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Violet Flame 2-Diode Resonator-Pendulum-Pendant
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The Violet Ray Flame helps us connect to our Crown Chakra! ~ It will help us link to our Spiritual Self and purify and transmute our thoughts and feelings, as well as increase our creative abilities. Your ability to dwell in the "oneness of the moment" will be more natural and greatly enhanced. 
You may notice that you get lost in the moment. However, that is because you are more in the Oneness where details are bit as important as the Wholeness of the events deep inner connections. Deep intuitions and soothing energies of the Violet Ray works on cellular purification, and emotional and spiritual intelligence. 
The Quantum Plasma Light Energy Vortex Resonator-Pendulum-Pendants ~ A revolutionary break-through in the transmission of quantum holographic plasma light code sequences containing higher dimensional cosmic consciousness and self-aware healing energies!
Each Quantum Plasma Light Energy Vortex Resonator-Pendulum-Pendant has Its own special vibration and living intelligence - self aware and creatively interacting with you, on all levels of your vibrational existence.
This energy radiates outward in both a fountain of energy that creates a 360 degree bubble at a minimum of 30 – 50 feet around, as well as having a very powerful laser focus of energy, radiating from the Quantum Resonator Light Holographic Diodes.

All of the Resonator-Pendulum-Pendants provide measurable protection from wireless, EMF, microwave and radio frequencies that can artificially distort the body's natural biological, mental and emotional processes.  The Resonators stay permanently energized.
Each Resonator design has its own unique functions and energies, is hand-assembled and 100% waterproof. It is 1.3 inches in diameter, comes with its own 1.5 inch acrylic holding stand and is ultra-light and portable.
These Quantum Light Holographic Double Diode Resonator-Pendants come with a chain bail and silver chain - for use as a pendant, a pendulum, or hanging on your car mirror or other location so the Holographic Diodes radiate their fields from both sides. They also come with an acrylic stand.

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