emotional processes.  The Resonators stay permanently energized.
Each Resonator design has its own unique functions and energies, is hand-assembled and 100% waterproof. It is 1.3 inches in diameter, comes with its own 1.5 inch acrylic holding stand to resonate in any space, and 20 inch silver chain to use it as a pendulum or pendant. .

These Quantum Plasma Light Resonators are by special order only.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Please choose your Resonator from the drop-down menu at right.

Postage is not included in this price. Please select the appropriate minimum for your country when you order.

These tools are devices for amplifying and directing conscious intent, not to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind. Please consult a medical professional for any serious symptoms you may experience.